How to post on Instagram from a Mac or PC


This is how to post Instagram photos from a Windows PC or Mac. Sharing photos is easy with your laptop or desktop computer.


You love Instagram, and you also want to post your photos there from your computer. Uploading to Instagram from your PC is not the main use case, as the service is primarily mobile-focused. It is possible to post to Instagram using a Mac, Chromebook or other desktop device.

We show you how to post to Instagram using your Mac or PC.

How to post to Instagram from any desktop browser

Instagram added an official way to upload images from a computer or laptop in late 2021. You can now visit from any browser. Sign in to your account and upload images just like you did on your phone.

To begin this process, click the Plus link at the top-right. For more information, please refer to our complete guide to Instagram’s desktop upload function. You can post to Instagram using this method, which is the fastest and most efficient. However, we have included other methods below to help you be aware of them.

How to post on Instagram from a Windows PC

Windows users have the option to post to Instagram using the following methods. These methods work regardless of whether you are posting from a Windows desktop or laptop.

The Instagram Windows Store App is available

Instagram does not offer a traditional Windows desktop application, but users of Windows 10 or 11 can use The Instagram Microsoft Store app. It is a port of mobile apps so it does the job.

Sign in after installing the app and your feed will appear as normal. Click the Plus icon at the upper-right corner to post on Instagram. This is the same as on the website. Drag and drop images into the box or click on the Select From Computer button for more options.

You can edit the image using the Instagram interface, add a filter and create a caption. This method works great if you prefer to use an app rather than visiting a website every time you post.

Chrome: Use the Mobile Instagram Website

The best way to post to Instagram without using native support was to use a trick that you upload to Instagram from Chrome. To fool Instagram into thinking that you are using a mobile device, this involves changing your browser’s user agent.


The user agent, which is a small amount of information that your browser sends websites to learn a little bit about you computer, is the user agent. You can disable the user agent to tell the website that you are using another browser.

This method is much more time-consuming than the others, so we don’t recommend it. This is to keep the steps straight, but it’s no longer necessary.

Log in to Instagram and open the Instagram website. To open the Developer Console, press F12 (or right click and choose Inspector). To switch to Instagram’s mobile website, press the shortcut Shift +.

The interface will look identical to the mobile app’s, with click-and drag functionality. You can upload a photo directly from your computer by clicking the Plus button at the bottom-center. This icon should appear if you don’t see it.


To modify the image, you can use Edit and Filter on the screen. To add a location and tag others with hashtags or to post a caption, click Next. You’re good to go once you click Share.

Emulate Android on your PC

You can emulate Android on your computer if you like unconventional methods. This will allow you to access the authentic Instagram app, and you can do all of the same things as on your phone.

This is easiest to do using BlueStacks. However, there are many ways you can emulate Android on Windows. You can download BlueStacks and sign in to your Google account. Then, you will need to download the Instagram app. For more information, please watch the video below.

How to post on Instagram from a Mac

Although the steps for posting to Instagram on a Mac are identical to those used by Windows, we will share Mac-specific tips. You don’t need to worry about these workarounds if you use the main Instagram website.

Safari: Use the mobile Instagram website with Safari

Below, we have shown you how to change the user agent of Chrome. This will also work for a Mac. These instructions will work if you prefer Safari.

Open Safari’s preferences window with Safari> Preferences, or the shortcut Comma. Switch to the Advanced tab, and make sure to check the box to Show Developer menu in the menu bar.

Next, go to Instagram and sign in. Next, open the Develop tab in the menu bar. Choose User agent > Safari — iOSxx — iPhone.

You’ll see the icons at the bottom of the page as on the mobile app. You can click the Plus icon at the bottom to get a prompt for uploading an image from your computer.

Follow the steps to edit, add filters if desired, and then post.

Emulate Android on your Mac

MacOS can replicate Android apps as well as Windows. It is much easier to emulate Android than iOS. You should try it even if iOS is new to you.


BlueStacks, just like Windows, is the easiest way for your Mac to emulate Android. BlueStacks is easy to install and search for the Instagram app. You don’t need BlueStacks to run Android apps on macOS .

How to post on Instagram from a Chromebook

Chrome OS users will find the exact same instructions as the Instagram desktop website. You can also use the instructions in the “Use the Mobile Instagram Website for Chrome” section. You can upload a picture directly from your Chromebook’s cloud storage.

Modern Chromebooks can also download and use Android applications. You can also download the Android Instagram app to use to post. This is similar to the Microsoft Store app for Windows.

Open the Play Store, search for it as you would on your smartphone. You can then log in to the mobile app and share photos.

An Alert About Third-Party Instagram Apps

There are many third-party apps available for both Windows and Mac that allow you to upload images to Instagram. Flume is just one example. These apps should be avoided for two reasons.


If they don’t redirect to the official Instagram login page then there is no guarantee they will keep your password safe. Your account could be compromised if you enter your credentials in third-party apps. Apple has removed several third-party Instagram apps from the App Store because they violate this policy.

Second, these apps will require you to purchase the premium version of the app to upload photos (or more than one in the free trial). It is a waste to pay for something that you can do free of charge.

Some apps also offer questionable features such as “free likes,” which can be spammy and in violation of Instagram Community Guidelines. Instagram may disable your account if you misuse these features.

You won’t have any problems if you stick to the proven methods.

You can easily post on Instagram from your Mac or PC

You should now be able to post to Instagram using a Mac or Windows computer. It’s much easier than ever to share on Instagram. You can share artwork you have created, or photos you took with your camera with Instagram.


You should be aware of the top tips to get noticed on Instagram before you post.


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