Investing in Your Future: The Best Mutual Funds for SIPs


High returns on mutual fund investment are attracting many young individuals in India. Now they have started investing in mutual funds and eliminated traditional investment that was in FDs and RDs. Although the risk is high in mutual funds the returns are also high in it and this is the reason why you can have a great future if you start investing today.  It is not easy for young individuals to make an investment in lump sum amounts therefore they prefer investing through SIPs. A SIP plan can be as low as INR 500 a month and a new bread earner can afford this amount easily. Therefore, here you can explore the best mutual funds for SIP and plan your future.

Top Rated Funds to Invest through SIPs

You can explore the top 5 mutual funds in which you can make systematic investments and yield a high rate of return.

Axis Bluechip Fund

     This mutual fund is an equity-oriented fund.

     The primary objective of this mutual fund is to achieve long-term capital goals.

     It invests the money basically in equity and equity-related securities of large-cap companies.

     It also invests in large-cap companies’ derivatives.

     If you are ready to bear the high risk and want to earn a high return on investment over a long period of time then this is the best fund for you.

SBI Focused Equity Fund

     This mutual fund is an open-ended equity fund.

     The money in this fund is invested in equity and equity-related securities.

     The main objective of this fund is to generate long-term capital appreciation.

     Thus mutual Fund is prone to high marker risk and it is an equity-oriented fund.

     You can earn high returns on investment with high risks.

Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund

     This mutual fund is an open-ended scheme.

     The main objective of this fund is to increase returns on a portfolio of debt instruments.

     It also maintains a moderate exposure to equity and other equity instruments.

     These funds are for you if you are not exposed to volatility in the value of the investments and the moderate returns satisfy you.

     The returns are slightly higher than returns from fixed income options.

     The debt portion of this mutual fund generates a consistent income.

     You can choose this mutual fund investment only if you are willing to invest for 3 years or above.

Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund

     This mutual fund is one of the best mutual funds and it is an open-ended fund.

     The main objective of this fund is to provide long-term capital growth.

     It primarily invests in equity and debt instruments.

     This fund is suitable for investors that have a moderate to high-risk tolerance.

     You can yield a profitable return through this mutual fund investment.

UTI Nifty Index Fund

     This mutual fund comes under the open-ended index fund scheme.

     It mirrors the performance of the Nifty 50 Index.

     It can help you to encounter Long-term inflation and generate high returns.

     This fund is suitable for those investors who want to invest for a long period of time with a minimum time period of 5 years.

     You can yield high returns on this mutual fund investment if the investment is made for 10 to 15 years.

     It is also a tax saver mutual fund that helps you to save tax on your income.


So, you have seen how mutual fund investments can help you to build your future. If you start investing today then you can accumulate a lot of funds in the next five to ten years. But make sure you have to be patient and consistent while investing in mutual funds. You can yield a high rate of return if you follow these habits.


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