How to Remove Dust from a Noisy PS4: Step-by-Step Instructions


How to open your PS4 and remove the cover. Also, how to clean the fan and other parts of the PS4 to keep it running smoothly.

You may notice a difference in the sound quality of your PlayStation 4 after a while. As with all devices, dust builds up over time.

It’s important to clean your PS4 every now and again in order to keep it running smoothly. Follow our guide on cleaning your PlayStation 4. This guide will show you how to clean your PlayStation 4.

Attention: Be careful when cleaning your 4×4

Although it is quite simple, you need to be careful when disassembling and cleaning your PS4. You don’t have to take the entire system apart for cleaning.

We are not responsible for any damage that you do to your system. You should always make sure to back up any saved data before you start, just in case. Let’s now look at how to clean your PS4.

Step 0: What you’ll need to clean a PS4

Although it is quite simple, cleaning your PS4 requires a few materials.

  • A TR9 Torx security bit wrench . TR9 security screws are used by the PS4. Although a TR8 screwdriver might work, a TR9 is better for the best results. You should make sure that you have a screwdriver that has a security bit. This tiny hole is located in the middle. .
    • This TECKMAN PS4 repair toolkit includes the right screwdriver and a few other handy tools. You probably have the right bit if you already own a Torx or computer opening toolkit.
  • A standard Phillips head screwdriver. This screwdriver is needed to remove a few screws from the PS4. This is where a smaller screwdriver is best.
  • A knife, or any other sharp object. This is what you will need to remove the stickers from the rear screws of the PS4.
  • A canister of compressed air. This is what you will need to blow the dust out. You can buy canned oxygen online at Amazon or in retail stores like Walmart.


These optional materials can be used to make cleaning easier.

  • Cotton swabs, and/or cotton balls. These can be used to remove dust if you wish. You can also use a cotton swab to keep the fan spinning while you blow air at them. You can go beyond the ordinary by using cleaning putty instead.
  • A flashlight. A flashlight helps you spot dust where it is hard to see.
  • Use a piece of tape or a paper towel to hold the screws. It’s important to keep your PS4’s small screws safe. You may want to remove the screws in the same way you did before, so that you can identify which one goes where.
  • Use an old toothbrush or a cleaning brush . Because the fan blade gaps are so small, it can be difficult to get rid of dust caked on the PS4. You can use a brush to remove any dust that canned air cannot.

If you own an original PS4 model, opening the console and cleaning it can void your warranty. This warranty is valid for one-year from purchase. The warranty can be revoked for the PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro models. If dust buildup has been an issue with your PS4 for a long time, chances are your warranty will have expired.

This guide will show you how to clean the original PS4 (since that’s the one that I have and is the most difficult). We’ll also mention differences between the models at the end.

Step 1: Turn off your PS4 and unplug everything

Make sure your PS4 is off before you begin cleaning it. The console should not have any lights at the top. If it does, it will be in Rest Mode (a low power state), and you will need to turn it off completely.

To shut down your PS4 completely, switch it on and then hold the PlayStation button with your controller. This will open the Quick Menu. Go to Power > Turn off PS4. Wait for all lights to turn off on your PS4, then unplug any power cables, HDMI cords, or other devices connected to it (like USB).

You should bring your PS4 to somewhere where there is enough space to work. You will be removing small screws so you need a safe place for them to rest.

You must avoid static electricity , just like when you build a computer. Avoid static-prone surfaces like shaggy carpets and avoid touching the plastic parts when cleaning.

Step 2: Take out the back stickers and screws

Once you have your PS4 set up, flip it upside down so that the back face you. There are three stickers located along the “top”, which is actually the bottom of your system at the line with the power port. These stickers must be removed.


You will only see the one sticker and screw if your PS4 is a slightly modified version.

The special warranty sticker on the middle one can cause damage to itself if it is removed. The two remaining stickers are thicker and may require more effort to remove. You can use a knife or other pointed tool to remove a corner of the stickers. They should then come off easily. While removing the stickers, be careful not to scratch your skin.

If you do not want the stickers to be reapplied later, you can either throw them away or put them aside. After you have removed the stickers, use the TR9 screwdriver for the removal of the screws beneath. These screws are short so shouldn’t take too much effort. Be careful not to remove them and keep them safe.

Step 3: Take off the Cover of your PS4

Once you have removed all the screws that held the cover in place you can remove it. Begin at the back, the part with the screws facing you. Start by gently pulling up on the edges. You don’t need to use too much force. As you move around the PS4, the cover should fall off. You can lift it and take it off.

Now you can inspect the cover that you have just taken off and clean out any dirt. The compressed air will quickly get rid of the dust. You can also use a cotton ball to clean any remaining dirt. Set the cover aside after cleaning it.

You can now see the fan on the PS4 which is a good indicator of the overall dustiness of your system. There’s still one component that needs to be removed.

Step 4: Disconnect the power supply

You are almost there! You only need to take out the power supply unit (PSU), so that you can access the heat sink for thorough cleaning. Five screws hold the PSU in its place. The back cover uses three of the same TR9 security screws, while the two other screws are standard Phillips head.

The PSU is on the right-hand side. The fan is in the upper-right corner. The two Phillips head screws can be found at the corners of your system to the left and right of the PSU. To remove the remaining three screws, use your TR9 screwdriver.

If you are using the slightly redesigned model of the original PS4, one screw will be in a different place. Instead, the TR9 screw located in the upper-left corner of the photo below will be a few inches higher than the TR9 screw at its bottom.

Phillips screws are longer and more difficult to remove than others. You may have to use a knife or other thin object to lift them up. Do not bend the clips while doing this.

Now, you can take out the PSU. The cable that connects it to the motherboard beneath is not necessary to be removed and you don’t want accidentally unplug. Grab the PSU from both sides and lift it evenly. You may need to gently lift the PSU up.

