Instagram Story Not Posting: What to Do


Instagram is more than a platform to post your best selfies. It is a way for you to live.

Instagram is used by millions every day, so bugs and crashes are quite common. Instagram downtime can cause havoc in many areas, including advertising and connecting with friends. There is a solution to every bug, and this article will show you how to fix the Instagram story bug.

How to fix the Instagram Story bug

Imagine creating a stunning photo for your Instagram Story. Apply the desired filters to your photo and add appropriate text. Now you can share it with your followers for them to see for 24 hours.

Although you’ve done all the things you normally do, this is one of the most annoying buts Instagrammers have to face: your story won’t post. It’s a sudden setback that puts an end to your excitement. Don’t panic if this happens. These methods will help you figure out what to do if you are unable to post your story.

NOTE: You should delete any post before you try any of these techniques. Continue with these other methods if this fails.


Let’s do some troubleshooting as with all tech issues.

It’s unlikely that your camera is having hardware issues. We can fix any hardware issues as long as your camera works. Software issues can be solved immediately.

Updates- If your app’s or phone’s software are older than yours, the two won’t work together. If you have recently updated and the problem persists, then it is most likely a problem with the new software. There have been many bad updates over the years. If this is your first time, it’s likely that you need to check.

Instagram sent you a warning – If you have violated Instagram’s terms and conditions, this is likely to be the cause of your woes. To make sure you don’t miss anything, check your Instagram messages and emails.

Try a different device –Try another device, such as a tablet or a friend’s phone. You can isolate the problem by posting a Story.

Create a new account –Instagram allows us to have multiple accounts. You can try posting a story to a different account. If the story succeeds, you will know that the problem is not with the app or your phone but your main account.

Upload another story – Try uploading a blank story without GIFs stickers or emojis. This could be due to a system problem that prevents you from uploading specific content.

We’ve covered some important points so you can quickly find the answer. Let’s look at some ways you can fix your Instagram Story problems.

Allow the Instagram staff to fix the bug

The most common scenario is when your Instagram app stops working. This is usually because Instagram developers are fixing a bug or adding a feature. Sometimes, users may not be able to refresh their homepage, view any story or post their own because Instagram’s servers are down.

In such cases, you have no choice but to do nothing. You first need to ensure that your Instagram app and device are working properly. Also, make sure you don’t have any technical issues that prevent you from posting stories.

Ask a few friends to help you post your stories without any errors. It is likely that there is a bug or server issue if everyone has trouble. You can also visit Instagram’s official Twitter account or website, as they often post information about app issues and activities there.

If you don’t see any information on Twitter or Instagram’s website, go to down Detector to check for outages and reports. In the search box, type “Instagram” and check for reports. You can submit an error if there aren’t any.

If there’s an outage, or a widespread problem, you can just wait it out. These bugs are often fixed quickly by Instagram developers so it shouldn’t take too long. We recommend that you first follow the steps below before submitting your report.

Restart Your Internet Connection

There are always fluctuations in internet speeds. Sometimes you may experience great internet speeds but then suffer from extreme lagging. There are some things you can do before giving up on your internet provider or your device.

If Instagram runs as expected, the most likely cause of in-app problems is a slow internet connection. You can test this theory by opening another app, such as YouTube, which is a data hog. It’s most likely your data connection that causes a delay in video playback or a slow start to the playback.

What to Do If Your Internet Is Too Slow

To better understand your download and upload speeds, you can use a third-party app to run speed tests. It’s also a good idea if your device is cellular-capable to switch your connection.

Turn off your wifi, then connect to cellular data. You can also turn off the wifi and wait ten seconds before turning it back on to give your network time to refresh.

You might consider connecting to your own internet if you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network at a coffee shop or another public network. These networks are slow. You can toggle the mobile hotspot on and check if it works if you are using a wifi-only phone.

Restart your Instagram app

Sometimes, all it takes to fix a temporary glitch in Instagram is to restart the app. Clear the history of any apps you’ve used recently by exiting the app. This feature can be accessed on Android smartphones by tapping the two rectangles buttons, which are placed one after another.

Open your Instagram app once more and see if your story can be uploaded.

Forcibly Close Your Instagram App

Although this method is more labor intensive, it can often solve the problem. The exact steps will vary depending on which operating system your smartphone uses, but the basic principles are the same:

  1. You can access the Settings section of your smartphone
  2. Tap on the Applications option or something similar to find and tap
  3. Select the Instagram app you want to use and search for it
  4. Click on the option to close this app manually

These steps are complete. Now, post something to your Instagram story.

Apple iPhone users also have this option. You can access the settings of your iPhone by simply going to Settings and tapping on General. Next, tap on iPhone storage. Scroll down and tap Instagram. Finally, tap on Offload app. This will delete the excess data and preserve your login information.

Get the latest version of Instagram

We should mention that many of the problems you have with apps are related to updates. It’s time for your Instagram app to stop automatically updating.

App updates offer security patches as well as fixing bugs and glitches.

Even if the app was the most recent version, certain features might not work correctly once the update is available. It is best to update Instagram as soon as possible if you have enough storage.

Instagram sometimes blocks new features and allows users to use it slowly, so that they don’t overload the servers. This can also slow down the app, so take a deep breath and wait.

Change the date and time on your phone

Although it may sound odd, incorrect Date & Time can lead to a host of problems. You can set your Date and Time to autoadjust on any Android or iPhone to see if it helps.

After updating, turn off your phone and then on again to post your Story.


We know that there are many unique situations, so we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Each time I publish a Story, it takes me back the homepage.

Try posting your Story without GIFs and emojis if this happens to you. Many users report that they have trouble posting Stories when they include funny or cute little extras.

Only one of my accounts is having problems.

If multiple Instagram accounts are being managed on the same device but one of them is experiencing issues, it is likely that there is not an issue with the internet, the device or the application. Go to the account settings to see if this is happening. You can toggle it from a public account to a private account. Instagram’s spam blocking software is also funny. If you have been liking and sharing a lot on the account, Instagram might disable that function temporarily.

Is there a way to share a Story?

The option to share a story with someone else or tag someone who isn’t following you may not be available. You won’t be able to share the Story if the original poster has their account set as Private.

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