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How to View Your Valorant Stats

Valorant is a unique, immersive game that allows players to explore a futuristic setting. As with any multiplayer shooter game, the main goal of Valorant is to win and appear on the leaderboard. To find out your stats, however, it is necessary to first determine how well you are performing.

Today, we’ll explain how to find your basic Valorant stats in the game. If you already know this, we’ll share the best Valorant stat trackers for more detailed insights. Lastly, we’ll provide instructions on how to check the Valorant leader board and your yearly stats roundup.

How to view your Valorant Stats within the Game

You can access basic statistics about your match history from the game. Follow the below steps to access it:

  1. Start the game.
  2. Navigate to “Careers” from the main menu.
  3. You can see the statistics for the last 10 games in the “Careers” section. This section includes information such as the score, kill/death rate, map, agent, and agent.

How to view your Valorant Stats online

You can only see your own stats, and the stats are not very interactive. You cannot view your history beyond the last 10 matches, or stats for spikes deployed, first bloods, eliminations, and many other factors. However, this information can be very useful in determining the skills that you or your allies should improve. You can also use third-party tools to gain more information.

This is how you can check your detailed Valorant stats with Tracker.gg

  1. Go to Tracker.gg site to register an account using the Riot ID that you will use for logging in to the game.
  2. Register to access your account.
  3. After you register, the tool will begin tracking your Valorant stats. The tool will display your kill/death ratio and total kills and deaths. It also shows the number of wins and percentage. The tool also shows you your longest win streak, matches won, total assists and stats about defense and offense.

Dak.gg can be used to track stats for Valorant as well as Apex Legends and League of Legends. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Register with your Riot ID.
  2. Register with your Riot ID. Sign in to make your profile public. Anyone can see your stats if you search for your player’s name.
  3. Sign in to see all your stats. These stats include kill/death ratios, total kills and deaths as well as number and percentage wins.
  4. You can also enter the name of another player into the search box to view their stats. Only registered players on Dak.gg will be able view their stats.

Blitz.gg can be used online or on a Windows desktop. This tool gives insight into your team and personal performance. The tool also contains guidelines on how to work with each agent to maximize their potential. This is how you can use the online version.

  1. Click the button “Sign In” in the upper left corner of the page blitz.gg min
  2. After you have been redirected to the website, type your e-mail address into the box in the white box and then click “Register for a Free Account.”
  3. Enter the verification code into the box at the tool’s website.
  4. To complete registration, enter any additional information. After you register, the tool will begin tracking your stats.

How to view the full Valorant Leaderboard

A complete leaderboard is available on the official Valorant website. It does not contain stats. It does however show how far you are away from the top 10 players and how many games it takes to reach that level. Here are the steps to verify the Valorant leaderboard:

  1. Visit the Valorant official site.
  2. Enter a hash in the search box beside “Search Leader Boards” and follow it with your player name.
  3. Click “Enter” to view the page. You will see your score, how many games won and where you rank in the league.

How to view your Yearly Valorant Stats

The Valorant’s annual stats are made available to players in June on the game’s 15th anniversary. Riot Games sends all players e-mails containing their performance results. Follow the below steps to access them:

  1. Register to the eMail associated with your game account.
  2. Riot Games has sent you an email titled “Your Valorant Years in Review is Ready”
  3. You can view your stats by opening the e-mail: kill/death/assist, total matches won, shooting accuracy and damage points dealt. Also, you can see which agents and maps were most frequently played.

Communication and practice are key

You can now check your Valorant stats and determine which skills you need to improve. If you practice enough, this will help to improve your performance. Valorant is a team sport, so don’t forget this. The goal of Valorant is to win as part of a team and not to be the coolest underdog.

What is your current rank in Valorant? Please leave your comments below.




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