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How to turn an iPad on and off

The same technique is used by each model

What to Know

  • iPads with a home button: Hold the On/Off/Sleep button until a slider appears. Slide the power off.
  • There is no Home button. Press and hold Off/On/Sleep, and Volume Down until a slider appears. Slide the power off.

This article will show you how to turn off your iPad. This article is applicable to all iPad models, including the original and all iPad mini versions.

The Best iPad Models and Generations in Every Niche

How to Turn Off Any iPad Model

An iPad without a Home button can be turned off slightly differently than an iPad with one. However, we will explain the differences. Here are the steps:

  1. iPads without a home button can be set toPress the On/Off/Sleep key in the upper-right corner.
    iPads without a Home button: Hold the On/Off/Sleep and either the volume down or up buttons on the iPad’s side.
  2. Continue holding down the buttons until the slider appears on your screen.
  3. To turn off slider, move the Slide all the way to your right. To keep your iPad on, you can choose Cancel if you decide to change your mind.

  4. A spinning wheel will appear at the center of your iPad if you choose to turn it off. It will then dim and shut off.

How to Turn On Any iPad Model

To turn on an iPad, simply hold the On/Off/Sleep buttons in the upper-right corner until the screen turns green. Once the screen is lit up, release the button to turn on the iPad.

How to reset and hard reset an iPad

It’s not the same thing to turn off an iPad as to reset it. And it’s even more difficult than doing a hard reset of an iPad.

What if the iPad won’t turn on?

Sometimes, the iPad will not respond to your attempts to power it on. You can force the iPad restart if that happens.

To force an iPad to restart, hold down both the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for approximately 5-10 seconds.

It’s more difficult if your iPad does not have a home button. To begin, press and release quickly the volume down button. Next, press and release quickly the Volume Down button. Hold the Power button down until the Apple logo appears.

Instead of turning your iPad off, use Airplane Mode

You don’t have to turn off your iPad if you are trying to save battery life or to take it with you on the plane. You can use your iPad anytime, even during takeoff or landing, when laptops are not available.

Resetting an iPad Mini


  • How can I disable private browsing on my iPad?
    Launch Safari and click the Tabs icon at the top-right to disable private browsing on iPad . To switch to non-private browsing, tap Private.
  • How can I disable the ringer in my iPad’s speaker?
    To temporarily disable incoming calls and alerts from the iPad , turn on Do not Disturb. Go to Settings > Sound to adjust the volume.
  • How can I disable the pop-up blocking feature on my iPad?
    Go to Settings > Safari > General > Allow Pop-ups. To disable the pop-up blocking, tap the switch. You can’t disable the popup blocker on specific sites.




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