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How to retrieve deleted phone numbers on Android

How to recover lost phone numbers and contacts

What to Know

  • Go to Google Accounts > People & Sharing> Contacts > Contacts> Menu > Trash.
  • Samsung: Open Phone > Contacts> Menu > Manage Contacts> Import or Export Contacts.
  • A software recovery tool for desktop may also be available.

This article will show you how to restore deleted or lost phone numbers from Android and Samsung devices.

How to retrieve deleted phone numbers on Android

If your phone doesn’t sync correctly or you accidentally delete an important number, most likely you can retrieve the number and contact information.

How to restore phone numbers using your Google account

To use Google apps and services such as the Play Store, you will need to sign in when you first set up Android. All of your contacts are automatically saved to your Google account. This means that any deleted or lost numbers can still be found.

This method won’t be available if you haven’t signed up for a Google account at least once.

Google Account Settings is required to recover lost phone numbers and contacts. You can do this on both a smartphone and a computer.

  1. Go to the Google Accounts Page on a computer or a phone. Logging in to the same Google account as your phone is a good idea. Log out if you are logged in to another account or work account.
  2. Use the menu at the top of mobile or the side on desktop to open People and Sharing.
    Scroll down to Contactssection. Click on the entry or click the Openbutton to open Contacts. You can also go directly to Google contacts.
  3. Now you will see a list all the contacts that have been saved to your Google Account.
    To recover numbers that you have just deleted, open the side menu and choose Trash.
  4. Now you should see a list with any deleted contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses. Each entry will list the location they were deleted from (website or specific device) as well as the date.
  5. Tap the contact that you want to recover on mobile. Click if you’re on a desktop. You will see a menu with options to Delete or Recover the contact. Select the appropriate option to recover the contact details.
  6. Open the Phoneapp to verify that the phone number has been returned. Select Contacts and then search for the name or number of the restored contact. You should ensure that you are opening the Google version. You may be able to have the Google Phone app as well as a separate Contacts application on some devices. Samsung phones, for instance, have both the Google Phone app and the separate Contacts app.

You can access the Google account management page (from step 1) to backup your data, adjust your privacy settings, manage subscriptions or payment methods, and more.

How can I retrieve deleted numbers from my Samsung phone?

Your phone might have contacts stored on its internal memory or on a SIM card, although this is less common. You can retrieve deleted numbers from these storage locations by using the import or export functions on your Samsung smartphone.

Here are the steps to import contacts

  1. Go to Contacts> menu> Manage contacts.
  2. Click Import/Export contacts, then import. You will be able to see any contacts you have stored on your SIM card, internal memory, or both.
  3. To confirm, select the source that you wish to retrieve. Wait for the process to complete.

To backup your contacts, you can use the Exportfunction.

Without a computer, can I retrieve deleted numbers from my Android?

Although you can still retrieve deleted numbers from your phone directly without having to use a computer, it restricts the options you have. If you have access to a computer, you will have greater chances.

You can also use recovery software to recover numbers, contacts and messages from your computer.


  • How do you transfer phone numbers from Android phones to iPhones?
    Apple offers an official app, Move To iOS which can assist you in making the switch. It will transfer all your contacts, messages and photos.
  • How do you back up your Android contacts?
    Open the Settings app. Select Google > Settings for Google Apps > Google Contacts sync. Also sync device contact. To turn it on, tap the toggle and select which account you wish to save your contacts to. All device contacts, current and future, are saved to Google contacts automatically and synced to your Google account.
  • How do you save contacts from your SIM card to your Google Account?
    Google’s automatic backup of contacts won’t work with phone numbers stored to a SIM card. You must import your SIM contacts to back them up. You can import your SIM cards while they are still in your phone by going to the Contacts app.


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