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How to make a fake palm tree for outside | Completely professional quality

It is very satisfying to create something yourself and display it in front everyone.

My crafts are easy to master if you have patience and time. It is possible to master any job by simply following certain rules.

My handicrafts were so beautiful that I didn’t know it would turn out like that. It was a daunting task that I was anxious about when I started. When I began, I was able to see more ideas come to me. This experience was so valuable that I decided to share it with everyone. These are the two methods I have shown you on how to make an fake palm trees outside. I hope that you can make your own palm trees by simply following the instructions below.

How to make fake palm trees for outside

These artificial palms can be made with two different plans. One is indoor, the other outdoor. We will be making it outdoors so we must think about how it will fare in the weather.

First, you will need 18-inch long five, waste cloth, thread, crepe paper, steel wire, fabric colour pot and Fevicol.

Let’s get started.

  1. Wrap the entire pipe in waste cloth. Make sure to secure the cloth by using fevicol.
  2. You can make a palm shape by putting a small piece of cloth in a 3-in or 3-in cloth. Then tie a few palms together to create a fascicle.
  3. Once you have made the palm, tie it a little below your pipe.
  4. Make some palm leaves using Crepe Paper or Steel Wire. Choose green Crepe Paper for a tree that looks real
  5. Once you have made the leaves, attach them to the pipe.
  6. Once everything is in order, now you can take a pot and place some stone sand in it. Now, place the pipe into the sand.
  7. Well done

How to make a artificial palm tree using plastic file covers

Another attractive artificial palm tree is this one. It is also much simpler to make. This project requires a 4 inch paper, pencil, scale and plastic file covers.

Next, draw the plum tree leaf design using a pencil on a4 paper. Next, cut the leaf design with scissors.

You will now need plastic file covers. Place the design of a4 paper on the cover and then use a pencil to trace the design on the file cover. Finally, cut the file cover with scissors.

Attach the steel wire to center of the plum leaf design on the plastic cover and sew with the needle. Next, paint the leaves with a fabric color.

Take an electric pipe that is 2 meters in height and wrap it with electrical tape. Then paint the pipe. Finally, attach the leaves to the electric pipe.

You don’t need to take a pot, but you can put stones in it as well. Then place the palm tree in the center of the pot.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the task successfully


How to make a lighted outdoor palm tree

Now it’s time to light the artificial coconut tree you made. It is simple and can be done by anyone.

Whatever you need, it is (1) Led Strip Lights (2) Masking tape Cable tie can be used in place of masking tape (3). Fabric Colour Pot

Apply Led Strip Lights to the entire tree. You can then tie it using cable tai, or masking tape. You can also dye the fabric with masking tape to enhance its natural beauty.

Last words

I have tried to show you how to make fake palm trees for professional use at home. You will need to put in a lot of effort and time to make something professional. It is important to note that if the equipment isn’t properly collected, it won’t be possible for the work to be done.

Although it is normal to feel anxious before you start work, the work may be difficult and take longer than expected. You must have the courage to persevere and keep trying until you get it right. To be successful in your work, you must first face new challenges and then overcome them.


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