Instagram Stories Not Uploading? Try These 19 Fixes


In August, Instagram introduced stories that let you film or upload video to your story for the last 24 hours to let the world knows what you’re up to.

Many complain about issues uploading their stories, and, when this happens, there’s an error that says upload failed, retry.

Upload Failed Retry or Upload Failed Try Again

If you’re experiencing the error message “Upload failed” attempt again, it means the Instagram story was unable to upload, and you’ll have to upload it again if would like to publish it.

If your Instagram story does not upload and upload, there are many reasons for this, but when you do have the chance to upload it next time, chances are that you had a poor internet connection when you were posting the post.

Why Can’t I Post on My Instagram Story?

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When your Instagram story has stopped up and running, usually it’s due to the internet connectivity. Stories on Instagram require reliable internet connection to upload. Even if you do have Internet access, the connection might not be enough to allow the story to be uploaded.

The other reason is because of a bug making your stories fail to upload, regardless of whether you have a reliable broadband connection, or no. The problem results from a malfunction within the system, and this produces unexpected results.

While you’re uploading an article, you’ll see tiny white circle that is waiting to be filled in and shows the progress of uploading that your story is in the process of being completed.

If your upload fails or failed to upload, either that the progress bar in white will stop filling up , or the progress bar won’t even begin to fill up, at all. This indicates to you that your connection is not working or you’ve got a bug or glitch within Instagram.

1. Instagram Is Down

If Instagram is down, or the Instagram server is down you, as a user, might not be allowed to post stories to your Instagram story. If Instagram is down and the servers are down, Instagram were using to host the

If Instagram goes down it means that other users around the world are also having problems using the application. When the servers are not functioning at your area, this means that those who are near to you cannot post stories, either.

In this case it is necessary wait for servers to get back online and this could take several hours. If you have friends who are experiencing problems with Instagram in the same way like you, that’s the way to determine if there’s a problem with Instagram server.

There’s a website known as downdetector which lets you determine if Instagram is experiencing issues in its servers. All you need to do is search for ‘is Instagram down is Instagram down?’. It informs you when there’s an increase in the amount of complaints being made about Instagram not functioning correctly.

If you observe how the outrage live seems to be located around your area It appears that you’ll need to wait until the server comes back online.

Since Facebook as well as Instagram are both controlled by meta If you notice that you’re not able to upload your stories to Instagram or Facebook, you may have a hard time upload stories on Facebook as well.

2. Instagram Has A Bug

Another reason that you cannot publish your story on Instagram is due to an issue in the Instagram application that blocks the posting of stories. When there’s a glitch on Instagram the app, it may create unexpected errors with a frequent error of stories not being uploaded.

A glitch can be described as a malfunction in the software. If this occurs, you could not be able to add to your account.

To get rid of this issue To fix this issue, you must remove the issue within the application which can be accomplished by changing the settings.

  1. Launch to the Settings app. The icon for the app is an gear, which is displayed on a gray background.
  2. In the Settings menu Scroll through to “Apps” and tap on the Apps option.
  3. If you’re in the menu for apps, choose”Instagram. “Instagram” app from the app list that are available on your device.
  4. When you open this app, you’ll be required choose the option on the screen that reads “Storage.”
  5. Then, at near the bottom of the screen for storage there are two options: Clear Data and Clear Cache options.
  6. Choose each option each one at a time.

How to Know If Your Story Won’t Post

If you are unable to post an item, you’ll see a button that asks you to post the story once more. Another thing you could notice will be an empty screen and an loading circle at the lower right.

In the process of unloading You’ll find that Instagram won’t allow you to remove it, which is quite frustrating if you’re looking to transfer it to your camera roll again . this could be because you are worried that the issue will cease to occur and each story will upload simultaneously.

The most common error you see that your story isn’t waiting to upload for hours is ‘upload failed , try to upload again’, or “couldn’t load Try again’. If you encounter this error it’s an obvious sign there’s an issue which prevents your story from getting published, and in order to fix it then you’ll need to look at the following solutions.

How to Fix Instagram Story Not Posting

1. Turn off the WI-FI, then Connect Instagram with the Internet

Before you read through the article to find potential solutions, the most efficient solution to resolve this issue is to re-start Internet connection, by shutting off your WI-FI off, then back on. Sometimes, your device could have a problem with internet connectivity which can prevent an Instagram story from being uploaded. After this is done your story will upload after a time.

