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How to Find the Amazon Wish List of Someone You Know

Amazon Wish List allows users to create Amazon Wish Lists that allow them to choose Amazon products they want as gifts. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone you know, and they use the Amazon Wish List, you can order (and pay) the gift.

If you cannot find the Wish List Feature feature on Amazon, it could be a problem. This guide will help you locate any family member or friend’s shared Wish List, if it is available.

How to find someone’s Amazon Wish List using a Windows 10 PC or Mac PC

While there are many differences between macOS 10 and Windows 10, the way a browser works is the same. You won’t be using Amazon App on your computer so a browser is best.

  1. Sign in to your account at Amazon.com
  2. Click on to open “Your Lists.”
  3. Select the tab “Your Friends”. You will see the list of friends who have shared their lists with your.
  4. You can request that a friend share their list with your by going to “Message” and clicking on “Copy message” or “Email this messages.”
  5. ” Send a request to via any communication method on your computer (social messaging, another email, etc.). Send this message to their Amazon email. A notification will be sent when they respond.

Amazon now offers two additional types of wishlists: the Baby Registry and Wedding Registry. They are wish lists that can be used for baby showers or weddings.

  1. You can access either one of these entries by hovering over “Account & lists” as you did before, but this time select the “Wedding Registry”, or “Baby Registry”.
  2. Enter your friend’s name, and then hit Search. This will bring up a list of all wedding/baby registry under the search terms. Find the list of friends and surprise them with something they will love and use!

How to find someone’s Amazon Wish List using an Android or iPhone

Everybody spends hours on their phone or tablet these days. Many people don’t even own computers. Amazon can be ordered on any smartphone or tablet you wish. It would be a shame, however, if you couldn’t access the Wish Lists of your friends and order what they want from Amazon.

It’s not common for people to browse Amazon via a mobile browser. It is possible to download an app specifically for this purpose.

The apps work equally well on Android and iOS devices, so it is rare to find an iOS or Android version.

These steps will allow you to access someone else’s iOS or Android list.

  1. You can access the Amazon Store app from your iOS or Android smartphone.
  2. Tap the hamburger icon (menu symbol) at the top-left corner.
  3. Select “Your lists.”
  4. To find the person with the shared list, use the search field from Amazon Wish Lists.

How to Find Amazon Wish Lists on Amazon Kindle Readers

Amazon Kindle Readers can be used as a digital substitute for books. They are a great choice for reading.

Yes, your Kindle can connect to the Amazon Store. You can create a Wish List. You can also access the Wish Lists of your friends.

Here are some ways to locate a friend’s/family member’s Wishlist on a Kindle.

  1. Navigate to the Amazon Store app from your Kindle’s homepage.
  2. If you are not signed in, sign in to your Amazon account with your credentials.
  3. Go to ‘Registry’ or ?List?” There are many books that can be sorted according to your interests, needs or specific purposes.
  4. Buy the book you are interested in and find it.

Purchase an Item from a Wishlist

This is where the fun begins: ordering items that someone else wants from their Amazon Wish List. You order items from Wish Lists and they are shipped to the creator. It’s almost like gift shopping but you don’t have to worry about buying things your friend doesn’t need.

Here’s how to buy items from Wish Lists for friends. The checkout process is the same as usual. To make it anonymous, the address is pre-included under “Other addresses”.

  1. Choose the gift you wish to buy from a friend’s Wish List. This will take you to the item’s Wish List page, not its default page.
  2. Select and click “Add to Cart.”
  3. You can confirm it by clicking the “Add To Cart” button once more.
  4. Next, click to “Proceed To Checkout.”
  5. Select the address from the checkout page. Make sure you select the “Other Addresses” option.
  6. If you wish to add a message or note to your gift, visit “Gifting Options
  7. You can delete the price details from your receipt. This is what you will do for gifts.
  8. Finalize your order by choosing .

It is easy to find someone’s Wish List on Amazon, regardless of what device you are using. To avoid making any mistakes, you must carefully read the entire entry. You want the gift to reach the right person at the right address.

Remember that Amazon Wish Lists, the Wedding Registry and the Baby Registry are available. If you are unable to find a friend’s list, it could be under the wedding registry or baby registry sections.

FAQs about Amazon Wish Lists

How can I locate Amazon wish lists previously shared with me?

If prompted, go to Search a Wishlist and enter your credentials. It is best to use the email address for the person you are trying to match. Although you can use the person’s name, it is better to use their email address. Select “ Search” to browse your friend’s Wish List. Select ” Keep” to save the link.

How can I share my Amazon Wish List with others?

People often buy items from their wishlists, but you can also share it with others.

  1. Navigate to ” Lists“, then to ” Manage” in the menu.
  2. Select the privacy setting you prefer under ” Privacy “. ” ” is the only way to view the list. ” ” indicates that everyone can access it. ” Shared ” signifies that only those with a link from your list can view it.
  3. To confirm your selection, click ” Save Changes

You can notify others via email by clicking ” Share” at the top. Your Wish List URL will be sent to the recipients. Your friends might need to wait for up to 15 minutes to search your Wish List.

Is the gift recipient being notified?

The recipient doesn’t get any notification or message after they purchase a gift. At least, not by default. This setting is known as the Don’t spoil my surprises. This option blocks the recipient from receiving any notification that someone has purchased a gift for them. This feature is great for surprise gifts, but it can also lead to mini tragedies where the recipient orders the item from their Wish List and the gift is still on its way.

  1. You can prevent this from happening, but also spoil your surprise, by going to the “Your Lists” menu and clicking on “Manage List” on the particular list you wish to modify. Uncheck “Keep purchased items in your list.”
  2. Next, you can choose to make the ” Do Not spoil my surprises” setting turn on or off. You can do what you want.
  3. Select ” Save Changes” to finish.

Amazon Wish Lists: Is the recipient’s address kept private?

Amazon Wish Lists does not reveal the addresses of recipients. The person who buys the item will only be able to see their name and the city information. This is vital to protect the privacy of Amazon users.

Amazon Wishlist

It’s not difficult to find someone’s Amazon Wishlist. You can find the perfect gift for your loved ones with just a few clicks. Amazon Wishlist makes it simple to find the perfect gift for your friends, family, or other loved ones.


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