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How to make someone a mod on Discord (Step by Step)

Standard users can have up to 29 permissions in Discord: nine for text-based interactions and seven for voice messages. Thirteen are for the server.

While it is advantageous, solo server owners have many options.

Furthermore, it is not a one-and-done task to grant permissions to members of the community.

You must be vigilant and committed to the cause, as members may exhibit unpredictable behavior that calls for immediate action.

It can be difficult to manage them, especially if there are more than 100 users.

You may be wondering how to add a moderator to Discord.

This article will show you how to make Discord mods and how to remove them.

It will also tell you whether or not you require a mod and how many you should have.

How to Make someone a Mod on Discord

A mod is your Discord assistant who helps to maintain a positive, controlled environment for everyone.

Assuming that your server is a real-world group, moderators act as patrolmen to monitor everyone’s behavior and ensure they follow your rules.

You wouldn’t be able to handle all of the responsibilities without them. Your channel is vulnerable to chaos.

Your authority can allow you to add or remove people, modify their messages and change some configurations within Discord.

How to Assign a Moderator on Discord Desktop

Log in to Discord by opening it via a browser.

You must ensure that you have set up a community server, and that administrative rights are granted to it.

Then, you can proceed with the next steps to appoint mod:

1. Make a Role

  1. Go to the left sidebar for the server list.
  2. Click on the server you wish to assign mods, then press the down-arrow.
  3. Select “Service Settings” in the drop-down menu, then click “Roles“.
  4. To create a new role, tap on the plus icon in the upper-left corner.
  5. In the field below the ” Role name” header, type a name. You can use the name ” Moderator,” Officer” or any other similar name. You can let your creativity out.
  6. You can identify the role by choosing a specific color.
  7. To make the changes, click the green button at the bottom.

2. You Can Get Right Down to Setting Up Your Settings

Until you grant permissions and perform the functions, a named role is nothing.

Scroll down to the next settings and toggle the switches ON/OFF depending on which privileges you want or deny.

Your moderator should be able add, omit or restrict members.

To maintain discipline within your community, they will also need access text messages, voice, emojis and nicknames.

Depending on your trust in the moderator you may be able to disable some options and ask them for advice whenever necessary.

Administrator permission is not an option for mods as it allows them to have the same control you do, like deleting servers, assigning mods, admins or rules.

Administrator rights should only be granted to people you personally know, like your closest friends.

To avoid making rash decisions, make sure you read the description of each option. Also, don’t forget about saving any changes made afterward.

3. Give the role to a person

  1. Return to your servers list and right-click the target server. Select ” Server Setting“.
  2. To view a complete list of participants, tap on ” members“.
  3. Click the plus icon next the name of the member you wish to promote to moderator.
  4. From the sub-menu, press “Moderator” or whatever role you have.

Alternativly, you can access your members’ lists at the right pane by going to the main screen.

Navigate to the person you wish to assign a role.

Discord Mods on Android

  1. You can find the Servers menu on the main screen.
  2. Navigate to the server you wish to access and click on the Options menu to open the Server Settings.
  3. Scroll down until the ” Roles” option is visible. Tap.
  4. Continue with the steps that we have already discussed by going to ” Add roles“.

Discord Modifications on iPhone

  1. Tap the symbol of the triple bars in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to locate the server, or use the search bar to simply type its name to get to it.
  3. Click on the server to jump to the Server Settings menu.
  4. Rest of the process is the same as for the desktop method.

This video will show you how to do it:

Dismiss someone from being a Mod

  1. Select your server and go to Server Settings. Click on ” members“.
  2. Scroll down to locate the moderator that you want to remove.
  3. Click on the role you want to delete .

How to Edit A Mod’s Role

Let’s say you have given certain rights to your moderators, but later decide that it was not a good idea.

You don’t need to remove moderators.

It is enough to restrict their freedom or revoke their rights to perform a specific task.

  1. Click on the server and then click ” Roles“.
  2. Click on the role that you want to edit, and then enter the Role Settings.
  3. You will see a list of privileges. Save the changes and mark or unmark each option.

How to Delete Roles in Discord

You can delete the role if you feel it is not worth your time.

Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on the server to open its Server Settings > Roles.
  2. Click on ” Roles“, and then hit the button to remove the role.
  3. Scroll down until you see the red button that says ” Delete X” (where X could represent Moderator or any other role name you have set)
  4. Confirm.

How to Change Channel Permissions

You can create a moderator role that will be available to all moderators on your various servers.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot tell the difference between moderators on different channels.

