How to Remove someone from a Text Message Group on The IPhone


It’s much easier than you might think to delete someone from a group message on an iPhone. If you use the iMessage group messaging, it is possible to remove someone from future communications if they are not your friend.

This tutorial will teach you how to add users and remove them, muffle groups, and deal with trolls.

Removing someone from the Text Message Group on iMessage

It can be difficult to add someone to an active group. No matter the reason, you can delete anyone from a group message. It is possible to do this on your iPhone even though some controls might be difficult to see.


All participants in the group chat should use iMessage (blue conversation bubbles); it won’t work with SMS/MMS group chats, or green chat bubbles. You will need to add at least three people to the group chat in order for the Remove option (four total).

If it isn’t displayed, the Remove From Menu’ option won’t be available.

  • You have fewer than three people in your group message.
  • It is easy to see that a contact uses SMS messaging.
  • A person is using an operating system other than Apple.

How to remove someone in a group message

If all conditions are met, you can remove someone from an iMessage Group.

  1. Access the group chat using your iMessage app
  2. Tap the icon cluster in the top right corner of the iMessage Group.

  3. Tap the ‘icon’ to the right to open the group member’s list.

  4. Swipe left for the name of the person you wish to remove. Once it appears, tap “Remove”. To reveal the Remove option, swipe left. Please refer to the disclaimer.

  5. Select to remove the pop-up.

This will instantly remove the contact from your message board. If you don’t have the option to ‘Remove’ you will need to create a new thread for the contact to be removed. While your chat history will remain on your phone, they won’t receive any new messages until your text messages are sent.

Resign from a Group iMessage

You can be removed from any iMessage group if you meet the above criteria. These steps will assist you if you are added to an iMessage group that you don’t want to be a part of.

  1. Simply open group iMessage like before and click the small link or ‘i” under your profile photos.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Leave This Conversation.”

If you don’t see the option, it might be because someone isn’t using iMessage or that the group is too small to meet the criteria we have.

Add someone to an iMessage group

If you don’t have a contact, you can add one later. If you have an SMS user in the group, this is not possible.

  1. Open the information page just as we did in step 1. Click on “+ Add Contact”.

  2. Click on the contact that you want to add to the group.

Mute a Conversation on iMessage

If you don’t want to end the conversation but still need to take a break, you can hide the alerts. This will save you time and decrease the chance of a confrontation.

  1. Tap the circle of profile pictures at the top to open group chat.
  2. Tap the “i” button to see the members list.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of your group window and choose Hide Alarms.

This will stop any phone conversation alerts reaching your phone and make them virtually invisible.

Block the Contact

If you have no other options, you can block a contact. You will have to remove members from a group if you can’t leave it (e.g. spammers).

You can also remove messages from a group.

  1. Open the group chat app on your iPhone. Next, click the contact group button at top.
  2. Click the button in the upper left to open the list of group members.
  3. Select the person that you want to block.
  4. Block this Caller
  5. To confirm, select “Block contact”

This is important because iMessage won’t always block someone unless the group window has been confirmed. This is the only way to go, and we have a tutorial that will show you how.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

It should not be difficult to maintain your peace in this digital age. This article will give you more information about managing your iMessage group.

Is it possible for all members to be removed from a group?

Unfortunately, no. Swiping will remove the conversation, but all members will remain in the group. When someone sends a message, you’ll be notified. You’ll then see the conversation appear again on your messaging app.

What can I do if I need to change the contact information for someone in the group?

Yes, you can access the phone numbers for users by pressing the “i” button above. If your group doesn’t update properly, you can add the contact to your group.

What happens if I ban someone in group messaging?

If you choose to do so, you can still block other people in group iMessage. You won’t see their messages, and they won’t see yours. If they are annoying you, you can remove them from the iMessage Group.

Remember that messages from blocked contacts and you can still see them.

Make a group chat that does not include the Troll

You may need to unsubscribe if the chat was started by someone else and you’re not responding to the trolling. Create a new message board that prohibits trolling. The group can be notified by sending a message to inform them that you have created a new message forum. This will allow members to leave the existing group or mute it and begin a civil conversation in a new one.

Do you have any tips to deal with trolls using text messaging, social media or online forums? If you have suggestions, please comment below.


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