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How to Remove Titles from ‘Continue watching’ on Disney Plus

Comparatively, Disney Plus is a streaming service that offers a variety of movies and shows. Disney has added many new features and worked out many of the kinks over time. Disney+ doesn’t allow you to manage your “Continue Watching”, however. Although the list is visible, the users cannot control what information appears on it.

Netflix and other services don’t allow you to remove content from the Continue Watching cartousel. There are however, some solutions we have found. Continue reading to find out more about how to manage your Continue Watching content.

It’s nice to be able to return to your favorite shows and movies when you have taken a break. However, there will be times when you need to clear your “Continue Watching List”. Maybe you have seen a movie, but not finished the credits. You can keep this title on your list until you’re done watching it. These are some possible solutions.

To remove titles from ‘Continue watching’, use the Fast Forward Feature

Although it may seem impossible, there are many other options. Fast-forwarding is one way to do this. You might have been watching TV and become bored after the first episode. Or maybe you don’t like waiting for the credits to finish. Disney understands this. The movie or show will linger in the “Continue Watching” section until you finish it.

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Fast Favoring Movies to Remove Them from Disney+ Continue Watching

You can only get rid of the movie if you watch it completely. This is not practical as not everyone has the time or desire to see the end credits. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Load the movie that you wish to remove from your list. It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment.
  2. You will see it disappear at the end of the movie.

Fast forward TV shows to remove them from Disney+

It is easier to remove shows from the “Continue Watching” list than it is for movies. However, it is still easy.

  1. Load the final episode from the previous season. Season 2 Episode 5 is loaded. Season 1 is loaded.
  2. You can fast-forward to get closer to the end of each episode. Don’t go too far.
  3. It will continue to play, and then it disappears from the “Continue watching” list.
  4. Refresh your Disney+ Home Screen and it should disappear.

When you’re done watching the show, it is removed from your “Continue Watching”. Disney Plus does not display a badge letting you know that a new episode has been added, unlike Netflix. It will not appear in the “Continue Watching”, section again unless it is loaded again.

To Remove ‘Continue watching’ from your screen, finish the background shows.

You can also delete shows and movies from your Disney Plus “Continue watching” list by finishing them in the background of a PC. You can also use a picture in-picture extension to watch all of your Disney Plus content if you are streaming it from a computer. Multitasking is possible with this method. Disney Plus can be played on your computer while you take care of other important business. You can also mut Disney Plus so that you don’t hear any of the content.

To reduce your “Continue watching” list, create a second profile

Another approach is to be considered. Disney Plus allows seven profiles per account. You can use the spare profile as a test profile if you have at least one. This is a preventive measure that could prove useful, however.

If you are interested in trying a new show or series, you can start by watching it on one profile and, if you like it, you can continue to watch it from the other. It can be relegated to the “Continue Watching” section on the other profile if you don’t enjoy it.

Although this method requires some juggling, it can also lead to a more organized primary profile. You will also receive fewer recommendations for movies and TV shows you don’t like.

In closing, it can be exciting when you’re first exploring a streaming service like Disney Plus. You’re going through all the great content and clicking all kinds of stuff. But after a while, you settle on a few things. Until Disney Plus finds a simple solution for controlling the “Continue Watching” feature, people can use one of the methods above to accomplish the goal.

Disney+ Continue-Watching FAQs

Is Disney+ going to add an option to manage the Continue Watching list?


Disney+ has not yet mentioned any plans to make it easier for you to delete content from your ‘Continue Watching” list. You can still give feedback. As we mentioned, the ‘Continue Watching” list was not part of the original Disney+ interface.


Disney may include this feature if there are more requests. Simply go to the Disney+ Feedback webpage and click on the “I have a content or product suggestion” link. Then click the “Give Feedback” hyperlink to complete the form.

Is Disney+ going to add a PIP option that allows background play?


Disney+ is available worldwide, but it also acquired Hotstar in India. The name was changed to Disney+ Hotstar. While the service is operated by Disney Media, Entertainment Distribution (one company) and Novi Digital Entertainment of Star India, it is owned by Entertainment Distribution. Both Novi and Disney Media are owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Disney+ Hotstar received excellent reviews and was a success in India. Disney+ Hotstar users had access to PIP functionality, which the app did not offer. To allow Indians living abroad to watch their favourite programs and select Disney+ content, the streaming service was made available in several other countries. The service was discontinued in the US by Disney in November 2021. Although it is possible that Disney may add this feature in the future, there are no guarantees.

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