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How to use Tinder without Facebook Friends

This is how you can use Tinder with no Facebook.

There are many reasons you might not want your Facebook friends to see that you’re using Tinder. This includes creepy friends and family members.Do you really need Facebook to Tinder? Are there ways to stop your Facebook friends spying on your online dating adventures?

This is how you can use Tinder with no Facebook account. And, more importantly, this is how you can use Tinder even if your Facebook friends know about it.

How to use Tinder without Facebook

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Tinder can be used without Facebook Yes. Technically, Tinder is best used without Facebook friends.

Tinder is an alternative to Facebook. Tinder allows you to link to your phone number. Simply choose Login with your phone number when you create your first account.

Tinder will ask for your phone number to verify it and send you a pin. Tinder will link your verified phone number to the account. You don’t need to connect Facebook.

You can access your account by choosing the Login via email option if your number has changed.

Tinder doesn’t require you to connect your Facebook account. Tinder didn’t require this information when it launched. However, privacy concerns have meant that Tinder doesn’t require such information anymore to sign up.

Tinder and Facebook: Common Connections

Don’t worry if you already have a Tinder account and a Facebook account. First, Tinder does not include the common connections feature.

This feature was used to tell you if another Tinder user and you were Facebook friends. This made it easier to find your Facebook profile by matching users. This also meant that other Tinder users could notify a mutual friend that your profile was on the app. The feature is no longer available.

Twitter also has retired Tinder Social. This feature allowed you invite Tinder friends to join you on a group trip. This feature was a double-edged weapon as it allowed you to identify everyone in your circle who uses Tinder.

Now that Tinder Social and common connections have been removed, is there any other way Facebook friends could find you on Tinder. There are indirect ways to find you on Tinder, and here’s how you can lower your risk.

To protect your privacy, change the Tinder settings

Tinder doesn’t post to your profile, and Tinder Social no longer includes Tinder social, but there are indirect ways Facebook friends might see you using Tinder. Some of the easiest ways to find Tinder friends have been eliminated. Facebook does not allow you to search for Tinder friends. Facebook does not allow you to see “Apps other users” anymore.

You can adjust your settings to block Tinder from showing up on your profile, based on the few ways you can find Tinder users through Facebook. Here’s how…

Hide Tinder from Your Facebook Page

Tinder doesn’t post to your Facebook Page and other users can’t see the apps that are authorized on your account. You should make Tinder’s app visibility private. This will make it more difficult for Facebook or Tinder to reintroduce features that display your app usage.

You can prevent other people from seeing your Tinder activity by visiting the Apps or websites menu within your Facebook settings. You can modify your settings to make the app visible only me.

This visibility can be adjusted so that Tinder is not displayed in Facebook’s apps section again. Your privacy settings will stop this from happening.

Hide your likes and Unlike Tinder

Except for games, Facebook does not automatically share information about friends who use an app. If you have Tinder’s app visibility hidden from others on Facebook, the only thing that could really give you away is your Facebook likes.

Technically, liking the Tinder page does not mean that you will use it. It is a hint for Facebook friends. You can either delete your Tinder like or change your privacy settings to hide your friends’ likes.

There are other ways to avoid Tinder friends on Facebook

Tinder uses location data for potential matches. There’s always the chance that you’ll show up in a friend’s discovery feed. You can’t really prevent this.

There are however a few things you can do to make your profile more recognizable to Facebook friends.

First, do not use your Tinder profile picture. This will instantly make you recognizable to all your Facebook friends, even those who don’t know you well.

It is important to avoid linking platforms such as Instagram to your Facebook page. If you share photos on Tinder and Facebook, even if they don’t recognize the profile picture, it is possible for them to recognize your Instagram handle.

Do I need a fake profile with Tinder?

You might be tempted to create a fake Tinder account in order to protect your friends on social media. This is a risky option and could lead to your being banned from Tinder.

A fake Facebook account on Tinder can be a red flag to potential matches. This is because scammers use duplicate and fake profiles on Tinder. Tinder may ban you if it is discovered that your account has been created in duplicate or fraudulent.

If you prefer to keep your social media profiles separate, connect your Tinder profile with your phone number. You don’t need to include social media accounts or fake accounts.

Here are the Top Tinder Mistakes You Must Avoid

You probably have questions after you’ve learned how to keep your Tinder friends safe on Facebook. We’ve compiled a list of common mistakes made on Tinder.

These Tinder errors are not to be made, from falling for bot profiles that look suspicious or reducing matches.



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