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How to take a screen shot on LG Smartphones

It is simple to capture screenshots from your Android device.

While taking a screenshot on computers is an easy task, each brand has its own unique way of doing it. This is how to take a screenshot on LG smartphones and what you can do afterwards.

Why take screen shots?

Screenshots are useful for many reasons. Screenshots are often used for:

  • You can document something using social media or text to email it to someone you don’t have to type.
  • Backup any temporary data or information, such as a coupon or quick note.
  • Record a victory in a game
  • You can provide evidence that an app has a glitch.

It is a common tool and you should use it whenever you need to send a message to someone.

It’s one that you should use, but it must be used with respect for others’ privacy. You may accidentally share content that others don’t want, especially with social media such as Snapchat. Do not record personal conversations or private material that you think others may not wish to be shared.

Some apps may disable screenshots to protect privacy, security, and legal reasons. Check the app’s user agreement to see if it won’t take screenshots.

How to take a screen shot on an LG phone

It is easy to take a picture on any LG smartphone. These are the steps:

  1. When you have the screen that you wish to capture, press the Power as well as the Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  2. After a brief flash, the screen will turn off and an animation will show the screen shrinking with trash and share icons.
  3. To open a quick sharing menu, tap the Share icon. This will display a list of apps that you can share to. It includes your most used texting contacts, social media apps, Google Drive, and Google Drive. To delete the screenshot, tap the Trash button.
    You won’t be allowed to upload the screenshot to the site if you don’t have any social media apps like Facebook. To upload the screenshot, you will need to use your browser.

Where can I find the screen shots I have taken?

You can find the screenshot in LG’s gallery app, or any other app that you have designated to manage your photographs. It may place them in your overall picture roll, or it might sort them into a folder called “screenshots”. These settings can be found in each app.

Your screenshots will also be saved to your backup system if you have one. You can remove them from your backup files if you no longer require them.

How do I share my screen shots?

Screenshots can be shared in the same way as your regular photos. You can also use post-processing software to view them that way. If you wish to add a selfie filter to your screenshot, you are welcome. To crop out unnecessary areas of an image, you can use a photo editor.




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