How to Make an Outstanding Video Resume to Get You Hired


If you are looking for work, having a good CV might be helpful, but including a video resume in your application can take it to the next level. On the other hand, to make a fantastic video CV, you will need equally fantastic video creation software. 

If you are pondering which app to use, the response will be Doratoon. Would you be interested in learning more about why and how to utilise Doratoon? So, you should keep reading.

Doratoon – the Best App to Create a Video Resume

If you want to create a video resume, Doratoon is the best choice for you. Doratoon is an animation software that helps you to create animated video resumes. The following are some of the reasons why Doratoon is an excellent choice for creating the most impressive resumes.

An Enormous Resource Library – You get access to millions of materials, including royalty-free templates (more than 1000), photos, movies, animated characters, and a great deal of other content.

Easy to Use – Doratoon provides you with everything you need to get started with your video resume under an easy-to-use interface. This allows you to focus more on how a resume should appear rather than spend time animating it the conventional way.

Cost-Effective – With Doratoon, you can make an engaging video résumé of up to ten minutes, utterly free of charge and of high quality. The service is relatively wallet-friendly, and users get access to high-quality stock material regardless of whether it is Pro or Pro+ packages they choose to purchase.

When you have more time to devote to developing your creative concept, your resume will seem far better with significantly less effort required on your part since Doratoon will perform most of the work for you.

Is It Worth It to Create a Video Resume Using Doratoon?

The time and effort you put in are not wasted with Doratoon since it is the only video resume creator on the market. You may turn your video CV into a masterpiece using one of the many available templates. This is the reason why:

  • Easy interface

Technically savvy customers and those who are not can efficiently utilise Doratoon. This indicates that previous experience is not necessary to make use of it. The user interface of Doratoon may be rather pleasant, which makes it quite simple to do tasks.

  • Online storage

Because of this application, you won’t have to save all of the movies to the local storage on your device. Free online storage is available with Doratoon.

  • Velocity

This piece of software is fast and provides a quick and easy method for creating a resume video. When time is of the essence, the Doratoon app is one of the few that can help you get the task done successfully.

  • Video presentation codecs

You are not limited to presenting your videos in either a vertical or horizontal format while using Doratoon. In its place, it outlines all available facilities and lets you choose which ones to use.

  • Effectivity

The use of Doratoon leads to improvements in both productivity and results. Your chances of being hired will go up if you have a video CV that is well-organized and professionally put together.

  • Simple sharing

You won’t run into any problems if you want to upload the video of your resume to social media or another site since you may do so without any problems. You can quickly share it with others in the most convenient format for you using Doratoon.

 How to Create a Video Curriculum Vitae Using Doratoon?

The following is a list of the easy procedures that you need to follow to use Doratoon to make a video CV:

Step 1: Plan out your script.

Gain access to Doratoon’s user interface, and from the available options, choose the template that best fits your needs in terms of your resume.

Step 2: Modify the Job Application

Now, to give the résumé more expression, you need to incorporate your animated characters. Include pertinent material and use the many different editing capabilities that Doratoon offers. You may also portray your character via performance.

Step 3: Save the Video Resume to your computer.

At long last, export the video in the format of your choosing!


If you haven’t already, you should try making a CV movie because of its rising popularity. They are becoming more common and accepted. If you want to be sure your video is up to par with the finest, use Doratoon. Doratoon provides practical consequences regardless of your field or profession. Then, don’t delay, and have a look-see.

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