How to stop stairs creaking


There are few minor structural defects in your home that are quite as annoying as a creaking wooden staircase.

Sure, a squeaky step won’t cause you any massive problems, but it’s just downright irritating.

Creaking stairs aren’t always an easy problem to solve. This is because the main causes of the issue are shrinkage of the wooden staircase treads over time, and general wear and tear.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the ways in which you can attempt to prevent wooden stairs from creaking.

  1. Stop stairs creaking by screwing treads to risers

Whilst the best results are usually achieved by repairing your wooden staircase from the underside, this may not be possible if it is blocked off.

The first method of stopping stairs creaking by accessing them from the front is to firmly secure the treads to the risers using screws.

You should drill pilot holes through each tread in line with the riser. It’s important to ensure that the screws are countersunk below the tread’s surface. Three No.8 x 38mm countersunk screws per tread should be more than adequate.

  2. Stop stairs creaking by nailing treads to risers

Two or more nails can be hammered into the edge of each tread, securing it to the riser. This will provide the wooden staircase tread with more stability, reducing the likelihood of squeaking. 

If you attempt to stop stairs creaking using this method, you must be careful to avoid splitting the tread. This could damage its structural integrity and lead to a replacement wooden staircase tread being required.

   3. Stop stairs creaking by gluing a moulding to the riser

If the cause of your squeaky stairs is a loose tread or riser, you could try gluing a moulding to the top and bottom of the affected riser. Also known as a quadrant, mouldings should also be glued to the tread for greater stability.

Mouldings will achieve a more visually appealing finish than nails or screws, so they are usually the best option to go for if your stairs aren’t carpeted. 

However, whilst this last method is the most aesthetically pleasing, it can also be the trickiest to get right.

  5. Call in the experts instead

If DIY isn’t really your strong suit, we recommend calling in experienced staircase experts for some professional advice.

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