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How to tell if someone screens records your Snapchat Story or post

Snapchat was initially created to allow for a temporary chat experience. Snapchat pictures shared with friends would disappear within ten seconds of being seen. However, more detailed “Stories”, would last for 24 hours before disappearing. Snapchat is now a popular place to share intimate photos due to its privacy protection.

Due to the widespread usage of the service and the fact that many users are teens, there were concerns that some users might screen record or screen capture images to create permanent copies of images that were intended to be temporary. Snapchat created a feature to alert users when someone took a screenshot from their snaps.

There have been many methods and techniques for taking stealthy photos since then. Snapchat blocks some of these, while others are difficult to detect. You can only tell half of the time if someone takes a screenshot of your Snapchat story or post.

Although there are variations in how and when screenshots are detected by Snapchat, this article will explain the current status of screen recording and screenshot notifications on Snapchat as of July 2021.

Snapchat Screen Recordings on iPhones

Snapchat will record your screenshot if you open the Snapchat app on your iPhone and are looking at a story or snap. You can also push the Home and Power buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot. Snapchat will notify the person in chat about what happened.

The alert will be displayed as a popup on the other person’s Snapchat. In case it is lost in the flood of notifications Snapchat will also add a notification to the chat log or feed.

Can you screen record a Snapchat story without them knowing?

You can record a Snapchat story with either Android or iOS. The chances of the other person being notified are approximately 50 percent. It can be difficult to know if Snapchat recognizes the apps and sends notifications to them.

Snapchat Screen Recording for iOS

Snapchat’s September 2017 release of iOS 11 created a major PR problem. This was because iOS 11 introduced screen recording. Screen recording allowed iPhone users to press a button to record all that was happening on their display. Although screen recordings were possible on iOS, Snapchat was unable to detect them. The recordings are now officially detectable as of iOS version 10.2.5 of Snapchat.

Screen recorder software is available for iOS versions prior to iOS 11. Some of these programs require the use of an iPad or desktop computer to record an iPhone connected via a data cable.

It is not clear if these methods can be detected by Snapchat. Most of these apps are paid programs.

Snapchat Screen Recording for Android

Android’s world is much more open than Apple’s tightly controlled sandbox. There are multiple Android developers competing for the next screen recording because it is easier to list it on the Play Store. You also have different versions of the OS that work in slightly different ways.

Virtually every software developer is capable of creating new Android apps. Many have. On top of that the phone manufacturers are known for creating semi-proprietary apps which could be easily hidden from Snapchat detection. Snapchat is working hard to stay up-to-date on privacy breaking trends, but it’s not impossible.

Snapchat privacy is complicated by the Android architecture. It is open and flexible, but it also offers individual apps with excellent security. This makes it impossible for an app to spy on another without the cooperation of other developers.

Common Screen Recording and Screenshots by Others

Even if Android became a more neatly managed community like Apple, Snapchat wouldn’t have the ability to protect its users against screen recordings and screenshots. There are screen capture methods that completely bypass the software on the device.

There are several ways to use QuickTime on a desktop PC to capture the video from an iPhone connected. You can use an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox to install Snapchat. The emulator will then allow you to use the built-in screen recording and Windows screenshot programs to archive any images you wish to capture. You can even set up another device to record what’s being displayed on your screen. This bypasses Snapchat’s security measures. You can also take a photo of the screen of your phone with another camera if you want to go old school.

Snapchat has stopped making claims that it can prevent people from taking photos without notifying its users, even though it doesn’t disclose these facts to its user base. Although it was initially appealing, the promise of a temporary photo-sharing or video-sharing experience has been proven technologically impossible to deliver today.

Smartphone operating systems excel at providing the functionality apps need. And smartphones are easy to connect to other devices and networks. Snapchat and other app developers cannot hope to have meaningful control over a computing environment which is flexible and expandable.

Snapchat Privacy Protection

What can you do to protect Snapchat’s privacy?

It is crucial to restrict access to your Snapchat feed only to those you trust and know. Many people who grew up in “Influencer culture” believe that more followers and viewers is always better. This is not true for your most private content. You can choose to make that material public if you don’t mind it. You can restrict your Snapchat actions to control who can see them. These are steps to help protect your privacy on Snapchat

  1. Your account privacy setting to Friends only. This will ensure that your posts are only visible to your mutually-declared friends.
  2. Disable Quick Add. Quick Add is great for those who want to create a large following. To toggle off the setting, scroll down to Settings and locate See me in Quick Add.
  3. Reject random requests. If you are asked to be a friend by someone you don’t know, you should decline.
  4. Do not publish your username, or Snapcode.
  5. You can move any snaps you have saved to your Memories to the section. Tap the checkmark at the top-right corner of the Memories section. Select the images that you wish to lock and tap the lock icon at its bottom.

If you want to build a following on Snapchat, be cautious about what you post. This is all there is to it.

Last Thoughts

Keep in mind that anyone who has access to your stories or snaps should assume they will have permanent access. Once they have permission to view your content, it can be saved to their computer or the cloud. Or worse, it could be published on the Dark Web. If you have any of this material in your Snapchat history, it is likely that your privacy has been violated.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. This is largely because of its short-lived messages. Although it is fun to be able send and receive short videos and pictures, it can also feel like a invasion of privacy when others screen record your stories or posts.

Snapchat will notify you if someone screens records your Snaps. However, there are third-party apps which can bypass this. As you would with any social media platform, you need to be careful about what you post on Snapchat. It’s difficult to control what happens once it’s out there.

You can always make a private Snapchat story. But, again, you should be aware of the possibility that someone could share it with another person you don’t know.


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