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How to find your NHIF number in case you’ve lost it

If you have lost your NHIF number, you can still find it if you are in urgent need.

Recently, I lost my NHIF card. I needed it urgently to use it for salary deductions. You may need your NHIF number before you can get it. There are many ways to get it. I tried several methods, but the best was to call them and send a message to the number below.

  1. 1. Send a message to get your NHIF #.

ID*your Id Number *

You should type in the word ID, followed by your ID number, and send it to shortcode 21101. A reply will be sent to you with your NHIF Membership Number, last month paid and name of employer (if applicable).

2.Call NHIF Toll Free Line 0800 720 601

They will gladly give you your NHIF membership number. If you lose your NHIF card, you can ask them where you can get it replaced. To get my replacement card, I had to visit NHIF. However, the lady who spoke to me was kind enough to quickly give me the number. I simply gave her my ID number.

  1. 3. Connect with them via social media

You can also try social media if you fail with the other methods. The fastest way to get them on Twitter is NHI Kenya. This is very effective.

4.Email them

If you are a traditional person who prefers to be professional, you can contact them via their email. I haven’t tried it and I wouldn’t be surprised if the bounces as there must be millions of Kenyans e-mailing them. Reach them on 






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