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How to prevent YouTube from automatically pausing

YouTube allows uninterrupted video viewing for most of the time. YouTube, the largest video streaming site in the world, sometimes fails to deliver. Many users have reported issues with YouTube causing YouTube videos to stop working on their devices. You’re not alone if you have experienced the same issue.

This article will explain why YouTube videos pause and offer tips for how to fix it. The problem is not likely to be as severe as you think. Let’s get started.

YouTube keeps pausing why?

YouTube is a popular social media platform. If you have been using it for some time, you may have experienced an issue with the app. A few video pauses are not a problem. If the problem occurs more often, however, it may be a sign that the problem needs to be investigated further.

YouTube default settings, browser problems, outdated software, or slow internet connections are all reasons your video might pause.

Let’s look more closely at the most common causes of YouTube video pausing. We’ll then list the steps that can be taken to fix the problem, regardless of its cause.

YouTube default settings

Your YouTube video will pause primarily because Auto-Pause is enabled by default. This feature will pause videos if you aren’t active for a while. It also prevents you from missing important details within the content.

You may just be listening to music while you clean your house, and not using the computer for long periods of time. The auto-pause feature could ruin your entire experience in this case.

Network Issues

Your YouTube video might pause if there is a network interruption. The video may be buffering or experiencing a server issue. YouTube’s algorithm will pause the video if there is a network problem, unless the video has been downloaded fully.

Browser issues

YouTube can be paused by certain browsers, in addition to internet problems. Cookies or cache files can cause a glitch or prevent the video from loading correctly.

YouTube Faults

YouTube isn’t perfect. It can still be affected by technical bugs and faults. For ongoing technical issues, make sure you check YouTube’s Help Center and the Common Issues pages.

Remember me to take a break.

YouTube’s new feature “Remind me to Take a Breath” is it something you are using? It could be the reason your video stops at a particular time.

How can you stop YouTube from auto pausing?

We’ve now covered the most common reasons YouTube videos may pause. Now it’s time for the real deal – how to fix the problem.

Adjust YouTube’s Auto-Pause Settings

YouTube will activate the Auto-pause feature if it pauses a video, asks you if you would like to continue watching, and then it will ask you if that is your preference.

An extension can be used to disable this feature. There are many options available, but not all of them will work with all browsers. “AutoTube YouTube nonstop” can be used for Chrome or Firefox.

Follow these steps to install AutoTube Chrome:

  1. Click on the ” Extension to Chrome” button.
  2. Continue clicking on ” Extension.”
  3. The extension will be installed automatically and you can watch YouTube videos without auto-pausing.

Follow these steps to install AutoTube for Firefox:

  1. Visit AutoTube Mozilla Addons.
  2. Click on ” Edit Firefox” then ” Modify“.
  3. The add-on will be installed and activated immediately.

When the tab “Continue viewing?” appears again, the extension will resume the video immediately.

Continue reading if the auto-pause function is not a problem.

Verify Your Internet Connection

Try playing another YouTube video if you have a problem with YouTube’s playback. Try another video or go to another website to see if the page takes longer to load. Restart your router if the page does not load. Contact your internet service provider for further assistance.

Clear YouTube Cache

YouTube cache stores your previous videos and loads them quicker when you watch them again. Videos that are too many in the cache may slow down the app and cause videos to pause too often.

Here are some ways to clear YouTube’s cache

  1. On your mobile device, or browser, open the ” Setting” webpage.
  2. Locate the “YouTube” app on your mobile device. Or navigate to the ” Memory” section in the browser settings.
  3. Apply the ” Clear cache” option. You should not select ” Clear” as this will delete all of your YouTube data.

Your Antivirus Software should be disabled

Third-party extensions and apps can cause conflicts with YouTube. Your antivirus software, or any other app that perceives YouTube as a threat can stop you from finishing the video. You should close down all software that may be interfering with YouTube, including the antivirus program.

Turn off the “Remind me to take a break” feature

To disable this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to YouTube settings
  2. Go to the section ” General “.
  3. The ” Remind Me to Take a Break” option should be turned off.

If this is the case, YouTube videos will not pause.

Update the app

Is your YouTube app causing videos to pause even after clearing the cache and restarting the app? Check that YouTube is the latest version. You can find YouTube in the ” Apps” section of your phone settings to check if an update is available.

You can watch YouTube without interruptions

It’s not a pleasant experience to have your YouTube video stop. It’s quite common. It’s easy to fix. The problem is usually in the auto-pause function or the internet connection.

This article outlines the most common reasons YouTube might automatically pause your videos and provides easy solutions. If auto-pause is not the issue and YouTube keeps stalling, you can try the other steps.

What was the best way to solve your problem? Please share your experience in the comments section.



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