After lifting it up, flip it gently over to the left so that it rests comfortably. Keep it plugged in.

Step 5: Dust Your PS4!

Finally, you can access the heat sink and fan on your PS4. We will now show you how to clean the fan of your PS4 and get rid of dust from deep within the system.

For more concentrated cleaning, take your can of compressed water and insert the straw if it has one. To remove any liquid from the tip, spray a few blasts of compressed air at your PS4 first.

Use your canned air to blow the dust around your PS4. Be sure to inspect the corners for hidden dust using your flashlight. Make sure to blow it away from the system and not further in. To remove dust that the air can’t reach, you can use cotton swabs and cotton balls.

When looking for dust buildup, pay attention to the heat sink and fan. The heat sink is the set of metal “bars” shown in the above photo.

Take note of these important warnings before you use canned air.

  • Do not turn the can upside down This can cause the liquid to leak out of the can and may damage your PS4.
  • Don’t spray compressed air directly on the fan. The circuitry of the PS4’s fan could be damaged if it is spun at high speeds. Be sure to hold the fan with one finger, or use a cotton swab to jam it.
  • Only use compressed air in ventilated areas It can cause irritation to your skin and other parts of your body and is dangerous to inhale for a prolonged period. Stop using canned air if you feel dizzy or lightheaded.
  • Spray in short bursts. You will find it more difficult to handle the can if you hold a steady stream of air.

Step 6: Reassemble your PS4

After you are satisfied with the work done cleaning your PS4, it is time to put everything back together.

The power supply should be carefully “flipped” over. There are two prongs at the bottom left corner. Make sure they line up with the PSU gap.

The five screws that hold the PSU in position must be replaced. The Phillips head screws with clips are located at the bottom-left corner and bottom-right corner. The three remaining screws are TR9 security screws.

Next, place the cover. Begin at the front of your system. To ensure that the system is secure, lightly press down on the edges. It shouldn’t move once it is done.

Replace the TR9 screws at the back of your PS4. When screwing them in, be careful not to damage the TR9 screws. Replace the stickers that cover the back screws if you decide to keep them. It is normal for the warranty sticker to appear scratched.

You’re done with cleaning out your PS4 and putting it back together. But there is one more spot that you might want to check quickly.

Step 7: Clean your PS4’s HDD Bay (Optional).

You will find a separate compartment on the PS4 for your hard drive. This compartment may have dust buildup. Although it is not necessary to do so, it is worth checking while your system is out.

You can access it by lightly pressing and sliding the shiny portion of your PS4’s cover (on the left if you are looking at it from its front) to the left. This will allow you to remove the cover and access the HDD bay.

It is held in place by a single Phillips head screw with the PlayStation button icons. This can be removed and then pulled the HDD out to clear any dust. Once you are done, remove the screw and slide on the cover.

Step 8: Perform an optional database rebuild (Optional).

You can now put your PS4 in its original spot and plug in all cables.

Although it is not necessary, this last step can be beneficial.

The PS4 comes with Rebuild Database, which optimizes your entire drive. It is similar to defragmenting your computer. This operation is also recommended for those who have had their PS4 for a while and have seen it accumulate significant dust.

You will need to turn off your PS4 completely so that it is not in Rest Mode. After it is off, press and hold on the Power button at the top of the console. The first beep will be heard immediately. Continue holding the button until you hear the second. This puts the PS4 in Safe Mode.

To sync your controller with the PS4, connect it to the PS4 using a micro-USB cable. Next, press the PlayStation button. After selecting the Rebuild database option, confirm the operation. The process will be completed by your PS4.

This could take up to a while depending on how many data you have. With nearly 2TB of data, the process took just 15 minutes in our case. After it finishes, you will be back on your home screen.

While this process won’t erase any data, it can have some minor consequences. For basic tips that you may have already seen, the PS4 will display Discover notifications. You will need to manually track down your most recently played games on the Home screen. Your PS4 will check for updates and install them for you if they haven’t been played in a while.

After you have completed this operation, your PS4 should start to work a little smoother in the menus. This operation should be repeated to maintain optimal PS4 performance .

How to clean the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

The warranty sticker can be removed from the PS4 Slim to clean the fan. It is much easier to remove your cover. Simply pull the cover off by pulling up on the corners at the top and bottom of the system. You can pull on the middle and then slide the cover back.

You can see the fan from this position, even if it is covered. Spray some canned air on the fan to make sure it doesn’t get too dirty. To stop the fan spinning, use a cotton swab.

You will need to take out several screws from the cover as well as the power supply plate in order to clean the entire thing. For instructions specific to the PS4 Slim, see the video below.

Similar to the PS4 Pro, it’s easier. To remove the cover, simply pull up on the left and right corners. Then slide it back. It is easy to see the fan once you have removed it.

The heat sink is hidden deep within the PS4 Pro. Accessing it will require disassembling the console. If you own a PS4 Pro, you should only clean the fan.

Now your PS4 is clean

You’re now done cleaning your PS4 thoroughly. If you have had your PS4 for years, you should notice a much quieter running. You could clean the system deeper, but that would be risky. You should avoid damaging your system by sticking to this basic cleaning.

To remove dust from your system, you can use a brush, compressed air, or a cotton cloth to clean it every once in a while. This will help to prevent dust buildup inside your system, so you won’t need to do this as often.

Placing small plastic bottles caps or other objects under your console’s corners has been suggested by some. This will lift the console off the ground and improve airflow. Apart from that, ensure your PS4 is free to breathe. Keep it away from enclosed areas. Your PS4 should be kept cool and quiet by following the cleaning steps.

You can still enjoy PS4 games on PS5 if you purchase the newer console due to its backward compatibility.

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