How to Generate JoinPD Code | (August 2022)


Are you looking for how to generate Joinpd Code and How to enter into Joinpd? This is how to create Join PD codes, which allow you to be able to join PD Presentation and Sessions, and all the details regarding Joinpd code pear deck.

Last Update – 2nd August 2022

What is JoinPD? –

JoinPD is a presentation software. We all know that the work of presenting is carried out in colleges and schools. It is getting more popular at colleges and schools to use to present. It is possible to answer and ask questions in real-time. Education also has been significantly affected during the epidemic, because of which many are using this method of teaching for online learning. This method of teaching is gradually getting by a large number of people. It also has many positives over Pier Deck Presentation System.

This presentation system was designed specifically for colleges, universities institutes, schools, and universities You can utilize it anytime you like. The use of joinpd isn’t restricted to any extent, it’s your choice how you utilize joinpd. You can share your queries and responses in a more effective method. For access you need an account on Pier Deck account and a password to use the presentations.

Below are steps on how to create Joinpd Code

Below are the steps you can follow to generate JoinPD Code. In order to generate an entry, you need to first make a presentation. After you have created the presentation, a five-digit code is generated in a matter of seconds. If you say the code will automatically be created. The five digit code could be utilized by the individual who needs access to the presentation. Therefore, let’s study this technique step-by-step.

  1. The first step is to visit If you don’t own an account make sure to create one.
  2. Then click Create Presentation. Click Add-ons in the upper bar.
  3. A dropdown of a form will be displayed, where you can you can click Add-ons.
  4. Search for pear deck using the search bar, then search.
  5. To install the deck, you must install it by clicking the button for free.
  6. Click on Add-ons.
  7. Choose the one with the pear on it and then open it.
  8. Now , you must create a your presentation. For this, you’ll have a variety of designs for sarees. You can pick the one you prefer.
  9. Once your presentation is ready When you are finished, click “Present using Pear Deck”.
  10. When you click, a five number code is generated. You can then share it with your family members and anyone else who wish to appear in the presentation.

How to Join in

In the previous article, we’ve explained the steps to follow to generate JoinPD code, but now in this section we will show you how to join the joinpd. Two options to join the deck as described below. Peardeck can be joined by using these two methods.

First is the link that joins and the second one is the joining code.

  1. joining link To create an original presentation students, teachers or even the teacher can use the joining link to share it with students or teachers in Google Classroom or other platforms. To join, click on the link to join. After clicking the link you will be able to join your class or presentation.
  2. Joining Code The HTML0 Joining Code is a five-digit code that allows you to join the screen display. The code is added to the presentation. Participants who wish to take part in the event will need go to and then enter the code on the site. Once you’ve got entered the code, you’ll be granted access.

Last Words

We have already explained how to make joinpd code as well as how to join the joinpd peardeck. Peardeck is an notable platform for college students and teachers. It is a must to utilize this. This will save you lots of time. I desire this newsletter will show useful to you.

If you’d like to provide any comments on how to create JoinPD Code, then the comment section is available for you. We would are eager to hear your positive responses.

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