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How to Perform a Reverse Image Search in Instagram

According to the latest estimates, Instagram is used by nearly one billion people every month. It is second only to YouTube as the most popular app in the world. You can use a reverse image search to check if anyone is using your photos or to locate a profile from a photograph.

Many services can do a reverse image search. However, there are some issues that make certain services less efficient than others. Continue reading to learn the best ways to conduct your search.

A Quick

2018 saw a major change that made this process much more complicated than it would have been otherwise. Instagram moved to a new API platform to address privacy concerns. For applications that interact with Instagram, this caused a host of problems.

This presents a problem in relation to image search on Instagram. Instagram’s new API, which is private, means that other services won’t be able to access the same photos as before. While this is a positive thing in terms of user data, you should expect lower expectations when using the image searching tools.


TinEye, a powerful web crawler, specializes in image search. It is continuously updated and has the highest success rate for reverse image search results. If you are using a desktop/laptop computer to search, drag and drop the image into the search box. Or upload an image from your smartphone. You can also reverse image search by entering the URL of the image.

You can also restrict the search to a particular domain and use filters to refine your search parameters. TinEye’s main selling point is its extensive specialized database.

Google Image Search

Google Images is the ultimate image search tool. It uses the same powerful algorithms as Google elsewhere to perform reverse searches.

Google will link the image to a related search term in order to expand the results. It will then show all instances of the picture it finds. These results will also be displayed. You can find pictures on instagram.com.

Bing Image Search

Bing is often referred to as Google’s second fiddle. Don’t think Bing wastes your time. It’s possible that a different search algorithm will produce different results, so it is worth trying. Bing’s image search is more visually pleasing than Google’s.

It is almost identical to Google’s image search. Click on the Images tab of the search bar and go to Bing’s Photo Feed. Bing is likely to give you similar results, but you might be lucky.


SauceNAO might not be able to win any awards for its beautiful interface or ease-of-use, but that’s not what it is. It crawls a limited number of web pages and might be more useful if you need fewer search results.

You’ll find the button “Choose File” on the site to upload your image and click “get sauce to start the search. Although it is a lengthy process, it is still a good option. You can also refer to this site whenever you need to reverse search any image.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if someone uses my photo as theirs?

Instagram has very strict guidelines regarding the theft of creative content from others. If someone else has taken your photos and you want them to take it down, the first step may be to contact the owner of the account and ask them to remove the images or give you credit for them.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf they don’t comply, or you don’t feel comfortable contacting them, your next step should be reporting the stolen images to Instagram. You can tap on their post or visit the u003ca href=u0022https://help.instagram.com/contact/383679321740945u0022u003eInstagram Help Centeru003c/au003e. Please provide as much information as possible, including the URL of your original upload as well as a screenshot of theirs. If Instagram finds fault with another account, they may be given a warning or their post taken down.

No Guarantees

Many services and applications have been shut down since Instagram’s API changes. There is no way to reverse image search on Instagram. These methods will increase your chances of success, but they are not guaranteed to work. You can also use watermarks, which protect your work from plagiarism, if you are concerned about this.

In the comments, tell us which search method brought you the most success. Are you a believer that Instagram should offer a native reverse image search function?


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