Channel permissions will supersede role permissions so you can remove certain rights from channel members:

  1. Click the cogwheel to the right of the channel you wish to target.
  2. After you have reached the section ” Channel Setting“, press ” Permissions.”
  3. @everyone is the @everyone tag in the Roles/Members Section. This means that any restriction you place applies to all members, even mods.
  4. You can also ask the panel members to refuse certain tasks.

How can I automatically assign roles in Discord?

It can be difficult to manually appoint roles when your server grows in size.

You may therefore be searching for an alternative method to automatically make mods available to users.

Discord bots like Dyno and YAYPDB allow you to assign roles to users when they achieve a certain achievement, accomplish a goal or spend a set amount of time on the server.

We’ll show you how to setup and use these bots.

A. A.

  1. Visit Dyno Bot’s official website.
  2. Click the red button in the upper-right corner to log in with Discord. Enter your login credentials.
  3. To add the bot to Discord, use the upper menu bar and click ” Add to Server“.
  4. Start your Discord app and customize the bot’s permissions. Tick/untick the following options. Finally, press ” Authorize” for the bot to gain access to your account.
  5. You will see a pull-down menu that allows you to select a server.
  6. Follow the prompts on the screen to bring up the ” servers” page.

B. B.

  1. To open the panel, tap on the icon of the server.
  2. To give the Bot a name, go to ” Home” then to the ” General” section.

C. C.

  1. The “Autorole” function can be turned on from the ” Mods Settings” section to the right.
  2. Click the red “Add” button under the section “Create Role”.
  3. Enter a name and the time it takes to achieve that role (in minutes).
  4. If necessary, verify your selection.

Note – If the auto-selected modules don’t perform the tasks assigned, you can go to the Auto Roles menu and delete any that you wish.

Note 2 Some Discord bots are limited in their ability to assign basic roles to new members upon their arrival. They don’t allow for auto-add mods or admins.

You may want to have a programer create a bot that is more tailored to your needs.

You can also hire admins to help you and assign mods.

Do you really need a moderator?

The number of members in your Discord channel and the type of community you have will determine if you require a Discord mod.

It is common for more people to be involved in a crime scene than it is for you to supervise their actions.

To keep the terms in place, another manager will be needed.

Moderators may be needed for different channels, however.

Mods are not required for friendly channels that allow interaction and hangouts. However, mods can be needed for technical instructions that will benefit a lot of people.

How many Moderators Do you Need?

The size of your channel, traffic and how much time it is used by participants will determine the number of moderators you need.

You should appoint one mod for each 300 members.

However, server size should not be the only parameter. Every channel has a different level or engagement.

A channel with 100 members may have more active users than one with 500 members.

This premise will also require you to account for the frequency of your server’s messages.

Servers that deliver less than one message per second will need only one or two mods, while channels that receive a lot of traffic might require more.

Do not appoint too many mods as they can confuse users by presenting multiple points of view at once.

Let’s suppose that a few people get into a heated debate on your server.

Users won’t be able to choose who to listen to if five moderators interfere in the discussion with their own reasoning, judgments, or penalties.

They lose interest in your channel as they feel you lack integrity.

If you are considering adding a mod, the following questions can be asked:

  • Are you familiar with situations where all moderators went out of business, leaving the members to fend for themselves?
  • Are users’ arguments and violations constantly on the rise?
  • Are there any mod deficiencies, inadequacy or too many?

Do you need to pay Discord Mods?

Moderators in small and average communities don’t have to be paid as there are many volunteers who will take over the job.

Moderators on larger channels, however, are often too experienced to work without compensation.

Imagine a server that has 15K subscribers. The mods of the server are likely to be experts in their field and know how to share their knowledge with others.

They have also either acquired management skills from years of experience, or participated in moderator curriculum plans to achieve this level of proficiency.

You will need to pay them for their efforts, and create a plan to recruit the best talent.

How to Select Your Moderators

When choosing a mod to your server, you should look at the following:

  • Passion: A good moderator is one who does not want to be in charge or get known for their work.
  • Communication skills – Patiently explains what is allowed and what isn’t, while remaining polite and cheerful.
  • Reliability – You cannot give control to your business to anyone you don’t trust. You must ensure that you assign a reliable mod.
  • Commitment – You don’t have to have a mod who is always unavailable, absent or irresponsible. You must ensure they are willing to dedicate their time to their tasks.
  • Social spirit A social mod encourages interaction throughout the community through intimate language, prompts and comments.
  • Peacemaker : A good moderator should have the ability to reach out to members during a conflict or disagreement.
  • Unbiased decision maker: Discord mods decide who to ban, which messages to forbid and how to react to certain actions.
  • They must be free from bias and able make quick decisions.


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