How to fix Instagram music not working


Instagram now allows you to add music to your Instagram Stories. To make the music more interesting, you can add lyrics. This is a common problem among Instagram users. You may find that Instagram music does not work on your Android or iPhone.


Let’s first look at how you can add music to your Instagram Story.


Open Instagram by tapping on the profile picture in the upper-left corner.

Enter the media (photo/video), that you would like to include in your Instagram Story.

Tap the sticker option at the top.

Tap the Music sticker and choose a song to play.

Once you are done, add a cool music effect to your story and enjoy!

Fixing Instagram Music Not Working


Get the Latest Version of Instagram


Sometimes, the app does not update properly and an older version is installed on our phones. Some functions might stop working in such situations.


Login and Logout


Instagram Music may not function properly if it does not work. In such situations, you should log out of Instagram Music. Log in using your Instagram credentials to confirm that the problem is solved.


Check your Wi-Fi and data connections.


Instagram requires a functioning Data or Wi-Fi connection in order to function smoothly. You may experience an error message about Instagram Music not working if your Internet connection is slow.


It is possible to install it again.


Re-logging in may not fix the Instagram music not working problem.


What to do —


Open an Apple App Store or Google Play app phone.

Enter Instagram in the search bar.

Click on the Install button.

Open the app on your phone, and enter your login information to test the music feature.

Delete the Instagram Application Cache


Clearing cache data frequently can prevent you from having enough data.


iPhone: Open Instagram and tap the Profile icon. Next, select Settings -> Clear Search history.


Android: Launch the Settings app and navigate to Apps->Insta. Then, tap Clear Cache.


These are the best and most tried-and-true ways to fix your Instagram music problem.


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