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Ion Color Brilliance Review

Ion Color Brilliance was the first brand I used to dye my hair. It wasn’t Manic Panic. It was less expensive, it came in the right shade of pink, and was ready to go. There is no need to add anything else. It’s good. Does it last long? Is it pigmented? This Ion Color Brilliance review will help you decide if this is the right dye for your hair.

This is a pastel hair dye that will not work with dark hair. You must bleach dark hair (like mine), using a level 10 bleach. Pastel colors, especially the pink, can be tricky. My skin still has a yellowish tone at this time.

What is it?

Ion Color Brilliance, a semi-permanent hair dye made from cream, lasts for up to two weeks. You will get a bold, vibrant hair color. Ion’s formulas do not contain PPD and are enriched with Hyaluronic acid, Argan Oil, Pequi Oil, as well as botanicals to nourish and reinforce hair from the inside. Ion Hair Color claims to be gentler than professional brands and contains up to 38% less ammonia.


APPLICATION You can also use plastic gloves to apply the formula directly on pre-lightened hair.

SCENT: This is the best scented hair dye I have ever tried!

PACKAGING: The hair dye is packed in an aluminum tube, much like toothpaste.

Sorry about the dog filter. This was taken last year, when it was all the rage with millennials.

RESULTS – My hair turned more like a blorange shade than the one in the top photo. However, I knew that pastels can be tricky before I dyed my hair. I liked the shade.

My hair was not “vivid and boldly intense” rose pink because it was only one tube. It wasn’t, it just didn’t. Because it isn’t enough for my hair length, I have to throw out the entire product.


PROS: The scent is sweet and ready to be used.

CONS: A single tube is not sufficient for medium-length hair. In fact, someone said that even two tubes were not sufficient. They are not very pigmented. It did not last more than 2 weeks. For me, it lasted less then a week.

This is a product I would buy again. It’s unlikely, but it is something I recommend to people who aren’t ready to go bold with their hair.

Where to Buy?

My Ion Color Brilliance hair color in Rainbowhead cost Php550. You could also purchase it at Sally Beauty Supply, for $5.99

What do you think about the Ion Color Brilliance Review? Would you like to try it?




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