How to Find Live Videos on Instagram

How to Find Live Videos on Instagram


  • Instagram allows users to view live video clips of the following accounts.
  • However, some users prefer watching stream of live streaming of other users.
  • If you’re looking to discover Live videos on Instagram that are uploaded by global users look up the following guide.

Sometimes, users are bored following the same people and Instagram profiles, over and over.

In that scenario the user would prefer to stream some random live streams, in order to keep the stream exciting.

If you’re looking to discover live video clips of international users on Instagram look into the below section.

How Do I Find Live Videos on Instagram?

Users must consult IGTV for live stream of all users worldwide. Since you can browse for your favorite video and stream anything you want.

In the meantime, you can to use various methods to improve the quality of IGTV more beneficial to view live videos on Instagram.
Here are some of the most effective ways to make the most of IGTV.

Search IGTV

1. Instagram allows users to search for their preferred queries in its application.
2. So what you have to do is press one time on the icon for search accessible in the navigation bar.
3. Now, make an inquiry on IGTV on Instagram.
4. From the provided results of the search, select the one that has the highest amount of posts.

Open IGTV Video

1. Once you have chosen the IGTV label from the list, several live video streams will be shown via the interface.
2. You need to play a video that has an IGTV icon or else you won’t be able to access further live videos.
3. Now, start streaming live the content you want to stream.

Browse IGTV

1. To open an IGTV video with full screen you must tap “Watch IGTV Video”
2. You can also scroll down to find additional videos that share the same hashtag.
3. After launching an IGTV video, you may click on “Browse IGTV” for further videos.
4. Remember, you are not allowed to watch non-igtv-related videos that have identical tags.

See All

1. If you choose to click on the Browse option to view more videos, you will be able to see additional videos.
2. Here, there’ll be additional categories, such as “Live Now” and “Videos For You”
3. The Live Now section has all the live-streamed videos
4. The Videos for you include recommendations from IGTV
5. You can navigate to the section of your preference.

Discover Random Videos

1. From the Browse IGTV section, you will need to click on the “See All” button..
2. You can swipe down to view videos, however you like.
3. Tap on the desired live feed to begin watching it.

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