How to Find Your Favorite Videos on TikTok


Social media platforms and apps all revolve around the concept of the “like”. Social media success is dependent on it being a key component. Some users will go to any lengths to earn the “like” or thumbs up. We feel a bit of a rush when someone likes one our posts, photos or videos. This makes us want more.

Every “like” gives us a boost, which is similar to the small thrill you get when winning a lot of money and a prize in raffle. It’s a feeling of happiness followed by the desire to get more. It’s addictive! That’s why social media platforms have become more popular.

How to see your favorite videos

It is always helpful to review your videos and determine which ones were successful and which ones need improvement. This will allow you to see what your videos have been praised for in the past.

  1. Open TikTok, and click the Profile button in the lower right corner.
  2. To see what you like, tap on the video you have posted.

You can now go back to each video and see how popular it was. You can make TikTok famous if you want to.

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You can also see the videos you have liked. You will find three options below the “Edit Profile” button on the profile page. Click on the heart icon and a line will appear.

This will display a list with all the videos that you have liked from other creators.

How to like a video/Follow a creator in TikTok

It’s easy to follow creators and like videos. You can follow the creators or like them in the video you choose.

  1. To like the video, click the heart icon
  2. To follow the creator, click the + icon.

This is it. The video will be displayed in your For You page and the creator in your Following page.

TikTok: How to Dislike a TikTok Video

You thought you liked this video but after you have seen it several times you find you hate it more than anything. It is quite normal to change your mind. Are you stuck with this horrible clip? Not at all. It is possible to always dislike a video.

  1. Navigate to the For You page.
  2. Swipe to remove the video that you don’t like.
  3. Press the button for a long time.
  4. To remove the video, select Not Interested from the popup menu.

How to view videos from creators you follow

You are telling TikTok when you follow a creator that you want to be notified of new content from them whenever it is produced. It’s a great way to make sure you have quality content every time you open the app. After you have followed a creator you will see their videos whenever you open the Following page. You can then swipe through them at your leisure.

TikTok Videos: Find Videos You Like

TikTok will play random videos when you first sign up. But you’ll soon develop your taste and the app will show you what you like. TikTok will learn more about you and your preferences as you use the app more often. The search function allows you to directly find content that suits your tastes.

You can search for trending hashtags in the search page (called Discover). These hashtags work similar to other social media sites. TikTok tracks activity and data for hashtags, and displays the most popular hashtags on the Discover page. You can either search hashtags directly or scroll through the top hashtags for information on what others are using.

Search terms can also be searched using creator names, ideas and song titles, which are all the standard search keywords. Although the algorithm is fairly accurate, you may occasionally find random videos that do not relate to your search term. It’s all part of the fun.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if someone liked my videos?

You can check if a video has likeds in two ways. Tap on the Inbox icon at the bottom of the TikTok For You webpage. This will display notifications, including comments and video likes.


The notifications section is organized chronologically. If you have just uploaded a video, your likes should appear at the top. You can scroll down to see the date it was posted if it is an older video.


Next, click on the profile icon located at the bottom TikTok interface. Tap on the video that interests you. The like button on the right-hand side will have a number beside it. This shows how many people have liked the video.

How can I determine how many people have viewed my video?

It’s easy to find out how many people have viewed a video. You don’t even have to be a verified user. Click on the profile icon. The thumbnail will show a number for each video.

This is the number of views that your TikTok video has.

Do you know who liked my content most?


Yes! Tap on the “likes” button at the bottom TikTok’s interface. You will find a list TikTok users that liked your content.

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