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How to reset your phone

Many issues can be solved by a factory reset of your LG phone

A reset may be the best way to get your smartphone working again. There are many options for LG phones. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

These are the Three Types Of LG Phone Resets

There are three ways to reset LG phones: a soft reset, hard reset, or factory reset.

  • Also known as a restart, a soft reset also goes by the name . This is a safer alternative to turning off your device and then turning it on again. Soft resets close any open applications and clear out the RAM before the device is restarted.
  • To restore the factory settings of your phone, a hard reset uses its hardware. This will overwrite the phone and any data it has received after it was shipped.
  • The Settings app offers the option to perform a software factory restore (for our purposes we’ll refer to it as a “factory restart”). This is similar to a hard reset but it’s done using software and not the phone’s hardware.

Reboot or Reset? Why You Should Know The Difference

How to do a soft reset on an LG phone

If your phone is acting slowly or freezing, a soft reset can be used. This is why the soft reset is considered the last resort. If an application is currently working on data, resetting the phone may cause data corruption. A soft reset does not generally erase any data that you have already saved.

There are two ways to perform a soft reset of an LG phone. To perform a soft reset on an LG phone, you need to hold the Power key down until the Power menu opens. The phone will soft reset if you press Restart. Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons until the screen goes black and the LG logo appears. The phone will restart automatically as if the Restart button was pressed.

For these operations, older LG phones might use the Volume Up button in place of the Volume Down button. To confirm which button is being used, consult your manual.

How to do a hard reset on an LG phone

Hard reset is the only way to reset your phone. Resetting your phone to factory settings will erase all data, wipe all apps, log you out from any accounts, and delete your password. This will make your phone look exactly the same as it did when you took it out of its box.

You should not do this if you have a pressing need for the phone’s data or if you are looking to quickly wipe it clean.

Perform a hard reset

  1. Your phone should be turned off. Remove and re-insert the battery if possible.
  2. To initiate a soft reset, do not turn on your phone. Instead, press the Power or Volume Down buttons.
  3. After you have seen the LG logo, release the Power and Volume Down buttons.
  4. When the FactoryReset menu appears, release the buttons. To click the button, use the volume keys to navigate the Yes menu and then press the Power button.
  5. If you wish to perform a hard-reset, you will be asked once more. To confirm, press the button again. Your phone will then hard reset.

How to do a factory reset via software on an LG phone

The factory reset is similar to a hard reset, but it’s done via software settings. This is usually done to erase personal information when the phone is being sold or donated. To perform a factory restart:

These instructions are applicable to Android 11 or higher.

  1. Go to Settings and open the System > Advanced > Reset Options.
  2. Select To erase all data (factory reset),
  3. To restore factory settings to your phone, press


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