How to Install Shower Standing Handles



Seniors who are having difficulty getting in and out of the bath could significantly benefit by installing shower handles. shower handle that is standing. It is estimated by the CDC reports that around 3 million seniors slip and fall every year and 37% of the accidents happening in bathrooms. The elderly may have difficulty to take a shower and get out of the shower if they do not have a grip to hold on to. The different ways to mount the handles are listed in the table below.

Use of Suction Cups

The disabled who are unable to walk or stand can utilize grips for standing in the shower to assist them to get in as well out. This is because people with disabilities or a lack or balance issues are more likely not to fall and slip when showering. These devices are attached using suction cups. There are no sharp edges or edges which makes them simple to use and grip. Adjusting the height of handles can be as easy as taking them off and then reinstalling them.

Mounting Brackets

Anyone who has difficulty standing or walking can get a lot of help offered by the shower stand handles. In addition to the conventional shower handles, they can be used to improve the safety and stability of showering. Falls are less likely when you use one this type of fixture. It is advisable to put these fixtures in your shower if the safety of your family or your equilibrium are an concern for you. Learn how to install these shower accessories yourself by reading. They’ll be helpful after they’ve been put in place.


There are a myriad in “standing” shower handles to pick from. The surfaces that have a smooth non-porous surface may be used to join to suction-based shower handle. Nonporous tiles are the standard. Make sure the handle is not in the grout line, and be sure that you place a long tile on the bottom of your wall to stop the tile from moving. Screws that are hidden beneath the wall studs may be used to attach the handles. To prevent a hole from the wall that’s difficult to repair, be sure to secure them using screws.


The first step to install shower handles that are standing is to choose where the grab bar will be placed. The handle should be anchored to the tub’s edge, instead of the wall, in the event that the bar will be placed along the edge of the tub. After that, using an electric drill and a masonry tool, create tiny holes in the center of the mark. Then you can screw the anchor in the hole, taking care not to tighten the screw too much.


There are a variety of shower handles to choose from. The average person will prefer handles that measure 36 inches those who are taller may require one that’s 43 inches tall. Additional safety and balance assistance are offered with Life Savers, a brand of shower handles that come that come with grab bars. The center-to-center distance is typically used to determine the height of the handle.

Health Risks

“Standing handles” in the shower can be a useful feature for those who struggle walking. If there is the possibility of an injury, these can provide an additional level of stability and decrease the risk of falling. Anyone with a disability or who have a problem with balance are also able to get benefitted from the use of these. When fitting shower knobs there are some tips to remember. A proper installing of shower knobs is essential to reduce the risk of any possible dangers.

The following safety tips can help you avoid many of the most frequent dangers when installing your brand new shower bathtub. Be sure that there aren’t any slippery surfaces within your bathroom. Clean the bathroom of any debris that is floating around regardless of whether it’s a shower installation or bath. The most common cause of slippage is falls, consequently, you should install grab bars to avoid it. Additionally, you can utilize these devices to help when you are entering and leaving the shower or bath. By installing hold bars you will be less dependent on the ground that is unstable.

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