In macOS 11.4 update Apple has fixed the excessive M1 Mac SSD wear reporting issue noticed in February


The previous issues with the tools that report the wear and tear of SSDs on Apple Silicon Macs appear to be resolved in macOS 11.4

Solid State Drives (SSDs) can only be written to multiple times before they are considered unusable. However, this can take a long time. A series of reports from February 2021 regarding the SSDs on M1 Macs, however, appeared to indicate that their life span was drastically diminished.

At the time, an Insider source inside Apple who was not authorised to speak on behalf of the company informed us that the issue was caused by an issue with the reporting of data within the software that is used to track SSD wear. According to this source, it wasn’t considered to be a hardware issue with the SSD or the SSDs becoming older than they were prior to the issue due to RAM swaps or other causes.

This same source has confirmed to AppleInsider that this issue is fixed in the most recent version of macOS. AppleInsider is also able to verify that macOS 11.4 is showing correct uptime statistics, which was not the case before.

Additionally, users who are on Twitter, as well as one developer who is working on developing the Linux adapter for Apple Silicon, developer Hector Martin, have confirmed that the issue has been solved.

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