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how to make computer speakers louder.

Are you looking to have the best listening experience possible on your laptop? I have your back, because I will guide you through the steps to making your laptop sound louder.

The volume of laptop speakers is not usually the highest, especially if they are budget or mid-range models. How can you make your laptop sound louder?

You can boost the output volume of your laptop speaker in many ways with hardware and software solutions.

These solutions will be further discussed in this article. I have taken the liberty to list some ways that you can improve your sound output.

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How to increase the sound output of my laptop speakers

Here are some simple and more complicated solutions to your sound problems. You have two options for solving this problem: software or hardware.

Let’s begin with a SIMPLE hardware fix.

1. New Speakers: Improved Sound Quality and Speaker Output

Separate computer speakers are the best and easiest way to solve your problem.

It would likely have better audio quality than your laptop’s tiny speakers.

External speakers can be purchased for as low as 20 USD. This would make them a good investment if you are concerned about the volume.

It is also the best choice if you want more than just listen to music. This could be, for instance, if your goal is to produce music.

2. Have you checked your speaker icon?

Although it may seem obvious, certain programs might have their sound reduced by the VOLUME MIXER.

To increase the volume of specific programs, right-click your sound icon and click the volume mixer.

To tweak your sound, you can also check your sound system software. Click the Windows Icon and click the Setting icon to open the Sound section.

3. Loudness equalization

You can use loudness equalization if you are using Windows 11. This feature is also available in Windows 10 devices, though the process may be slightly different for Windows 10 laptops.

  • To access this setting, right click on the volume icon in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Next, select Open Sound Settings.
  • You can also access the settings by pressing the Windows logo, and then pressing the cog of your settings.
  • You can then press “system”, then select “sound”, and you will land in the same window.
  • Click on “Advanced” to access the “More Sound Settings” option.
  • You’ll find sound control panel in that menu. Windows 10 users will find the button on the left side of the window .
  • Double-click on the speakers in playback devices and click on the speaker properties button.
  • You can check the loudness equalization by selecting the enhancements tab. To save your settings, click Apply.

4. Use VLC Media Player

You can purchase a media player to play your media locally, but you won’t be able to hear the audio due to low volume.

Enter VLC Media Player. You can increase the media player volume with VLC beyond the maximum.

  • Download the most recent version of VLC media player.
  • This software allows you to adjust volume up to 125%.
  • You can increase the volume even more by going to preferences in your tools menu.
  • After that, press the Allradio Button at the bottom Interface settings tab in Show Settings.
  • In the search box, enter maximum and click Qt.
  • Set 300 as the Maximum Volume displayed.Save your settings.

This will allow you to increase the volume of your VLC player beyond 125.

5. Install audio enhancement software

You can download a sound enhancement to your Windows 10 laptop. A Windows 10 laptop or PC can run a wide range of programs, including Fx sound.

An audio enhancement program can enhance your audio and increase your volume! You can also get an equalizer to allow you to customize frequencies to suit your needs.

These programs can be used to adjust the audio quality and volume of your Windows 10 laptops. You can get a boost in your speaker volume without destroying your PC speakers.

6. You can install a volume booster on your browser

You should consider purchasing a volume boost for the browser you prefer. The addon can increase volume by up to 4 times.

This method is recommended if you are having trouble with your Netflix audio volume.

NOTICE: Sometimes the volume of your browser may be too loud for certain websites. Always be aware of the volume on your volume booster software if you want to protect your ears!

Other Suggestions

You can close your windows and doors if you are able. What if you are outside? You can move to a quieter place. If you can’t hear external sounds, your laptop will automatically sound loud.

Connect headphones are always an option. Closed-back headphones and in-ear headphones can help block external sounds, making it seem like your laptop is booming.

An external amplifier may be necessary if your headphones are not producing enough power .

If the amp on your laptop doesn’t work, you can adjust the volume of the earphones.

Louder Computer Speaker for You

Let’s look at your options. There are a few programs that you can download, such as media players and sound enhancement programs. You can get a volume booster for your browser.

You can also tweak some system configurations to get the results you want. If all else fails, you can buy a louder speaker or plug in headphones.

You can make louder sounds on your laptop or PC.

You now know how to make Windows 10 sound louder. You can enjoy a louder sounding experience, but you must be careful not to damage your eardrums.




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