How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing


how to view someone’s instagram story without them knowing

Can You View Someone’s Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

There are a variety of ways to watch other people’s Instagram stories without having your name show in their viewer list. They won’t know that you’ve viewed their story since you won’t be directly clicking on their story, so Instagram will not consider it an actual view. The methods used to accomplish this won’t be recognised by Instagram as views therefore there’s nothing to worry about.

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How to view an individual’s Instagram Story without them knowing

If you’ve accidentally viewed the story of someone else and don’t want them to be aware you’ve viewed it, it could leave you in a difficult situation. Perhaps you’re interested in watching someone’s story however you do not want them to know.

When you read the story of someone else and you are a part of it, your name appears in a list of the people who have seen their story. If you want to view a story and not let the person’s knowledge, you’ll be required to get rid of yourself from the list or be omitted from the list at all.

1. Airplane Mode

The best way to view the story of someone else without their knowledge is to put your phone into Airplane mode. If your phone is in airplane mode, the device will not be online, which means Instagram will not be able to detect that you’ve watched the story of someone else.

To make this work it is necessary to ensure your device has loaded every one your content prior to putting your device into Airplane mode.

If the story you wish to see without telling anyone is loaded, you’ll need to turn your phone in airplane mode, and then click on the story and then view it.

It is now possible to disable your phone’s airplane mode, and the person will not be able to say that you saw their story. Before turning your phone out of airplane mode, make sure you’ve shut down the Instagram application.

2. Half Swiping

If you are reading the story prior to the person’s story that you wish to see on Instagram but without your name appearing at the top of the screen, you are able to half swipe. This means that you swipe straight across the previous story to the next one without letting go.

That means you’re viewing in the middle of a story while you’re watching the next. Since you’re not letting loose your fingers, Instagram can’t register a viewpoint on that story because you’re not fully committed to viewing it.

This is only a good option if the narrative is written in photos and not an audio. If it’s a photograph you’ll be able to view the entire thing without having to let your fingers go from the display. If it’s a video you’ll only view the thumbnail, which means that you won’t be able to watch the video until you release your fingers. In this situation you’ll need another method that allows you to watch videos as this method is only effective for images.


There are many tools available such as that allow users to view stories of other people in anonymity, and the stories won’t be revealed to anyone. Utilizing this tool, you’ll be able to input any username and it will display the stories they’ve posted in the past 24 hours. From there, you can download and save them. Or, you can look them up and your profile won’t appear in their viewers’ list.

The most appealing thing about using a tool to view stories can be that it doesn’t have to download any third-party application or even have an Instagram account to access their Stories. If an account or account account you’re trying get access to has been shut down, you’ll be able view and save their Stories.

There are many third-party applications available similar to this one which allows you to see the stories of others on Instagram without their knowledge, even if they’ve blocked you. You can also save the stories, share them with friends or share them.

To access these, you’ll must find the person’s username, and then to copy this into the Search bar in StoryViewer. Then, it will show the stories have been uploaded within the last 24 hours. The only drawback to this is that it’s only available on private Instagram accounts. If you don’t have a private account and would like to view their posts without them being aware, this isn’t possible with an app for viewing stories on Instagram.

4. Use Another Account

If you have an account on a burner that leaves no trace of your identity, then you can make use of it to view other others’ IG stories. They won’t be able tell that they were you. If the account is public and you have a burner account, then accessing your account is simple and you’ll be able access their stories at any time. If their account is private, then you’ll need to follow them and get approved to access their IG stories in anonymity.

The most important thing to remember is that there is absolutely nothing linking your personal account and the burner account, unless they believe that you are the person who is behind the account.

Another thing to be aware of is that even if they don’t have many followers, and they discover that an unknown burner account viewing their posts but not following them, this could cause them to block because they are aware that someone is following them.

5. Blocking Them

If you’ve already read their account but do not wish to see your name pop in the list, then remove them. When the 24 hours are gone, you can deblock their account and join them to your friend list. This isn’t a good idea, as it can be uncomfortable. After they block you your profile, your account will be taken off the list of users who have seen their stories.

6. You can deactivate your account

Another method to accomplish this without needing to block them or add them back is to remove your Instagram account till the account is deleted. You will also be taken from the list of those who have viewed your profile as your account was temporarily removed from Instagram. After the story has been deleted, you will be able to login to the account you have created on Instagram account.

NOTE: if you attempt to login again before the story is deleted, your profile will be visible in the list of those who have seen it.

