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How to get a smartphone through the Safaricom Lipa Mdogo Mdogo program

Safaricom’s Lipa Mdogo Mdogo initiative is designed to allow Kenyans to buy 4G-capable smartphones for as low as Sh20 per person. The long-term cost of these devices is higher than the amount needed to walk in and walk away with a device. However, this initiative offers unparalleled convenience.
You can get a device that connects to the most advanced internet broadband technology in the country for as low as Shs 20 per month.
Lipa Mdogo Mdogo would like to see an additional 1 million Safaricom customers be able upgrade to 4G-enabled devices.
Safaricom Android Go Edition starting at Ksh.20 per Day.
From your phone, dial *544#
Lipa Mdogo Mdogo has the best options.
Select 1 to accept the terms and conditions.
Once you have been approved, you will receive a text message with information about your eligibility and the amount of the device that you can buy.
You can also dial 100 to get more information
Benefits for the target consumer
You can buy a 4G-enabled smartphone at a very affordable price.
A down payment of 1000KSH is required to purchase a smartphone. Then, for the next 9 months, 20KSH per calendar month will be required.
Consumers who sign up for the program will receive free data bundles from Safaricom
You are automatically blacklisted by the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) if you fail to pay for one month.
Your phone will be locked if you don’t pay within 7 business days. You will not be able to make outgoing calls and SMS.
The only brand that is available for smartphones is Samsung, which severely restricts the user’s choices.



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