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How to tell if someone has checked your location on Snapchat

Snap Map allows you to see your friends’ locations, and also share yours. While this feature sounds great, there are times when you may want to hide your location or disable the Snapchat feature for your children.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to see who has viewed Snapchat locations . However, you can hide or control what Snapchat reports to other.

Snap Maps was initially released in 2011. Some users were very upset by the perceived invasion of their privacy. Snapchat has since improved its privacy settings to alleviate those concerns.

You have three options to control the location reports Snapchat sends you:

Snap Map can be used to share your location and travels with privacy settings.

  • You can disable the feature completely and prevent it from running at all.
  • The app can be fooled into reporting fake locations.


How to adjust Snap Map Privacy

Snap Map lets you share your location with friends and see where your friends are when you open it. However, you might want to restrict who can view your Snap Map privacy settings. These steps will allow you to access Snap Map privacy settings:

  1. Tap the symbol “Map” in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the ‘Settings’ symbol at the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. To hide your location, turn on “Ghost Mode”, or select “My Friends,” or “My Friends, Except” to choose who can see it.

Snapchat: My Location Options Explained

  • My friends: This setting allows you to see the movements of your friends who have been declared your friends.
  • My friends, except… This setting allows you to add all your friends to your Snap Map party, but not those who are troublesome.
  • Only These Friend… This setting allows you to choose the friends with whom you want to share your location.

These options allow you to hide your location from others at all times, or make it clear who can see your Snap Map.

Snapchat can tell you when someone checks your location

This is a more complex question than you might think. Snapchat doesn’t tell you who has viewed your Snap Map location, but it will show everyone’s location once they open the Snap Map from their camera. Snapchat cannot display your location’s view count.

Your location is automatically updated when you open the app. Your profile is removed from the map after about five to six hours without opening the app. This is a lot data to process globally.

It’s possible to see the location of someone via the Snap Map or the profile of the Snap user. Snapchat has a feature that shows when someone moves from one place to the next. Snapchat calculates distance and time to determine whether someone moved by plane or car. If they have a Travel Card, this “devious” method will tell you where they are located by treating it like a Story.

Snapchat allows you to view the Snap Map.

You can see the Travel Card in the user’s profile.

Snapchat’s Travel Feature

You can view this travel feature independently by clicking on the travel card at the bottom of your display. It shows a line that runs from the original location to the new one.

The person who is tracking your trip does not get an alert when they view the travel card. If you scroll down to the bottom of the profile display in Snapchat, you will see that Snapchat treats all your movements as a Story. This means that you can see who viewed the activity you have on the map. Clicking on the listing will show you who viewed your activity.

While you cannot see all the Snap Map users who have visited your location, you will be able to view the people who have viewed your most recent travels , flying half-way around the globe or just hopping between cities.

Snap Map Sneakiness

These are some techniques that you can use to have your Snap Map location show up on your Snap Map, but not reveal your actual location. This trick is perfect if you want your privacy to be kept private without making it look like you are hiding something. It is easy to forget Snapchat or any other geo-tracking application doesn’t know your location. It knows only where your smartphone is.

You can use an Android emulator on your phone to make your Snapchat home base. As long as the emulator is open with Snapchat, it will keep you safe and sound at your home all night. To get started, check out this TechJunkie article about the best Android Emulators for Windows 10.

Another way to fool Snap Map’s location is to use the software to spoof your phone’s location. For more information, read our articles on Snapchat’s location filters.

These options are great for bypassing Snap Map’s location feature and Ghost Mode.

In closing, if privacy is a priority for you, there is no way to know if someone checks your location via the controversial Snap Map feature . If you want to protect your travels and commutes, your option is to enable Ghost Mode .

Snap Maps is a fun feature that can enhance Snapchat’s social media sharing capabilities.

However, if you have kids, it is not a good idea to have your snaps tracked and mapped.

If you feel like this is you, then you should try one of these methods to conceal or spoof where you are using Snapchat. Your location will be visible to all your friends!

Snapchat Location FAQs

Snapchat can be a lot of fun. But it is also vital that you are fully aware of how to protect yourself. These are more Snapchat answers.

Will they be able to see my location if I block someone?


Blocking another user means they can’t see your location. Some users claim that they can still see the location of others after they have removed someone. Snap Maps allows you to delete people from your ‘Friends Except …’ List if you do not want them checking your location.

Snap Maps is it safe?


Snap Maps can only be trusted by the person who created it. This means that sharing your location with anyone and everyone can make it extremely unsafe. You may want to show off your Bitmoji, and all the awesome features it has, but it is extremely unsafe to share it. You should be fine if you use Ghost Mode or share it only with a few trusted people.

Snapchat Snap Maps: How accurate are they?


Snap Maps accuracy is controversial. It is possible to pinpoint a location in a minute, but it could be 2-3 miles away the next. This depends on many factors. Snap Maps can be used to locate someone else’s location. This is useful for watching out for your child or friend on blind dates or keeping an eye on them. Take it with a grain. Snap Maps can’t be relied upon to pinpoint exact locations, and Snap Maps doesn’t provide location tracking.

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