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How to make a private story in Snapchat

Snapchat stories are so helpful. A story is one of many ways to share the highlights of your day, or an event. This is also a quick way for people to catch up on what you have been doing, without having to go through hundreds of photos.

If you are a social person, you may eventually add Snapchat friends that you don’t know. You might even add people with whom you have never spoken.

It is possible to choose who sees your personal stories when you share them. Snapchat makes this easy.

Understanding Snapchat Stories

Snapchat offers two options: “My Story” or “Our Story.” Each feature has a specific purpose. Although everyone should be familiar with “My Story”, there may still be some users who don’t know what it means.

This feature allows Snapchatters to share stories in groups. Snapchat created the app to be used at events. It allows users to share their thoughts, capture stunning scenery, or take photos of travel adventures. The idea behind the app is that multiple people can contribute.

Both types of stories can be left up for 24 hours before they are automatically deleted. All of them, however, are customizable. Depending on who has access to the stories, you may also be able to classify them using the following designations.

Private Story

Private Stories, unlike other Snapchat Stories, allow you to select who can view your content. You can, however, make your account public depending on your privacy settings. This means you can share your Story with all of your friends.

It is easy to create a private story. These steps will help you create a private story.

  1. Open Snapchat, and tap the profile icon at the upper left-hand side.
  2. Tap the “Stories” heading to access the private story option.
  3. Next, select the people you want to access your Story and then click on ‘Create Story’.
  4. Tap Save to save your story.
  5. To add a private story, select the one you have just created.
  6. Keep recording as usual and then post the story.

Although Snapchat’s interface is difficult to use, it’s easy to post Private Stories.


Snapchat Story’s latest feature was custom stories. This update is very popular due to the amount of control you have. Since the addition of “Our Story”, you can create custom stories with your friends.

Each member of the group can add their pictures and videos to enrich the story. Contributors cannot view custom stories by default. You can however change your viewing privileges to allow other friends to see the stories.


Geo stories are created using geofencing and allow you to display your location in stories. Snapchat will create a 1-block radius around you so that people can contribute to your story. If you let them, friends and friends of friends can contribute to the story that you have created.

Assigning viewing privileges

Snapchat’s ability to modify viewing privileges for stories after they have been posted is another great feature. These steps are simple to follow.

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Click “Settings”.
  3. Go to the “Who can …”” tab.
  4. Select “View My Story”
  5. There are three options: All, Friends Only, or Custom.
  6. To save your changes, choose one and then tap the “Back” button.

If you are looking for privacy in the content that you post with your story, you should not choose “Everyone”. The story will be made private to anyone not on your contact list by selecting “Friends Only”. This applies to friends of friends as well as people within your geofence.

You can choose to have your friends block new photos you upload to your story using the “Custom” option. It doesn’t matter if you choose one or two friends, or a whole group.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think other people will know that I have a Snapchat private story?

No. Only those who have granted permission to view your Private Story can see it. The viewers, however, can see private content.

Can I see who has access to a private story?

No. You won’t see the Private Story of someone else unless they add other users. You will not be able to see the viewing rights of anyone else unless they add their story.

Can I add people to my Private Story?

Yes. To do this, simply tap on the profile icon at the upper left-hand side and then tap on the three dots beside your Private Story. The friends’ list will be displayed. You can then select the friends that you would like to add, and click “Save” at the bottom.

Additional Information about Private Snapchat Stories

You won’t receive any notifications if you allow anyone to view your private stories – it will look just like any other story to them. This feature cannot be used as a marketing tool. You must let others know who has access to your content. You can use it in this way if you want. Announce that you will post an exclusive story, and that only a few people have access.

Snapchat stories can be private or public. They last for 24 hours. Even group stories that were created during trips or events last for one day. When creating a private story, make sure to check the Save option. This will prevent you from losing all your photos.



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