How to Watch Movies on iPhone


All you need to know about making iPhone your mini-home theater

What to Know

  • To watch a movie on Apple TV, open the app and tap Watch Now or Originals. To rent or buy a movie, tap Store.
  • To stream, download or rent rentals and purchases, tap Library. You have 30 days to view rentals.

This article will show you how to watch movies on your iPhone. This information is applicable to all iPhones or iPads.

Find Movies and TV Shows

Apple TV is included with every iPhone. The Apple TV app can be used to copy TV shows and movies from your computer to your iPhone . You can also sync your devices with iTunes. Or you can directly download them to your iPhone:

Sign up for Apple TV+ streaming to stream original TV shows and movies from Apple.

  1. Start the Apple TV App.
  2. To watch a movie, tap Watch Now or Originals at the bottom of your screen. To search for a specific title, tap the Search icon.
  3. To rent or purchase a title, tap Store. To open the movie in another app, such as Hulu and Netflix, tap Open In.
  4. To stream or download your rentals and purchases, go to the Library Tab.
    To avoid exceeding your data limit, download movies from Wi-Fi connections.

You have 30 days to start watching movie rentals before the movie expires and disappears on your iPhone. You have 48 hours to complete the movie once you start watching it. If you don’t plan to finish it in two days, it will expire.

44 Apps to Watch TV on Your iPhone

The Apple TV App

The Apple TV app automatically switches to horizontal orientation when you start watching your movie or show. This is to ensure the best viewing experience. It also replicates the horizontal format on modern TVs. You can adjust volume, fast forwarding and have the option to close caption.

The iPhone’s video looks and sounds amazing. This is partly due to how the video is encoded, but any Apple TV purchase or rental should be pleasing to the eye.

Other video sources for iPhone

You can also find videos on your iPhone via the Apple TV app. iMovie is an Apple app that allows you to create short films or home movies using your iPhone’s camera and the iMovie application. You can view videos in the Music App if you’re an Apple Music member who has a Family or Individual Plan (not Voice Plan).

Best for Travel

Travel is the best place to watch video on your iPhone. It’s a great way of passing the time by bringing a few movies along on your iPhone for long train, bus or plane rides.

Do you have a hand cramp while holding the iPhone?

It can be tiring to hold the iPhone in one’s hand for long enough to watch full-length movies or TV shows. You’ll need to hold the iPhone just a few inches away from your face when watching a long movie. A slight tilt in either direction can cause the image to appear too bright or dark.

Although some iPhone cases have built-in stands, if you’re watching a movie on your iPhone or TV, it is unlikely that you will be able to use a flat service. With the help of adapters, cables, or an Apple TV, you can watch the movie at home.


  • How can I stream movies from my phone to my TV?
    You can stream your iPhone to your TV using a Lightning adapter, Chromecast, Apple TV or a DLNA compatible app on a smart TV. To watch the movies and shows that you have purchased, you can download the Apple TV App and sign in to your Apple ID.
  • How can I watch movies for free on my iPhone?
    Many free movie streaming applications are available for iPhone, including Crackle, Vudu, and Tubi. Some apps can be used to watch TV on iPhone.
  • How can I make movies with my iPhone?
    Edit videos with an iPhone by using the built in Photos app. Alternatively, you can use iMovie to make more advanced video-making choices. Third-party video recorders are available for iPhone.


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