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How to Fix Instagram: “Your account has been temporarily locked”

Instagram can temporarily lock an account for a variety of reasons. To protect user accounts and protect the platform, Instagram will temporarily lock your account. You may have received the message “Your account is temporarily locked” when you tried to log in to your account. This article will explain what could have caused the message and how you can unlock your account as fast as possible.

We also provided details on account activity that Instagram may consider suspicious and lock your account.

Why was my Instagram account locked?

If Instagram believes you have violated their user policies, they will temporarily lock your account. Even if the violation was not your fault, you can be locked out of Instagram.

These are the most common reasons Instagram will lock your account:

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1. Bot-Like Activity

Instagram is looking for fast actions, both per hour and over a 24-hour period. These actions performed at an unusually rapid rate will be considered bot activity and may trigger a temporary account lock.

Unfollowing and Following Users in Bulk

A typical Instagram behavior is to “follow” someone and then they “follow you back.” This practice can be exploited by “following” many people at once. The person then “unfollows” them.

Instagram will consider this bot behavior unacceptable because Instagram users have committed to not abusing the platform.

Un-Liking Photos Too Fast

This would again be considered bot behavior.

It is normal human behavior to scroll through your feed and “like” a few photos at a time. A program is required to “like” or “unlink” 100 photos in just a few minutes.

Comments Too Quickly

You will get more engagement if you comment on other people’s posts. And eventually, you will gain more followers. The Instagram algorithm will not allow you to comment super-fast on a lot of posts.

Multiple Comments

It’s unlikely that this will add value to a conversation. However, it is not something that a user who is genuinely engaging with posts would do.

2. Third-party apps

It is against their Terms of Service to allow third-party apps on Instagram. Some apps can be allowed access, but not all.

Instagram is able to easily detect bots that automate actions and prohibits them from being used. Instagram will lock accounts that are suspected of using bots to hinder a great user experience.

3. Credentials for Phished Accounts

Hackers could use a fake website to gain your login details. You may have accidentally given your login information to Instagram by signing in to a login screen that appeared similar to Instagram’s sign-in page but was not.

Your account has been compromised, hackers have the ability to do whatever they want. Instagram raised a red flag and issued an account lock.


How to Unlock an Instagram Account Locked

To unlock your account after you see the message “Your Account has been Temporarily Locked” at login, please submit the My Instagram account was deactivated from.

  1. You can visit the My Instagram account was deactivated page or type “My Instagram account was deactivated” into Google and select the Facebook result.
  2. Fill out the form and then enter your email address to unlock the Instagram account.
  3. Explain to the administrator that your account was blocked accidentally and that you believe you have not violated the user guidelines.
  4. After you have completed the form click “Send.”
  5. You will eventually get a reply asking for a photo with you holding up the piece of paper that has the code handwritten on it. The photo must be real with your face clearly visible on the paper. No Photoshop editing is allowed. Instagram has strict guidelines and may reject your photo if it doesn’t meet their standards.
  6. After you send the photo, there is a waiting period.
  7. Instagram will confirm that your account is unlocked. Approval can take from a few days up to several weeks.

Additional FAQs

What is the average length of an Instagram ban?


The number of bans you have had in the past and the reasons for them will affect how long a temporary ban lasts. The typical ban could last anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours for repeat infractions.

You may get further bans if you are subject to subsequent bans. Do your best to avoid bot behavior so that your account does not get flagged.


To reinstate your account, you will need to complete the “My Instagram account was deactivated” form if you get the message “Your account has been temporarily locked”.

Does Instagram ban IP addresses?


Banning is something that some platforms take very seriously. They want to ban the account permanently, not just ban it. To permanently ban someone, you must restrict their IP address. Instagram has not yet made any official statements about the matter, but many users have reported an IP Ban.


If Instagram finds that you are violating their Terms of Service, Community Guidelines or other policies, they will ban your account and your device.

What should I do if my appeal has been denied?


If Instagram doesn’t allow you to restore your account after you have followed the above steps, you can appeal again. Although it is not certain, some theories suggest that an appeal may be granted again if another reviewer has reviewed your case.

Can I open a new account if I am banned?


Yes, in most cases. However, if you create a new account using the same username or a similar username, it can lead to an immediate ban.

Only for human Instagram account owners

Instagram automatically locks an account if it believes that a user is violating its community guidelines. Instagram bans third-party apps to ensure the best user experience. Instagram will ban accounts that display bot-like behavior, or account activity that is irregular.

You can unlock your account by completing a simple form. Instagram will quickly recover your account by filling out a form.

Have you had your Instagram account locked incorrectly by Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

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