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How To Get Skins In Valorant

Everyone uses the same weapons in Valorant. However, that doesn’t mean every weapon has to be the same. You’ll spend a lot time looking at your weapon so make sure it is enjoyable.

Riot has the solution. Skins can be used to alter the appearance and sound effects of weapons.

Continue reading to learn where you can get these amazing looks, and whether or not you will need to pay to unlock them.

How to get skins in Valorant

Valorant does not have any skins that can change the appearance of Agents, unlike other multi-shooter games. They do have a selection of skins that can alter and enhance the appearance and feel of weapons while you play the game.

While they don’t always improve your gameplay, sometimes just looking good can be enough to win a match.

There are several ways you can get unlocked skins.

1. Real-World Money

This is the easiest way to get the weapon skin you’ve been wanting but haven’t had the time to unlock. Valorant points, or VP, are the premium currency that can be used in the game in order to unlock Agents and skins.

Here’s an example showing how real money can be converted to VP using the North America server.

  • $4.99 – 475 VP, no bonus VP, 475 VP total
  • $9.99 – 950VP, 50 Bonus VP, 1000VP Total
  • $19.99 – 1900VP, 150 Bonus VP, 2050 Total
  • $34.99 – 325 bonus VP and 325 VP total
  • $49.99 – 4750VP, 600 Bonus VP, 5350 Total
  • $99.99 – 9500VP, 1500 Bonus VP, 11000 Total

The Valorant Store Featured collections cost around 7,100 VP. The cost of individual weapon skins is slightly lower and usually range from 1,775 VP up to 4,350 VP, with melee weapon skins at the higher end.

You should be aware that weapon skins are constantly changing. Features bundles can change every few weeks, and individual skin offerings can change every 24 hours. You might not see the same thing tomorrow as what you saw today.

2. Complete Agent Agreements

You’re likely already working on individual Agent contracts if you want to unlock as many Agents possible. These contracts unlock Agents more than just the Agents. A modest collection of weapon skins can be obtained by reaching Tier 10 in Chapter 2. Best of all, they’re free! They’re free!


Many players have difficulty gaining Tier 10 leveling up due to the insurmountable amount of XP required. To unlock these skins, you will need 625,000 XP if you count Tier Six upwards. You can’t get out of Chapter 1 as easily as you can with Tier Six.

These free skin customizations are worth the effort if you’re willing and able to spend the time.

3. Completing Tiers in a Battle Pass

For all Battle Passes, Valorant will add a free track as well as a premium paid track. You can still earn skins if you don’t have the cash to spend on Battle Pass Tiers. However, if you want the full range of rewards, you might need to open your wallet. Battle Pass Premium costs around $10, or 1,000 VP to access the entire cycle of rewards.

Radianite Points: A Few words

Radianite points (RP) are an in-game currency that can be obtained by completing Battle Pass Tiers or Contracts. You can also purchase RP using Valorant points. Although you cannot unlock a weapon’s skin with RP you can create unlocked skins to a new version – finisher– and even weapon animations using this currency.

How to get skins for free in Valorant

There are two ways to obtain Valorant skins for free. First, you must complete Chapter 2 Agent contracts. These skins can only be obtained if you are able to complete Tier 10 of each Agent’s contract.

You can also get skins by playing the “free” Valorant Battle Pass. While you may not get all the rewards of premium players, you can still get a lot of goodies for moving up the Tiers.

How do I buy skins in Valorant

One of the main ways players can get weapon skins is by purchasing skins. These steps will help you buy skins.

  1. Start the game.
  2. Go to the store tab.
  3. Check out the most recent offerings.
  4. Click the skin that you wish to buy.
  5. Follow these steps to complete your transaction.

Remember that you must have a balance of VP before you can go into the store. Here’s how to buy Points or top-up your Points for the first time:

  1. Go to the home screen of the in-game game.
  2. Click on the small stylized “V”, or Valorant logo. This section will show you if you have a VP balance or RP balance.
  3. Select your preferred payment method
  4. Select the bundle of VP you want to buy.
  5. Follow the prompts for complete transaction.

