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How to turn off driving mode on your iPhone

Sometimes your iPhone’s Driving mode turns on even though you don’t use it. If this happens, here’s how you can turn off Driving mode.

Driving mode or Driving Focus is an extremely useful feature for iPhone users. It can detect when you are driving and will silence all notifications. To notify someone that you are driving, you can send them a text message. This will keep you focused and free from distractions.

Driving mode may not be necessary if your car has Bluetooth connectivity. Driving mode is not useful if you ride the bus or carpool, since Driving mode activates when you are a passenger.

Here’s how to disable Driving mode on iPhone.

Temporarily Disabled Driving Mode in Control Centre

To disable Driving mode on a single trip, you can simply open Control Center and click the Driving icon. To disable the mode until your next car ride, tap Driving.

This is not a huge help if your goal is to disable driving mode permanently on your iPhone so it doesn’t turn on again. For that, follow the steps below.

In your Settings, turn off Driving Mode

You will first need to go to your Settings application to permanently disable Driving mode.

Scroll down to find Focus. To open the Driving mode settings and any other do not disturb options, tap here.

To disable Driving mode, tap Driving then toggle it off. This will prevent Driving mode activating when you drive. You can also manually change the settings to activate Driving mode instead of turning it on automatically.

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Scroll down to delete Driving mode. Select Delete Focus. This will remove the Driving setting from your smartphone. It can be restored later if necessary.

Do You Need to Disable Driving Mode?

Driving mode can be helpful because it detects when you are driving and turns off notifications. This is a useful feature, but many cars have hands-free Bluetooth capabilities, so it might not be necessary. People who are riding in cars with others won’t need to activate Driving mode, since they’re not driving.


If you are distracted while driving, Driving mode can save you from a ticket or an injury. It doesn’t matter what mode you choose, it is important to know how to activate or deactivate Driving mode so that your iPhone can be customized to your needs.




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