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How to install and use Lucky Patcher for Android

You will find a wide selection of Android apps and games in the official Android app store. Many people are put off by the in-app purchase push and the initial purchase of some of these apps. Some people don’t want to pay out the money again. They just want to continue using the app or playing the game. Lucky Patcher is the solution. Many users end up deleting their apps because they are tired of being constantly asked for money. Let’s first look at how it works.

How To Install Lucky Patcher:

Before you can install Lucky Patcher, there are some requirements that your device must meet:

  • Rooted-Lucky Patcher works on devices that haven’t been rooted, but it doesn’t offer as many features.
  • Android 2.3 .3 Gingerbread. – or higher, and works with Windows 7/Windows 10
  • Minimum 2 GB Ram Free
  • Minimum 10 GB internal storage

Lucky Patcher will not work if you don’t allow certain app permissions.

  • Permission to modify the system settings and draw over other apps
  • Permission to access your memory card
  • Permission to modify or delete your SD card content
  • Permission to access your location

These are the steps to install Lucky Patcher onto your Android device.

  • Use your Android browser to install Lucky Patcher on your device
  1. Tap Security (or Privacy), and open Device Settings.
  2. You can enable the option to Allow Unknown Sources
  3. Click the Lucky Patcher APK file in your Downloads folder
  4. Click on the popup message to install
  5. Wait for Lucky Patcher installation to take place
  6. If you receive a message informing you that the app is blocked due to play protect, you can ignore it and click on the down arrow. Then click on Install Anyway.

What’s Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher, an Android application, allows you to modify official Android apps, unlike the other Android app stores. This app is extremely popular because it allows you to remove ads from apps, bypass license verifications and bypass payment systems. You can also apply mods to certain apps and games. You can still use it on unrooted devices, but you will have a better experience if your Android device is rooted first.

Lucky Patcher App Features

Lucky Patcher offers many useful features to all users:

  • Get rid of popup ads –Get rid of annoying popups that interrupt your games and apps, and ruin your enjoyment
  • Converts Standard Apps to System Apps – This allows you to keep an app on your system permanently – just copy it into the system folder, and it will be converted.
  • Move Apps to Your SD Card – allows you to take large apps from your internal memory and place them on your SD Card, freeing up space for other apps
  • Backup Your Files – This cool feature allows you to back up your files on your device to the cloud, or directly onto your computer. This makes it easy for you to retrieve them when needed.


Lucky Patcher is a stable program, but sometimes an error occurs when you try to install it onto your device. This error is simple to fix. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone and tap Menu
  2. Tap Play Protect to scroll down the list and locate it
  3. Locate the option to scan devices for security threats and disable them
  4. You will see a warning message.
  5. It should now be installed without any difficulties

Do I really need to root my device first?

If you don’t wish to, no. Lucky Patcher works best with rooted devices. However, if you don’t want to root your device, the features will be limited. Lucky Patcher, one of the most advanced tools, requires root access in order to function properly. For example, on a root device all your apps will be scanned and a message will tell you what modifications can be made. This is done automatically. Google may also block you from using modified apps or games on non-rooted devices.

Lucky Patcher stands out from other Android apps. It’s free and does not offer you any apps to download. It doesn’t work with all apps or games. The only way to determine if it works for you is to install it, and then test it. If it doesn’t, delete it from your Android phone.




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