How to stop Facebook ads from tracking you


Opt out of targeted Facebook advertisements

What to Know

  • To hide advertisements from advertisers, select Settings and Privacy.
  • Select Ad Topics Show Fewer for fewer ads on specific topics.
  • To manage the data used to show ads, and to restrict or deny ad permissions via Facebook, select Ad Settings

This article will explain how to prevent Facebook ads from tracking your location. This article includes information about the types of information Facebook collects on you and the promises that the company makes advertisers.

How to minimize Facebook ads that track you

Facebook has developed an advanced tracking system to track user behavior so that advertisers can show ads tailored to their interests. This system tracks your Facebook profile and other behavior. This type of targeting and targeted advertising is problematic for many people. However, some people prefer targeted ads to random ads.

Here are the steps to manage, limit, manage and deny advertising permissions on Facebook.

  1. Open Facebook in a browser and click the Account button (downward triangle).
  2. Choose Privacy Settings & Settings.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Select Ads from the left menu.
  5. You’ll be able to see the Advertisers tab. To hide ads from these advertisers, select Hide Advertisements.
    This page will also show you advertisers that you have hidden and advertisers whose advertisements you clicked.
  6. Select the Ad Topics tab to view and manage your ad topics. Select Show Less to view fewer ads related to a particular topic.
  7. To remove topic restrictions, select Undo
  8. Select the Advertising Settings tab to manage the data used for your ads. To allow or deny Facebook permission for personalized ads to be shown based on your activity, select Data from partners.
  9. Select Facebook or Instagram to see personalized ads . You can also leave these toggles on to deny Facebook and Instagram permission to display personalized ads based upon data from their partners.
  10. To allow or deny advertisers access your profile information, select categories that reach you.
  11. You can choose to have your profile information used to display ads. To do this, select any demographic category such as Employer or Education. Turn on or off Job Title and Relationship Status.
  12. To be removed from a particular demographic, such as parenting or online shopping, choose Interest Category and Additional Categories.
  13. To see ads that include you in their audience demographics, select Audience-Based Advertising
  14. A list of advertisers with audiences similar to yours will appear. You can also see ads for other advertisers.
  15. To learn more about the advertiser and to find out why you are included in their audience, select an advertiser. They may have used a list or uploaded it to reach you. You can choose the reason you want to limit the advertiser’s access.
  16. Select whether the advertiser’s list can be used for your ads. Select Don’t Allow to deny permission. To prevent yourself from being excluded, you can also choose Don’t Allow.
  17. To allow or deny advertisers from reaching you via Facebook, select ads shown off of Facebook.
  18. To allow or deny Facebook advertisers reaching you on other platforms such as partner networks websites, select Allowed.

Facebook also collects data from advertising partners, which includes website cookie. This allows Facebook to see some of your web browsing and purchasing activity, even if you’re not logged in to your Facebook account.

How targeted Facebook ads work

Facebook sponsored ads are so relevant and relevant to user behaviors and interests that many Facebook users believe Facebook is listening in on their conversations. However, the truth isn’t so sinister.

Facebook collects all the information it can about you to show you relevant sponsored advertising.

Facebook collects personal information

  • Localization
  • Gender and age
  • Your work history and education
  • Family members and relationships
  • Other details about your profile

Facebook Promises Advertisers

Your profile is not the end of targeted advertising. Advertisers are promised by Facebook that they can target Facebook users based on:

  • Ads you click on
  • You can engage with pages and groups
  • Your “travel preferences” and how you use your device
  • Your internet speed and the type of mobile device that you use

This information is very relevant and accurate, which leads to highly targeted sponsored advertising.

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