The store usually has one collection and a variety of individual skins. Store stock rotates four individual weapon skins each 24 hours. If you don’t find the skin you are looking for, please check back over the next few days. These skins are randomly selected. They never know what they will offer next.

How to buy skins in Valorant but not in-store

Only a few weapon skin collections will be available in stores for a short time. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. For the most part, they are.

Riot developers claim that they have no plans to bring back old bundles as featured collections in the store. However, you might be able find individual weapon skins from the exact same collection without bundle pricing. Problem is, individual weapon skins are randomly selected so you don’t know when you might find it in the store.

You may not be able to find skins that were offered as rewards for previous Battle Passes. Riot could release a new version or two of their popular skin collections in the future, just as they did with Prism Collection. However, you won’t find the original collection anywhere else than the rotating stock at the Valorant shop.

How to get Valorant Knife Skins?

Sometimes, you can get Melee weapon skins as Battle Pass rewards for reaching a certain Tier. The following skin collections were released by Episode 1, Act 1.

  • Kingdom
  • Couture
  • Dot Exe

Only Kingdom, out of the three skin collections offered a melee weapon-skin to players who reached Tier 50 in Act 1.

You can still get melee weapon skins in Battle Passes by going to the in-game shop. Remember that not all skin collections include a melee weapon-specific skin. Do your research before you spend a lot of money on a bundle.

You will have to wait until the individual slots for rotating weapon skins are available. These are located in the lower part of the store. These skins are randomly chosen so you might not find the one you want immediately.

How to get prime skin in Valorant

The Prime Collection was Valorant’s very first featured bundle and was released in June 2020. You won’t find it elsewhere if the bundle wasn’t purchased from the store at the time the game was launched.

Riot, however, announced that the Prime 2.0 Collection will be released along with Episode 2 of Battle Pass Act 2. The Prime 2.0 Collection is expected to launch in March 2021. The collection will be available in the in-game shop at 7100 VP, and it will feature skins for these weapons:

  • Odin
  • Bucky
  • Frenzy
  • Melee Knife

Radianite points can be used to attain four versions and four levels of all weapon skins except the melee weapon.

Episode 3 Act II: New Skins

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 3, Act 2 skins.

  • Porcelain is available for the Ghost Bucky Phantom and Marshal
  • Walnut: Available to the Judge, Stinger and Bulldog.
  • Electroflux: Available to the Odin and Vandal, Guardian, Operator, and Operator.

In collaboration with DJ Zedd, Valorant just released a new line Zedd skins.

Episode 4 Act 1: Skins

Here’s a quick overview about the new skins available on Episode 4 Act I, which was released January 12, 2022.

  • Hydrodip: Available to the Bucky, Frenzy and Guardian.
  • Schema: Available to the Odin (Sheriff), Stinger, or Vandal.
  • Velocity: Available to the Bulldog and Karambit, Phantom, Shorty and Spectre.

How to get Prism Skins in Valorant

The Valorant community was taken by surprise with the Prism Collection and Prism II Collection. To get these skins, you will need to gamble on the rotating selection available in the store.

You may also receive a Prism III pistol-skin for free if you play Episode 3, Act 2 Battle Pass. Although you won’t be able to access all variants of the Prism III skins, you can still get the entire collection.

Additional FAQs

Do Valorant Skins Last?

The game’s beta phase skins were not transferable to the official launch. Players who purchased skins in that beta stage received a refund in form of Valorant points with an additional 20% for their support.

How do you unlock skins in Valorant

Playing the game is the best way to unlock skins. For limited-release weapon skins, complete Agent contracts. You can also purchase skins at the Valorant shop if you are willing to spend some money.

Give your weapon a makeover

Sometimes all it takes to get motivated to win matches is a visual boost. The Valorant shop is the place to go if you feel like you need a new weapon look. Keep in mind that weapon skins change frequently in the store so act fast if you spot one you like. It’s possible that it will come back in the future.

Are you able to buy or get free weapon skins? Please leave your comments below.


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