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How to host a voice chat in your Telegram channel

Telegram allows you to host voice chats within your channels and groups. How to host one?

Voice chats can be a great way for you to keep in touch with your family and friends. Telegram, like other social media platforms has developed a Voice Chat feature which allows you to communicate with your family and friends.

This article will explain the basics of voice chats and how to host them in your Telegram channel or group.

What is Telegram Voice Chat?
Telegram’s voice chats feature allows you to create voice chatrooms within groups or channels that you are an administrator.

The feature was launched by Telegram globally in December 2020. It brought a new dimension to communication on the platform. Telegram has released a major update to voice chat in 2021, with new capabilities that will improve the voice chat experience.

“Voice Chat 2.0” is an update that allows you to record voice chats and raise a hand. You can also create unique invite links for your channel members and friends to click to join your chatroom.

Voice Chat 2.0 is not limited to this. Invited participants can now join a chatroom using their personal profile, or appear on one of their channels. This is a great option for those who wish to take part in voice chats without drawing attention to their personal accounts.

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Host a voice chat on any Telegram channel, public group or public group you are an administrator. Here’s how…

How to host a voice chat in your Telegram group or channel
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Telegram’s voice chat feature is very simple to use.

Here are some ways to get one started in your group or channel.

Navigate to the channel or group information page.
Tap the three dots (vertical anellipsis).
Click on Voice Chat.
To open Voice Chat, tap on the circle with the microphone icon. This will unmute your microphone and get the conversation going.

How to add participants to your Voice Chat on Telegram
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To invite members to your voice chat, click on Invite Member in chat window. A new window will open and you’ll have the option to send a speaker link (for hosts) as well as listener links.

The only difference between Speaker and Listener links are that Listeners automatically get muted when they join, while Speakers don’t.

You can also invite other members of your group or channel to join your chatroom by tapping the special bar at top of the channel or group that displays who is currently talking.

How to keep control of your voice chat
Voice chats can be a great way for friends and followers to connect with one another, but it can be hard when they are being interrupted by background noises or talking over someone else. These are some tips to help you keep control of the conversation.

You can invite guest speakers to the chat by sending them the Speaker link. This will save you scrolling to unmute them after they join.
Use the Listener link to invite other participants.
Encourage participants to speak by using the hand-raise feature. This will make it easy to find them and unmute them.
You should be careful about sharing your invite link if you host an exclusive chat. Non-channel members may gain access.

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How you might want to host a live voice chat
You may host a voice chat in Telegram for several reasons.

Get to know your followers on a deeper level
Voice chats are more engaging than traditional posts and photos on your channel. Host a voice chat in your channel or group to connect with your followers on an even deeper level.

Real-time Conversations
Voice chats allow for audio communication between channel members and group members. Participants can share and get information as quickly as they would on public radio.

This is a great way for your channel members to build and maintain a sense of community.

Flexible alternative to group calls
Voice chats are not group calls but can accomplish the same goals and offer greater flexibility. Group chats can last several days, and users can join or leave at their leisure.

Chats via voice can be a great way to meet people.

Start Your First Voice Chat Today
Telegram voice chats are great for anyone who wants to chat with friends or have an interactive session with their followers.

You don’t even need to use Telegram to have live voicechats. You can also use the live voice chat feature on other platforms, such as Discord, Clubhouse, and Twitter to host audio conversations.



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