How to get low-cost Shipping for Nigeria through the USA?


Nigeria is the top African eCommerce market. In the 2018 UN CTAD Report Nigeria is Africa’s largest eCommerce market. Nigeria is a fantastic place to grow your online business.

Finding the lowest-cost shipping rate is the first step to sending your goods and services to Nigeria. It’s never easy or straightforward. It’s sometimes difficult to locate a reliable and inexpensive courier in Africa however this is among the key factors that can make a difference.


There are a variety of variables that affect the price of shipping from Nigeria.

  • Distance
  • Time for delivery
  • Dimensions and Weight of the package
  • Insurance options for tracking and tracking
  • Import duties & taxes

What is the time for shipping to Nigeria?

The time to transit is the most important aspect to consider when shipping to Nigeria. It takes longer to deliver items from Nigeria than it does from another country. This is why shipping prices are rising.

Two variables affect the cost of shipping to Nigeria.

  1. The company that you select for your shipping
  2. The delivery options are offered by the shipping company.

Depending on the shipping method you select The shipping process to Nigeria could take between 6 and 12 business days. There is an additional fee to expedite shipping.

USPS First Class International is our preferred method of shipping. It takes between 10 and 12 business days to complete and is under $25. DHL eCommerce Packet Priority ($30 for the largest size and weight) can be delivered faster should you require it sooner. DHL Express Worldwide is the fastest choice, but it is more expensive than $80. It’s only suitable to ship packages with a weight of fewer than four pounds.

It is always necessary to wait longer for an item that is less expensive regardless of the courier, the destination country, or the type of shipment. There is still a possibility of getting cheaper shipping costs to Nigeria when you are willing to wait a bit longer to receive your shipment.

Shipping to Nigeria Cost

Shipping to Nigeria could be affected by distance and delivery time.

  • The cost will be higher when your package is larger. But don’t fret! Lightweight packages can be transported via parcels on a scale. This lets you ship any size or shape of the package at a lower price.
  • Size Materials for packaging: Special materials can add cost to packages with unique sizes and shapes. Choose regular sizes of boxes or rectangular shapes if you are able to.

Nigerian customs duties, taxes, and duties

Every country is subject to import taxes and duties on all imports. Certain countries do not need to pay fees. To determine if you’ll be subject to customs duties take advantage of our free Tax and Duty Calculator Nigeria.

Tips to reduce shipping costs

Shipping is an essential element of eCommerce. It’s more than receiving low shipping prices. It is essential to be aware of the requirements of your clients and simplify the shipping process. Here are some suggestions to help you move Nigerian products as inexpensively and as smoothly as possible.

  1. Be sure to inform your courier of fragile items. Prior to shipping items that are fragile inform your courier. It could result in an additional cost for shipping however it’s better than delivering damaged products to their doorstep.
  2. The various shipping choices are an excellent method for customers to have many choices. The customer can pick the option that is most suitable for them whether that is speedier delivery, additional insurance, or a less expensive alternative like RoRo shipping.
  3. Make sure you weigh your packages correctly. What do you get from this? You could be required to pay additional charges in order to have the package released.
  4. Before sending your first package, be sure that you are aware of the regulations of customs for the country from which you will be shipping the package.
  5. It can be difficult to keep track of shipping costs and delivery times. It’s possible to compare the different courier companies to discover the most cost-effective option for your business and customers. You could find the best bargain or even the lowest price.
  6. In order to inform customers regarding shipping costs and To provide transparency to customers about shipping costs, it is crucial to estimate taxes and duties. Cost calculation is a vital obligation you must fulfill. It will help you maintain your competitive edge in the market.
  7. If you’re looking to increase your margins of profit, “Automating Shipping” seems to be the most popular topic. You can see live and exact shipping costs when you check out using an all-in-one solution such as Easyship. This will allow you to drive more sales.
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