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How to Set a Stop-Loss in Robinhood

You might use multiple orders to automatically enter and exit stock markets if you are a trader, investor or trader. You can use limit and stop-loss strategies. It is important to understand the differences between these options and how they are set up.

Even if it is just stop-loss orders, there are still two types. This article will provide all the information you need to set up a stop loss order.

How to set a stop-loss order in Robinhood using a PC

You can add a trigger to stop-limit orders so you have more control over how your transaction is executed. Limit orders are activated when the options contract reaches a stop price that you have set. If contracts are offered at or above the limit price, then the limited order will be executed. Investors might use stop-limit orders in the event of a loss, or a profit.

Robinhood does not charge any commissions or per contract costs for trading options. You might be charged by other platforms.

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How do you set that limit to activate the stop-loss function? This is how to do it with a computer:

  1. Log in to your Robinhood account.
  2. Click the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Navigate to the order screen.
  4. Click on “Stop Price”
  5. Enter the amount you desire
  6. Click “Continue” to choose from the one-day and 90-day time options. You can set the stop-loss option for only a few days by choosing the 90 day option.
  7. Enter the number shares that you would like this setting to apply.
  8. To review your settings, click “Review”.

How to set a stop-loss order in Robinhood using an iPhone

Robinhood offers an app that allows users to trade and invest on the move. It is available for both iOS as well as Android. This is how to set up a stop loss order with the iPhone app.

  1. Start the Robinhood app for your iPhone.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see a listing of all your stocks.
  3. Choose the stock you wish to place a stop loss on from the list.
  4. Here you can find information about the stock’s performance in the past and other pertinent data. Tap the “Trade” button at the bottom right.
  5. Select the “Sell” option.
  6. Click the “Dollars” button at the top of the page.
  7. When you tap on the “Dollars”, it will open a list of additional options. Tap on the “Stop Order” button in the section “Conditional Orders”.
  8. To continue, tap the Continue button
  9. The stop price should be less than the stock’s current market price. Next, press “Continue” to select the trading period. You can also set the stop-loss for 90 days. If you are holding on for a few more days, choose option 2.
  10. Enter the number shares you want to stop and click the “Review” button.

You will find all details about your order on the next page. Swipe up to send stop-loss orders.

How to set a stop-loss order in Robinhood using an Android device

Robinhood’s Android app allows you to place stop-loss orders. Here’s how:

  1. Start the Robinhood app.
  2. At the bottom of this page will be a listing of all your stocks.
  3. From the list, select the stock you wish to set a stop loss for.
  4. Here you can find historical information about the stock and other important data. The “Trade” button is located at bottom-right.
  5. Select “Sell” from drop-down menu.
  6. Select “Dollars.”
  7. Tap on “Stop Order”, in the “Conditional Orders” section.
    Click “Continue”
  8. Tap on “Continue” to enter your stop price. It should be less than the stock’s current market price. One trading day is an option. The second option is to set a stop loss for 90 days. If you are looking to set this stop-loss for only a few days, then consider option 2.
  9. After entering the number shares you wish to stop, click the “Review” button.

The next page will display your order details. You can swipe up to send stop-loss order.

Additional FAQs

Is it possible for Robinhood to set up a stop-loss during business hours?


Stop orders cannot be executed during extended hours. Orders placed in extended hours will be held for the next trading day.

Can you put a stop-loss on a purchase?


Yes. This can be done by using a stop-loss order that limits your loss to 10% of the stock’s price. After purchasing stock, you can place a $17 stop-loss order. If the stock drops below $18, your shares will be sold at current market prices.

How do I determine the stop-loss level at which to set them?


Technical analysis can be very helpful when setting stop-loss levels. For example, in order to assess the stock’s downside risks, it might be helpful to determine the critical support levels for long positions. It is possible for the stock to suffer further losses if it breaks a significant support level. Be aware of false outbreaks and conduct thorough research using technical analysis and other tools before you enter stop-loss levels in your trading platform.

Are stop-loss orders possible to protect long and short positions?


The name “stop-loss orders” can be misleading in this situation. The purpose of stop-loss orders is to protect against large losses in both short and long positions. They can also be used to protect large gains from current holdings, as they are activated when the security’s value trades above a certain level. However, stop-loss or stop-loss orders can be transformed into market orders once they have been broken. This means that their actual price execution could be significantly below or higher than the stop-loss price.

Take greater control of your stock portfolio

Stop-loss orders give traders and investors more control. They allow them to place a price limit on each transaction. A limit order, which tells the market maker to either buy or sell the stock at the limit price, is activated once a stock’s value reaches the stop price. This option limits losses by setting the maximum loss that the investor can tolerate.

Stop-loss orders may help reduce your losses but they are not infallible. After the stop loss threshold is reached, a stop-loss order can be placed at a different price than the stop loss price. Before placing this order, make sure to do your research and fully understand the pros and cons.

Do you remember setting a stop-loss order? Robinhood is a stock trading platform. What do you love about this platform? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts!



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