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How to find hidden apps on Android

Are you having trouble finding apps that were hidden on your phone? These six tips should work with all Android phones.

While smartphone users have the ability to disable apps that they don’t want or use, many system apps are kept out of the spotlight. There are six ways to locate hidden Android apps, on your phone and on someone else’s.

Remember that not all smartphones are the same. You may need to use a launcher to follow the steps exactly or adapt your actions to different Android systems. However, the result will be identical. All apps will be visible on your device.

Discover Hidden Apps in Your Settings

You can find answers to your question about “How do you find hidden apps on your phone?” in your Android settings. You can learn the basics of how to display this list on every device.

Tap on the Settings button and select Apps from that menu. You can change the tab to deal with your smartphone’s apps if things are not working as you expect.

You should now have the See all Apps option. You’ll be able to see all of your apps by tapping it. Scroll through the apps to see all of your available apps.

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You should be able to see only those apps that you have disabled or hidden by another user. You will find a dropdown menu offering Disabled Apps.

Get Hidden Apps with Special Access

You will find Advanced settings in your Apps and notifications menu. Then there is a tab called Special App Access. Your apps are broken down according to the privileges they have on you phone.

If you go to All Files Access, it will display every app that can access your digital files. Filtering apps that have access to photos, notifications, Wi Fi control, or other information is possible.

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This is a great way of narrowing down the types of programs you are looking for. It also gives you a more productive approach to finding hidden apps on Android.

Hidden Apps in App Drawer Files

Android devices are improving and offering better ways to manage your content. Different launchers and manufacturers offer different ways to hide Android apps, but all of them have one thing in common: The app drawer.


It’s the scrollable list of apps you see when you swipe up on the home screen of your phone or tap the icon in the app drawer at the bottom.

You can hide or unhide certain apps from Android systems by using the menu button. It usually appears as three dots or a Gear icon. Others devices offer other features such as folders. These allow you to open the menu and select create a folder. You can also type a title and select apps to be grouped together.

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Hidden apps can be found by looking in folders. They can hide the application they contain.

Use your File Manager to find hidden apps

The file manager is another way to sort through your phone’s apps. This feature should be available on all Android devices in some form (usually an icon marked “Files”)


To open a list with categories and tools, simply tap on the appropriate file manager icon. You can view all programs on your device by going to Apps. Each item can be managed from this page, including sharing and uninstalling.

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The file manager may not always show system apps that are essential to the device’s functions. This means that you should only use your file manager to locate hidden apps that were actually downloaded by the manufacturer or user.

The Safe Folder is another important feature to remember in the file manager. This is a safe place to save files. To unlock it, you will need a pattern or PIN. Although it doesn’t handle apps, it is a great place to search for hidden data and show the many nooks and corners of Android devices.


You can always get a new file manager if the one you have isn’t right for you. You can try apps like File Explorer to enjoy a cleaner interface and smoother organization of files.

Use a new launcher to discover hidden apps

You can choose another launcher if you don’t like your current Android system layout. The best apps on Google Play include Microsoft Launcher , Nova Launcher, and .

Microsoft’s software is one example. It displays the most used apps on the device and all hidden apps.

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Check out the best lightweight launchers for Android phones and see which are most effective in finding hidden files and apps.

Find Hidden Apps Inside Trick Applications

Android users have the ability to hide more apps than they use, so it is important to be aware of all the ways that someone can keep material secret. Trick apps are very popular.

Calculator Photos Vault is a great example. It does all the work a calculator should, but hides a stash and several security tools. You can hide your files, photos, videos and passwords behind a disguised icon and password.


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Your search for hidden apps can be affected by trick software. Even if you follow all of the above methods, it is possible to completely miss the innocent calculator icon.

This problem can be solved with knowledge. Keep up-to-date with the latest mobile apps and take note of programs that double as secret vaults.

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Understanding Why Users Disable and Restrict Apps

It’s crucial to understand why data is being hidden on Android devices. While a parent might want to prevent their child from using dangerous programs, a spy or lawyer would hide sensitive information.

These Android tricks can also be used to find your files and apps. It is important to get into your own mind when you are trying to remember where and why they were placed. This will also help you decide whether or not to keep them.



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