2. Restart the App To Remove Glitches That Could Prevent Uploading

The first step to overcome this issue is to restart the application. If you restart the app it refreshes its page, and allows any issues that caused the story to not upload initially to upload. Once you’ve restarted the application you are able to try and publish the story again. If that doesn’t work, proceed on to step.

3. Delete and Re-upload the Story to Remove Upload Failed Retry

The best way to attempt to fix this issue is to reupload the story. Before you attempt this, ensure that you save the story, if you recorded the story live. After you’ve done that it’s time to erase the story that’s not uploading, and then try to upload it. If you’re having issues then the story should be uploaded this time.

4. Switch between Data and WI-FI to start the uploading process again.

If you’ve tried all the steps listed above and think it’s due to an issue on the internet The next step to take is to switch to data and vice reverse.

If you’ve just rebooted your WiFi connection, this is a good move to make. If you noticed that the switch didn’t work, that means there’s a problem with the router. If this is the case you’ll either have to reboot your router or reset it if restarting does not work. From now on your story should be able for upload.

5. Avoid using GIFs that could cause problems with uploading

One thing that Samsung users have observed was that their stories were not posting when they used the GIF. When they attempted to publish the story without the GIF however, they were able to upload the story.

If you’ve noticed that the article that’s not being posted includes GIFs You can go into your photo album and attempt to upload the story with out the GIF. This may eliminate the problem that’s hindering you from sharing the story .

6. Switch Account and Post-it On Another Account

Another option is to publish the story with an additional account. If already having an account that is linked with the application, you’ll be able to quickly connect to it.

To do so:

  1. Launch the Instagram app and look for your profile in the lower right corner.
  2. You will now find your username at upper right of your page.
  3. Click it and other accounts connected to your account appear.
  4. Click on the account you’d like to write to and see if you are able to write an appropriate caption for the account.
  5. If you don’t have another account connected to your existing profile or have another account in all You can follow the same procedure and instead of selecting a different account, you need to click on”Add Profile”. Add Profile button.
  6. Then you can connect to another account that you’ve got and it’ll connect to the account that you previously logged in to or create an entirely new profile. Once you’ve created your brand new account, it’ll be linked to your previous account, allowing you to easily switch between the two.

Try it out to see if you make any progress in the uploading process for the account you’ve created.

7. Use

If your Instagram stories aren’t able to upload, you could utilize the device you’re using to connect to

Once you’ve landed on the site using your mobile device Instagram attempts to redirect you to another page, requiring you to download the app, however, just ignore the app to remain on the site instead.

The next step is login to Instagram and log into your account through the website. Try to test this option to see if it allows the upload of your Instagram story.

8. Use Instagram on PC

If the application and website on your device does not finish the tale, you can attempt again by connecting to the website , but this time using your personal computer instead.

All you have to do is visit on your laptop and then login to your account with your email or username.

After you’ve registered, you can try to publish the article. The device could hold you back from posting, therefore using your computer may be a solution for your issues.

9. Switch Phones

It could be the phone itself being a bit erratic, if that is the device you’re trying to publish your content. Try a different phone or device. might help you advance in this procedure.

11. Turn Off VPN

Disabling the VPN you’re connected to can also solve the issues with your connection and allow you to get back to what you do best, which is posting photos on Instagram.

To accomplish this:

  1. Navigate to the Settings of your device, and then click General.
  2. Scroll until you can find VPN Connection or something alike.
  3. Click on this link and disconnect from the VPN that you are connected to.
  4. VPNs function as a type of internet connection. Therefore, the one you’re using might not function correctly.

When you disconnect, you could be able to publish your story, without being stuck.

12. Wait For Instagram To Go Back Up

If Instagram is down, you’ll need to wait for the server to begin functioning again, so that you’ll be able post stories. The wait for the server to restart could take anywhere from just a couple of minutes or several hours. Once it’s running again you can hit the retry button uploading your story again.

13. Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

If you find that the Instagram stories aren’t updating You should be patient and wait for Instagram to release the fix. Be aware that this is possibly a problem that affects all of Instagram and all users will experience, so the most sensible solution is to be patient and wait for Instagram to fix the problem.

14. Log Out Then Back In

The removal of bugs that could cause Instagram to not post content is as simple as log out of Instagram. After you’ve left Instagram you can log back in and verify if you’re able upload your stories. If it’s returned after logging out, you’ll know there was an issue that prevented your stories to be uploaded.

