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How to Open an TIMS Online Account

The Transport Integrated Management System, also known as the NTSA, provides road users and vehicle operators with a range of services. It also has an online platform, similar to the NTSA, that anyone can access at any time and from any location. This means that you don’t have to travel far or wait in long lines. You can now access all of these services from the comforts of your own home by creating a TIMS Account.

Services provided by TIMS/NTSA

Having a TIMS Account gives you access the following services

  • Bookings for car inspection
  • Duplicate logbook application
  • Application and renewal for NTSA PSV License
  • Vehicle registration
  • Application for a reflective numberplate
  • Online car search
  • Motor vehicle booking
  • Guidelines and training program for drivers
  • The Kenya driving manual
  • Confirmation of vehicle ownership

Registering requirements

The following information is required to successfully create a TIMS Account

  • Smartphone or computer with internet access
  • Original ID card
  • KRA pin
  • Phone number and phone number
  • Opening a TIMS account does not cost anything. You can pay for the services only, not the account, if you opt to do this in cyber.

Steps to register for a TIMS Account

  1. Use your computer or phone browser to search ntsa.go.ke
  2. The homepage of the NTSA/TIMS site will be your destination. This is a good time to get familiar with the page.
  3. You will see a selection of icons and options in the middle of the page that allows you to select the type of account you wish to create.
  4. You can create a personal account by selecting ‘Individual.’
  5. Select the “citizen” option to proceed.
  6. Next, go to the “ID Serial” box and enter the serial number at the top left of your ID card. Make sure you enter the serial number, not the ID number.
  7. After you’re certain you’ve entered the correct numbers, click “verify”.
  8. Next, you will need to enter some information, including your KRA pin and your mother’s maiden name (middle), as well as your phone number. Once you have completed all the information, click on “Send Authorization Code” and wait for a message to arrive to your phone.
  9. Verify the message by entering the code in its entirety.
  10. On the last page, you will find a second form that requires different information. This includes your county of residence as well as your email address. To complete your registration, fill each one carefully. Click ‘Next’
  11. TIMS will text you a password that you can use to log into your account.
  12. Return to the homepage, and select the Log-in option.
  13. Enter the password that TIMS has sent you previously, and then press ‘get code.
  14. Click’sign in’ and enter the code.
  15. After your account has successfully opened, click on the link in the top-right corner of the page.
  16. A drop-down menu will open. Select the “Change password” option.
  17. For confirmation, enter a password that you can remember.
  18. After you have been successful, you will be able to access all TIMS services.

When using public computers, remember to log out. To avoid identity theft or other malicious acts, do not share your password.




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