7. Watch Them In The Last Minute

Another method of watching an individual’s Instagram story without them noticing is to view the story just as it’s about to expire. To determine the date it was posted it is necessary to take a look at the time that the story was posted for, then figure out the amount of time remaining by removing it from 24 hours.

To find out how long it’s been on and to ensure that you don’t press the stroy button option, use this method of half-swiping that was described above. If you know when the story will end then you can view it.

The fact that you’ve watched it so late makes it less likely to know who saw their stroy , meaning that they’ll never find your name on the list. The later you go to sleep the greater likelihood of not finding your username on the list.

8. Ask Someone To Send It To You And View The Thumbnail

If you know someone who follows this person, and they are able to easily view their stroy they can request them to forward it to you. You can then browse the thumbnail within the DMs without clicking on it, so you’re not on the list of those who saw the stroy.

This is only useful for pictures, but not for videos. It is possible to go further by asking the person to take a picture or screen-capture the story in order to can see the whole thing without even knowing.

This is among the most effective ways to observe an individual’s story without their knowledge however, the drawback is that you’ll need to get anyone who is following their story to watch it. You may come across as weird, so it’s better to ask someone you’re extremely close to for a less skewed view.

9. Ask Someone What Was On Their Story

It is possible to ask someone about what they saw on their story to ensure that you don’t need to watch it yourself. It is possible to phrase the question as if you believe they prevented you from viewing their story. So if they were to tell you what the story they put on and it would be greatly appreciated.

If this is the way it’s written, then there’s a chance that they’ll tell you what they posted was very high. This is only in the event that you know someone who is also following this particular person. When their accounts are not public and you don’t have anyone who follows them you’ll need another method of asking for their information.

10. Watch Their Highlights After

If you wait until the story is over and they transform it into an event, this allows you to enjoy their story without not knowing that your name will not be listed in the list of viewers who watched the story. In this case you’ll have to bet on the possibility that they’ll turn the story into an important highlight.

If they do not and you don’t, then you’ve missed out on the opportunity to view their story. If someone chooses to highlight their previous story in the spotlight it isn’t possible to view the names of those who have watched the story, or to see the story later. The only way they can see who watched their story is just when it’s being broadcast live. They’ll not be aware that you have watched their story if look it up in the highlight following.

11. Watch It If Someone Posted It To Their Story

If they’ve mentioned someone in the story, and allowed individuals to incorporate their own story into their personal stories using settings and settings, you’ll be able to view this person’s story in relation to the person who have mentioned in the story.

To be able to watch another person’s story, there has to be something that keeps you off from watching the main story. It could be an ex that you’re trying to avoid or someone you don’t want to get satisfaction from the fact that you are watching their story.

Be aware that you’ll be able to follow someone else’s story from another’s included and were allowed to incorporate it into their own story. Most times there isn’t any mention of people that’s why using this method a rare situation.

If You Accidentally Watched It, Make Sure They Don’t Know

If you’ve avoided someone’s story, the chance of watching it in a haphazard manner can cause sweat. There are many ways to keep people from knowing the fact that they’ve watched their tale if you’re certain that your name is in the list of people who watched it. The sooner you respond in this scenario and the quicker you act, the better off you will be. If you wait too long to take action in this situation, the greater the chance of being listed in the list of individuals who read their account.

Block Them

If someone is blocked, the name of that person will be taken from the list of individuals who read the story. If you actually did check out their story then you’ve been in a position to do so without their knowledge. The disadvantage of blocking an individual is that you’ll need to go back and follow them in the event that you decide to. This process could cause more embarrassment than reading the stories you’ve been trying to avoid.

If You’re Worried, You Can Deactivate Your Account

If you’re concerned that your account is on the list of those who saw their post, you can remove your account in order to be sure it’s not. This means you don’t be required to block them and you don’t have to face the shame to follow them, if you choose to. It’s the ideal choice as it doesn’t give them the impression that you read their story.

When you block, you’ll need to go through the entire process of following them repeatedly, etc. If you don’t wish to see this happen then you’ll have to be deactivated which may not appeal to you, with one of the negatives being the time spent off from Instagram.

Delete Your Account

If you don’t really care for your profile, you could take the extreme step of taking it off after having watched someone’s story. If you decide to do this option, you’ll have the option of recovering your account in 30 days. While there is a way to take this action but it’s not the one you’d like to do. Your best option is to remove your account from your online account for a while.

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