15. Update Instagram to Get Rid Of Bugs That Could Prevent Uploading

The last thing to do when the above steps haven’t resulted in success for you is to make a change to Instagram. If the steps mentioned above don’t perform, it’s likely that the app is experiencing a glitch.

From now on, you will be required to visit the App Store to check whether Instagram is updated. The purpose of updating will be to correct bugs as well as add new features to Instagram.

If you go through your description you’ll find the phrase “bug fixes”. There’s a good chance that this fix will solve the problem that’s making your story to not be uploaded. After you’ve updated your app, you’ll be able to examine the story was updated.

16. Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Instagram Bugs

Another method to attempt to eliminate the bugs that cause your stories to become stuck in uploading is to clear the cache of the app. After clearing the cache of your app, it can eliminate any errors from the app’s file, and this could fix the issue you’re facing that prevents the uploading process from happening.

If you’re running Android You must navigate to Settings, Apps, and Instagram Then, select Force Stop. Scroll down, and tap Storage and then choose clear Cache along with Data.

In the event that you’re on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll have to navigate to the home screen, where Instagram is available. from there, you’ll must hold the button down for Instagram. Instagram app. When the app begins shaking it is time to press the ‘x’ to choose to remove the app from your device.

After you’ve completed this, it is necessary to go back and install the app again. You can login to Instagram and test whether you are able to post the story and not fail to upload.

17. Delete Instagram

If you’re Instagram stories don’t seem to upload and you’re not sure why, you’ll have to delete them and install Instagram again. This is only a solution when the app has an issue that is causing your stories to not be uploaded. To uninstall an app, you must hold on it, then press the x, and then choose delete and confirm the decision.

18. Reset Network Settings

When you change the settings on your networks, it will resolve any network issues that are creating problems for Instagram stories to not publish.

Resetting the network settings will clear any settings that are related to a network, which can resolve the app that’s experiencing problems. If you do this you will see your settings go back to the way they were when you first got your device.

To reset your network settings:


  1. Open Settings. Open the Settings application on the Android.
  2. Scroll down to Select General or System
  3. Tap on either Reset or Reset buttons
  4. Click on the Reset Network Settings button.


A confirmation screen will appear after which you need to tap “Reset Network Settings” to confirm your choice. The device will then reboot after which, when it’s back you can go back to Instagram and verify whether you’re able to upload stories.


  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Tap on General
  3. Click on Reset
  4. Click on Reset Network Settings

19. Contact Instagram Support

App developers often release updates to their apps which contain various bug fixes and brand new features. It is recommended to check your Google Play Store or the App Store to check the latest update available.

If you’re still not able to upload your Instagram stories Instagram then you need to make contact with Instagram help. If an update to the program is released ensure that you install it as quickly as you are able. Most of the time, this is enough to fix the issue.

How to Delete an Instagram Story That Won’t Upload

When your article is currently in process of being uploaded but is stuck, it’s a smart choice to attempt to remove the story. However, once you’ve completed the process of publishing an article, there is no way to remove the story.


The only way to be able to erase this story would be for you to sit and wait until it fails to publish. If you are waiting until the tale fails, once it has tried to post, you can click on the dots to show options and select delete. The story will be deleted and you’re able to attempt to upload the story once more.

Instagram Stories Not Working

If you’re not able to post an account on Instagram and you’re finding that other users who use the app cannot publish their stories that prevents you from getting it in front of you and you’re aware that it’s an app-wide issue impacting all users.

If you’ve noticed a dramatic drop in the amount of stories which are typically on Instagram, you could mark this as an Instagram issue to conclusion.

When this happens, it’s usually it’s because of a bug or are performing some kind of maintenance and Instagram to be acting out for a period of time.

In this time, users frequently complain that their posts won’t be posted on Instagram. The best option in this case is wait around for the issue to be solved.

If You’re Noticing Instagram Stories Not Loading

Instead in the event of your stories not being uploaded to Instagram and you’re experiencing issues with new stories not loading, but you can upload stories by yourself.


If your stories aren’t loading, you’ll need to see if you’re able to upload stories by yourself. If you are able to upload stories, it’s likely to be a routine maintenance at Instagram’s end, so you’ll need to wait for to see the stories cleared out.

If you’re unable to publish stories, and you’re seeing that other stories don’t appear to be posting and you’re not able to post them, then verify the connection to your computer.

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