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How to start a YouTube channel for kids

It’s a different experience to start a YouTube channel with kids than doing it regularly. This is everything you need to know.


You can easily set up a YouTube channel for your child or create a show for your children. Although the steps can take some time and planning, the end result can be worth it.

This is how to create a YouTube channel for children. This guide will help you to set up your channel and provide tips for making it successful.

Remember YouTube’s Regulations for Kids

Children under 13 years old cannot create YouTube accounts. However, parental consent is required for children below 17. The age requirements for each country are different.

You can set up a YouTube channel for your child in a variety of ways. Before we get into details, please take a look to Google’s child safety policies regarding YouTube content that contains children.

YouTube will not tolerate extreme behavior, although some policies may be considered to be very harsh. YouTube also has policies that apply to minor offenses. These rules are important to know and to relay to your YouTuber as soon as possible, even if it’s just to prevent inappropriate content or to terminate the account.

These resources are equally important for adult creators who want to set up channels for younger audiences. Learn more Google’s Content Policies about YouTube Kids accounts. You can also find information about family-friendly videos.

How to make a YouTube channel for a child

It is slightly more difficult to set up a YouTube account for parents than it is for other users. Here are some things to look out for.

1. For your child, create a Google account

Only you or your child can create a Google account if they are under 13. You must enable parental control for your child to follow the setup process beyond that age limit.

To create a new account, you can use your smartphone, computer, or Family Link application. Follow these instructions to create a new account.

You have several options regarding . For instance, you can let your children watch YouTube while you supervise. However, you want to encourage creativity and curiosity in them.


2. Set up Your Kid’s YouTube Channel

After your child creates a Google account, you can invite them to join YouTube as a creator. Sign in to YouTube and click on their profile picture on the app or website. Then, select Create Channel.

You can give the channel a name, a picture, but you won’t use the child’s real name. To protect their identity, make something up. The channel is now ready.

To make it safe and easy for children to use, you can modify its settings. You, the parent, can create and manage content while also keeping an eye through parental controls.

Learn how to create a YouTube channel for kids as an adult

You can set up a YouTube channel and Google account as an adult if you are over the age of 18. There are no age restrictions or parental supervision.


You should still take as much care designing your channel. You should ensure that the content is safe for children and that the settings are appropriate. Also, double-check that YouTube policies are followed.

Tips for Uploading Content to Your YouTube Channel

Filling your YouTube channel with videos is the next step. It doesn’t matter if you are a YouTuber kid, or what your interests are, there are many things to remember.

1. Choose the direction of your channel

Before you decide to become a YouTuber, it’s a smart idea to understand what that means. Make sure you and your child understand the risks and the responsibility of the venture before you decide on its direction.


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Uploading content on topics that you are passionate about and people would enjoy watching is key to getting the best results. You should also consider whether you want to make videos, slideshows or podcasts.

2. Find the right production tools

You will need both hardware and software depending on the content you wish to share on your YouTube channel.

Cameras and microphones are options if your smartphone or computer is not up to the task. It’s worth looking into free video editing software , as well as options for audio-based productions.

You and your child should find the products easy to use if you are working together. Your little YouTuber might end up with a variety of technical skills.

3. Use the Video Upload Process to Practice

The video upload process is another complicated aspect of becoming a YouTube creator. There are many steps to follow, including ticking the Made for Kids check, creating a description and keywords, and choosing whether the video will be visible.


It’s easy to use, and it can become second-nature. However, you should always supervise your child as they upload their content. You can help them do it correctly and make sure they are safe.

YouTube may block content that violates its terms, but it will not necessarily detect sensitive information your child has included in a YouTube video.

4. Select your privacy settings

YouTubers are not always easy. Scammers can use your public image and sensitive information, while commenters can be cruel and inappropriate.

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It’s best to keep a child’s YouTube channel private and inactive. You can only invite people to view the channel, and there is little chance for negative reactions.

You have many options to accomplish this. To open YouTube Studio, click on the Customize Channel link from your main profile. Next, click the Settings tab to explore its features.

First, you can make the entire channel Made for Kids. You can disable comments, notifications, and other ads by going to Channel l> Advanced Setting.


You can manually toggle each element if you need more control. You can toggle the visibility of comments and set each post to private in the settings panel.

5. For your YouTuber Kid, Set Some Rules

It’s exciting to produce videos and build your channel. When it comes to YouTubers under age, be sure to set ground rules.

You should limit the content they share and also control how long they spend watching videos or staring at a screen. You should also alert you to suspicious users.

This structure is also beneficial for adult creators. A well-planned plan, a daily schedule, and a set of security precautions can make a YouTube channel for kids a success.

Find inspiration from YouTube channels for kids and family

You now know how to create a YouTube channel specifically for children. Explore the tools and find out what you like about your favorite creators. For inspiration, take a look at their channel layouts, themes, and techniques.


You can also help your child learn through YouTube if you are a parent. You can make the whole experience the most bonding.




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