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How to spot a fake Kylie Jenner lip kit? These Lip Kits Are Not for Sale

The Kylie Jenner lip kits are so popular that it literally breaks the internet each time they restock. They once broke Google. They also broke at least one post office. Although it’s crazy, I can assure you that the hype isn’t that is overrated. The formula is truly amazing. My Lip Kit review by Kylie is available.

Kylie Cosmetics has another problem. Fake Kylie Lip Kits can be found in some Asian online stores and markets. This was something I knew would happen. Fake products are very common in Asia, especially when the specific item becomes extremely popular.

This is unfortunate. The worst part? Online sellers who claim that they sell fake Kylie Lip Kits for a fraction of the original price are selling them as if they are genuine. You’ll receive the fake Kylie Lip Kits even though they show them on their eBay pages. It’s time for you to be safe and to know how to spot fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits.

How To Spot A Fake Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit?

  1. The fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit was only $1-$4 but the original Lip Kit cost $29, except if you purchase it from Lip Kit Re-sellers, then it will be a bit more.
  2. A real Kylie Jenner Lip Kit box has the shade and name of the item printed on the sides and top of the box. The fonts and height of the lip photo are higher.

Some boxes may be trying to replicate the original boxes but some Kylie Jenner Lip Kits come in slim boxes.

All original matte Kylie lipstick kits come in a rectangular box with a Lip Liner. Only metallic glosses and mattes come in slim boxes. They do not include a lip liner. Some fakes may also be called “Kylie Lip Cream” or Kylie Lip Kit.

  1. Square is the shape of the box in which the kits are packed when you receive them from the company. The box is not rectangular as the ones in the top-left photograph. They are still square, even though the company has changed the box design recently (and I’m certain they will again change it in the future). This is presumably because they have been stolen by couriers.
  2. The Kylie Lip Kit’s clear cap (stopper), is not pure white like the image above, but it does have a clear white cap. This is the real Lip Kit’s actual opening:
  3. Online re-sellers are fine. It’s not difficult to find Kylie Cosmetics products in other countries, especially if the restocks happen while you sleep, or if the internet network in your country is really bad. You should ensure that you are able to trust the seller if you decide to purchase it online. Ask for their order number and read reviews from previous customers if this is your first purchase. These trusted re-sellers are available to you if you’re from Macau, Hong Kong, or the Philippines. I have dealt with them at least once. All of them buy directly from Kylie Cosmetics and are US customers.

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2016,

  1. The packaging of the fake Kylie Lip Kit has been improved. The kits now come in a black box, with a silver Kylie label on the lid and inside. They also come with a copy of Kylie’s letter in business size. Look…

These lip kits are fake. They cost between Php150-500 in the Philippines (roughly US$3-11). Re-sellers should ensure that they are made in LA as indicated on the original Kylie Jenner lip kits.

This is the new Kylie Cosmetics box as of June 2016.

The new Kylie Cosmetics box is black with no design on the outside. However, the inside contains the standard silver KYLIE, but it now has white dripping graphics. The website is also typed on the top, as usual. The original Kylie Cosmetic box itself is larger than the slim fakes. Take a look at Kylie Jenner’s letter, which comes with every order. The fakes are larger than the original, and are postcard-sized.

Here’s the actual letter size…

Original Kylie Jenner Lip Kit letters were larger than postcard size. The other side features a lip photo with chrome-colored teeth, just as on the original packaging.

UPDATE JUNE 17, 2016,

Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits have improved tremendously since my last update. These photos were provided by a friend who purchased a Candy K Lip Kit in Macau from a reseller. She later discovered that it was fake. The seller, who will not be identified, claimed that they didn’t know the lip kits were fake, as they had purchased them from Amazon. Instead of offering a refund they offered to discount the next order. The person I knew declined because she wouldn’t buy another false lip kit, even though it was “discounted”.

(Disclosure: Kylie Cosmetic Hong Kong only sells genuine Kylie Lip Kits purchased from We will never sell fake products. They will also help you spot fake Kylie Jenner lips kits.

  1. Fake Kylie Lip Kits come with lip liners and the exact same box. Original boxes have brighter prints. The fake Candy K is kinda pale.
  2. The lip liners sold with fake Kylie Lip Kits have a darker shade and a different cap.
  3. Kylie’s fake lip kits come with a seal at the bottom, just like the original. But they don’t bother to put it in the middle. The fonts on the fake Kylie lip kits seals are smaller than those of the original.
  4. The Fake Kylie lipkit’s cap is smaller and more solid than the original.

These are the main differences I have seen between the fake Kylie Jenner lip kit and the real thing. Although I have not tried any fake lipsticks yet, I am certain that the formula is very different.

UPDATE MAY 24, 2016

It was requested so here it is. Comparison of FAKE and REAL Kylie Lip Kits swatches.

Real Kylie Matte Lip Kits Swatch

This is the fake Kylie Lip Kit Swatch

They look identical at first glance, but King K, Reign and Heir, Candy, Candy, Mary Jo, and Kourt look quite different. Although there isn’t any “Like K”, there is “Like” and it is a gloss, not matte, as indicated on the fake Kylie lipstick swatch.

My last piece of advice is…

1) Do not buy it from eBay sellers unless you have previously purchased from them and are confident in their abilities. Sometimes, they will list a genuine item on their site but send you a fake one.

2) Never buy from Chinese ecommerce sites like DHgate, where I found many fake Kylie Jenner lip kits.

3) Ask for an order number if you wish to purchase from re-sellers. If they are unable to provide it, don’t bother. You can also check out their past customers. They also claim that their Kylie Lip Kits “SG Authentic” are fake. Kylie Lip Kits were manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

4) If the deal seems too good to be true (e.g. if the re-sellers sell it at a lower price than the original price), then it most likely is fake.

5) If you are looking to show that you use a Kylie Lip Kit, then this Buzzfeed article about things scientists discovered on knockoff cosmetics might be a good place to start. ColourPop dupes are a better option than buying fake Kylie Lip Kits if you don’t want to spend more on genuine re-sellers. They’re all the same formula.

Do not be fooled by fakes. You should only buy from a reputable lender. If you don’t have the funds right away, you can apply for a loan at The loan will be repayable over a longer time period.



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