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How To Turn Off Voice Guidance On Your Vizio TV

Vizio began incorporating more accessibility features into its TVs in 2017. These included features for those with hearing impairments as well as those with visual disabilities. This article will show you all the accessibility features included in every Vizio TV. We will also show you how to disable voice guidance.

How to turn the accessibility features on or off

Many accessibility features may be available on your device, even TVs manufactured before 2017. This is how to activate them.

  1. Use the remote to press the “Menu” button.
  2. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to select “System” and then press “OK.”
  3. You can choose your accessibility feature by selecting the “Accessibility” function.

You most likely have “Talk Back,” the “Speech Rate,” Zoom Mode, and “Closed Captioning.” If you have trouble finding the “System function”, then go to the “Settings” section or search for “Cog”. There may be what you are looking for.

Talk back/Voice Guidance

Continue to accessibility features. You will find the “Talk Back” function. To turn it off, select it again.

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The “Talk Back” feature will read aloud any text on the screen. It’s a “Text to-Speech” function. This function is also known as voice guidance. It guides you through Vizio UI. The “Talk Back” feature will begin to describe what’s in your menu. This feature is not only available for Vizio menus.

There are many apps and TV channels that allow you to hear the captions. If you go to the “Adult Swim”, then “Talk Back”, will read “Adult Swim”, when it first appears.

This feature may not work in certain situations. It doesn’t work with Amazon Prime, or Netflix. It doesn’t work with many other apps, and it does not read all text in the app.

Speech Rate

This only affects “Talk Back”. You can change the speed or slowness of the “Talk Back” feature if you feel it is not working properly. You have the option to make it normal, slow or fast.

Zoom Mode

This feature does not affect the aspect ratio. This feature only magnifies text on the screen. Like the “Talk Back” function above, this won’t work in all cases. This includes Amazon Prime and Netflix. You can however change accessibility settings within the Amazon app. It expands the menu text and channel information.

Closed captioning

You may be unable to access this feature via the Accessibility section. In that case, you can try the first menu.

Only Vizio TVs with a built-in tuner can provide closed captioning. Closed captioning is embedded in many TV programs sent via satellite, cable, or airwaves. YouTube may not have Vizio closed captioning but it might have their own version.

The subtitle provider is responsible for any errors or lags in the subtitles, and not Vizio TV. If the text is too large or the “Talk Back” function is too loud, please check your accessibility options.

How can you activate voice guidance by accident?

Sometimes it’s just dumb luck. Inadvertently, you press the Menu button. A few buttons later, the “Talk Back” feature activates. It is the remote’s equivalent to pocket dialing.

Universal remotes are the most common cause of accidental voice guidance starting. Some universal remotes can be activated by pressing a single button.

Although it is annoying, the accessibility features will turn themselves on. However, it takes only a few steps to turn them back off, as shown in the above.

Conclusion – Is it worth the effort?

Sometimes accessibility features can be a game changer. It is amazing to be able to see which channel is currently active. This is especially true when you consider that different TV channels offer similar content. It’s easy to mistakenly believe you are watching ESPN while actually you are viewing Fox Sports.

Are you using accessibility features on Vizio TV? Do they make sense or are they just too complicated? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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