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How to Search Craigslist All At Once

LetGo, Offerup and Facebook Marketplace are taking the spotlight from Craigslist. But unlike the old classifieds, which are long gone, Craigslist remains a viable platform for selling and buying. It is great for finding local deals. It’s easy to find items in your local market through Craigslist without worrying about shipping.

Many users desire more than their local area. This is why third-party Craigslist searches are so useful. We’ll be showing you how to use both web-based Craigslist search engine and smartphone apps to perform searches in multiple locations at once.

Craigslist: How it Works

Craigslist is an extremely useful website, but many users see areas that could be more functional. However, any suggestions in this direction have not been successful because Craigslist’s founding philosophy is based around local communities.

Craigslist could be used for cross-location search, but its creator intended that people use it only to conduct geo-localized transactions and not to gain access to national or global markets. Since the launch of Craigslist, many people have attempted to use it in ways that aren’t consistent with its founder’s vision.

Be aware that if you are caught, it could lead to one’s withdrawal from the site.

Can I search Craigslist all at once?

It’s a great advantage to be able search Craigslist all at once. While you won’t be able fly across the country to purchase Beanie Babies from Beanie Babies, it is possible to make a long-distance arrangement with someone.

Craigslist can also be a great resource for researching prices and values. Although a rare item may not be listed on Craigslist, it is possible to find it in other places. These ads will give you an idea of the item’s value. You can search across the nation or the globe for new items by using a Craigslist nationwide search.

How to search Craiglist outside of your area

Craigslist doesn’t support cross-location search, but third-party tools have been created to help you bypass the site’s restrictions. Many services let you search Craigslist from all over the world without being restricted to one city.

If you are willing to drive for the item, it is more likely that you will find it. You have many options. Here are some suggestions on the best websites for what services.


Web-Based Craigslist Search engines

Craigslist is a lot of browsing happens on a desktop computer. Although browsing on the move can be convenient (Craigslist even has a mobile site), there are many reasons to prefer browsing at home over using your mobile device.

It’s much easier to navigate Craigslist using a keyboard and mouse than a touchscreen. This is especially true if you are looking for specific items or if you want to look through many listings at once. You can also record your findings in a spreadsheet or database. This is why we have included some web-based Craigslist search engine that allow you to easily browse listings beyond your local Craigslist area. These sites can help you locate listings on less-known Craigslist alternative websites, making it easier to find the item you are looking for.


SearchTempest can narrow your search results more than you might expect from other search engines, but it is still very useful for many users.

SearchTempest lets you search far from your current zip code or city name, instead of using Craigslist to search in its entirety.

This means that shoppers who are located near the border between Canada and the United States can search for content closer to their location, rather than searching by an area such as Buffalo or Toronto. Search by category or sub-category to exclude or include US or Canadian cities. You can also include search requests such as filtering listings without photos and limiting price requests.

SearchTempest offers the ability to search worldwide and by state, making it one of our most popular sites. SearchTempest will organize your results by your search criteria. This makes it simple to find information based on distance and mileage.


Statewidelist makes it much easier to search your entire state for a particular item than traditional Craigslist. On the site’s homepage, you will need to enter your search phrase, choose a category that interests you (default is to search all categories), then choose the province or state.

The site can’t list Craigslist results directly due to Google search changes. However, it does display eBay results. You can bypass the search-restricted problem by clicking a location in the row “Direct results links”. Craigslist will then display results that match your search criteria.

SearchTempest and Statewidelist, two of the most popular Craigslist multilocation search tools are Statewidelist and SearchTempest. However, you can search Craigslist from other locations (alongside other site searches such as Amazon or Pennysaver).

  • Search All Junk – This search engine allows users to combine results from Craigslist and other classified listings, such as Oodle or Recycler.
  • ZoomTheList – Although the interface is not very attractive, ZoomTheList can make Craigslist searching easy with its advanced filtering.

You will find all Craigslist postings for your search criteria by clicking on the ads at top of search results.

  • DailyLister This site is very similar to ZoomTheList and offers a complete list of options with Google Custom Search. If ZoomTheList doesn’t do it for you, check this one.
  • Onecraigs – Another Craigslist “Search All Cities” site. This one was more focused on major cities in the United States, such as New York City and LA. This site may be right for you if you live in major cities or travel a lot.
  • Search Craigslist This site does what most users want, which is to search Craigslist in its entirety. It is simple to use and has an even simpler premise: it will search every Craigslist listing, regardless of where you are located. Search Craigslist uses a customized Google search engine to load every result. It sorts results by relevancy (by default), and date posted. The site searches for active Craigslist posts so everything is current and up-to-date. Clicking on any listing will retrieve the information. This makes it simple to load the links in your web browser.

iOS Craigslist Search Engines

A mobile app for iPhone is the best way to search Craigslist and find the item you are looking for. A mobile app for iOS is the best option to search if you are on the go. Craigslist released an official app for iOS after many years. However, it is not as functional as the third-party apps. This is the best iPhone app.

  • CPlus : CPlus is an essential app for iPhone users who want to browse Craigslist. It looks great, especially when compared with other Craigslist apps on the market. CPlus has a color-based interface which makes it easier to browse through listings. There are many features in the app, including the ability to search multiple cities simultaneously. CPlus even allows you to view your listings in a map view built into your phone. This makes it easier to find the exact location of an item. You can also post or edit your listings. CPlus is our favorite feature. It will gray out any listings that you have viewed. This makes it easy to find your searches later in the day.

Search Engines for Android Craigslist

There are many listings on the Play Store for Android that Craigslist apps. Some listings make it to the top. Although the official Craigslist app is not as functional as third-party apps it can be viewed. If you want to search for items in multiple locations or areas on Craigslist, it might be a good idea to start with an Android search.

  • CPlus – Android copies the name and design from the iOS app with the same name but does everything its way. CPlus is a top-rated Android app, along with iOS, due to its powerful search capabilities. Although CPlus for Android lacks the same visual polish as the iOS version, it still has the same mapping capabilities that we love on iOS. Grab this one now.
  • Postings – Everything about Postings is great in terms of visual design. It’s an amazing application that matches the Android graphical interface. This makes it one of our favourite ways to search Craigslist. This app is stunning. It has curved edges and a great material design. You can browse the site while using Postings’ search engine (which allows you to search multiple cities simultaneously). Due to issues in the past with Google Play, you cannot search Craigslist’s Personals section on this app.

Sometimes you can create a way to ship items that doesn’t require eBay or Craigslist. This makes it easy to get to distant locations. These apps and websites make it easy to search Craigslist’s entire catalog from one page.

Although it might take some effort to find the item you are looking for, these sites allow you to use Craigslist to its full extent and help you locate that special item you have been searching online. These apps and third-party search engines are the best way to browse Craigslist, regardless of whether you’re using a mobile phone, desktop or laptop computer.

Craigslist Search

Craigslist shopping is a great way to find items, even if your search doesn’t lead you to something in particular. Craigslist’s search function is limited to items that are available in your local area. This is the main problem with Craigslist. This limitation is fine for broad searches. However, Craigslist users are able to travel to obtain the items they desire.

You might be more interested in selling than buying. If so, we recommend our article on how to advertise on Craigslist on multiple websites . A good article is also available on How to Monitor Craigslist for Specific Keywords or Items.

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