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How To Get A Snapchat Streak Back

One of Snapchat’s many leisure functions consists of “Snapstreak.” With Snapstreak, you decide to send someone a minimum of one image or video within 24 hours each day. The aim is to gain the very best streak rating by maintaining the daily exchange.


  1. Snapchat does send its customers an alert once they’re approximately to lose their streak (near the 24-hour mark). But on occasion, it isn’t viable to hold your streak. If this has happened to you, examine yourself directly to find out how to restore your streak.

    In addition to getting your streak back, our FAQs provide more solutions to your questions about streaks.

    Things to Know

    Before we begin the recovery process, let us first ensure that you have a valid claim.


    Keeping a Snapstreak going takes two people working collectively every day to ship Snaps. Here are the things you need to do to keep a streak going:

    • Send a snap to your buddy at least once in 24 hours—a message, photograph, or video from Memories will no longer be counted.
    • Receive and open a snap from that identical buddy inside that identical 24-hour timeframe.
    • Send and obtain Snaps from the identical man or woman—an organisation message doesn’t matter.

    Assuming you’ve observed the regulations and you continue to lose your streak, you could get it back by following the stairs above.

    Note: If your Snapchat app was recently updated or you’ve noticed Snaps aren’t showing as read (or a few different glitches), take screenshots and store them in your cellphone’s Gallery.


    SnapChat: Recover Your Streak

    Sometimes the reason for a streak’s ending is out of one’s control.

    If you agree that you have observed the Snapstreak regulations and that your streak has expired due to an error, log out of your Snap account to start the recovery technique:

    1. Open Snapchat and sign in to your account.


  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Towards the bottom, go to the Supports section.
  4. Tap I Need Help, then Snapstreaks.
  5. From the What if my Snapstreak has gone? option, choose Let us know.
  6. Select My Snapstreaks disappeared.
  7. Fill in the form; include as much information as possible.
  8. Hit Send to submit your form.

If the hourglass emoji was displayed before your streak ended, it’s likely Snapchat won’t be able to help. However, you can strengthen your case to recover it in the What information should we know section of the form.

Or from Snapchats support page:

  1. Go to Snapchat Support.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Beneath the How can we help section, choose My Snapstreaks have disappeared.
  4. Fill in the form, including as many details as possible.
  5. Tap Send to submit.

If you saw the hourglass emoji before your streak ended, Snapchat may not be capable of assisting. You can support your case for restoration within the What records ought to we realise segment of the shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to Snapchat or need to study more about Snapstreaks, keep analyzing.

How do streaks work?


A Snapstreak bureaucracy while you and your buddy exchange direct snaps (no longer chat) within 24 hours for greater than three consecutive days. Once certain streak thresholds are crossed, you’ll be offered those unique emojis:


The fire emoji: This signal will appear after the 3-day mark to confirm you’re on a streak.

The a hundred emoji: This sign seems to appear once you’ve been on a streak for a hundred consecutive days.

The mountain emoji: There is a thriller to this award due to the fact that Snapchat has not yet shown its threshold to acquire it.


Snapchatters have claimed they’ll see it at some unspecified time in the future over the course of a really long streak.

All emojis are displayed next to the name of your Snapstreak accomplice, with an overall wide variety of streak days. If you miss a day, it’ll reset to 0.


You will continue to see distinctive emojis during your Snapstreak. One to keep an eye out for is the hourglass emoji, which indicates that your Snapstreak is about to expire. If you desire to preserve it, ship a snap to your buddy or get them to send one to you.

What doesn’t matter towards a streak?


The following five kinds of interactions will no longer count towards your Snapstreak:


– Chatting: Text-based chat between you and your Snapstreak associate will now not count the number of numbers in the direction of your streak.

– Group chats: Snapchat will not include snaps set to a set chat towards your Snapstreak. Snaps should be sent on either a male or female basis.

Stories: Daily story recordings will no longer rely on your Snapstreak, even if your friend watches the story.

– Spectacles: If you use Snapchat Spectacles to send content material to your streak friend, it’s going to not boom the Snapstreak.

– Memories: Sharing recollections with your streak friend will no longer be considered a Snapstreak interplay.


To keep your streak going, keep matters simple. Send picture or video content to each recipient only.

Is there a Snapchat guide variety that I can name?


Unfortunately, Snapchat no longer has a guide smartphone number. For answers to questions and fault resolution, you’ll need to contact them through their “Contact Us” web site.

Will Snapchat Support help me get my streak again?


It all depends on why you lost your Snapstreak and whether or not your claim is valid.However, there are plenty of users who recovered their streak by following the steps above. If you unjustly misplaced your Snapstreak, it’s fantastically likely that the employer will send it back to you.

Should I inform Snapchat that I did see the hourglass timer?


This is a common question, and based on what we’ve seen, it’s best to be honest with the enterprise when filling out the questionnaire. For instance, if you see the hourglass icon but can’t reply with a Snap because you have no cellphone carrier or there’s a technical difficulty with the app, make sure to allow Snapchat to recognise the message.


Keeping Your Snap Streaks Going

The Snapstreaking feature now not only keeps you engaged on the platform, but it’s also possibly a way to carry out your aggressive side. The platform facilitates with a numbered streak display and reminders, while a snap has no longer been sent within 24 hours. If you’re wondering how you stack up, test out who presently holds the record for the longest Snapchat streak.

Though you and your companion may be for your A-recreation, problems out of your control, including connectivity issues, can crop up and may bring about Snapchat finishing your streak.

Luckily, in an ignored snap scenario, wherein neither party was at fault, you can ask Snapchat to restore your streak and continue where you left off.

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